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Bobbi Kristina

I'm Not Committing Incest!

3/15/2012 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

 Bobbi Kristina is not fazed
Whitney Houston
's daughter Bobbi Kristina isn't fazed by her granny's accusations she's committing incest by hooking up with her "adopted" brother -- telling friends, she's gonna do what she wants ... no matter what.

Sources close to BK tell TMZ, the 19-year-old finally 'fessed up to her close buddies ... she and 22-year-old Nick Gordon are dating -- ten years after Whitney unofficially adopted the boy because he was having problems at home.

TMZ broke the story ... Bobbi's grandma Cissy Houston saw the video we posted -- showing Bobbi and Nick holding hands and kissing on a lunch run in Atlanta this week -- and told a close friend, "What [Bobbi and Nick] are doing is incestuous."

But Bobbi couldn't care less -- telling friends ... she doesn't give a damn about what Cissy thinks about her controversial relationship ... and because Nick's not her blood brother, she definitely doesn't consider it incest.

As one source put it -- Bobbi "can't please everyone, so she is going to please herself by doing what she wants to do for once."

As for the maybe engagement ring Bobbi was wearing -- we're told she's been mum on what it means ... but cryptically told friends, she and Nick ARE planning a trip to Vegas in the near future.



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You can not "unofficially adopt" a person. Whitney may have kept a roof over his head, but that doesn't make him BK's brother. Granny may not like it, but she really needs to shut up.

916 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Just another so called celebrity who has no talent and didn't work for the money. Stupid self entitled ghetto skank who will just end up like her crackhead mother and blow all of the money and overdose.

916 days ago


There is no incest. They are not related. Get a simple blood test or DNA to proove it. Granny Cissy doesn't have a say in the matter.

Christs sakes leave them alone.

916 days ago


Am I the only person here who dont care....the girl is grown let her do what she want, her freaking mom just died give her a break

916 days ago


Wow is it just me or all these stars are just loosers? Either they do drugs, booze, drinking and driving, beat up their girls....really no envy. They should stop their pay cheques for a few years by having everyone turning off their TV, not go to the movie..etc..Really they all sound like LLLOOOOSSSSEEERRRSSS

916 days ago


She's a typical teen: headstrong, self-centered, won't listen to anyone and will do whatever she wants. Pile on a mother who died 4 weeks ago & who was a druggie, a useless father, more money than God and who, whether she gets it or not, has crossed the line by sleeping with a boy who was raised as her brother. This girl has a ton of life lessons to learn, but she won't learn them. She's on a dangerous path - too bad she can't see all the massive warning flags.

916 days ago

how lame    

So sad for the grandma. She lost her daughter and her granddaughter looks like bobby brown and she is an idiot. She is desperate for the level of fame that Whitney had. Bobbi brown, people loved your mother, not you. You do not have the amazing voice your mother had. You don't even have your fathers talent. Ugh.

916 days ago

Danay Helmet Boy     

Sorry Bobbi Kristina even with your fortune your man would leave you in a heartbeat if he got a chance to be with Danay in Helmet Boy! Search Danay in Helmet Boy to see the hottest chick out there right now. She puts most females to SHAME. RIP WHITNEY!

916 days ago

the truth    

she says shes gonna do what shes gonna do. she did take care of her mom ever since she was a kid. im sure her mom knew about this . she acts like this is HER time now. i say leave the girl alone and let her live her own life.

916 days ago


If she marries her brother and they get divorced, the money will stay in the family.

916 days ago

Bitch Pudding    

OBVIOUSLY he's trying to marry her so that he can get some of her inheritance. Is she really that dumb?

916 days ago


She's a big girl, and I am sure growing up in the house she grew up in wasn't a walk in the park, so she can do what she wants. Just leave her be.

916 days ago


Everyone was ok with the Cullen's doing it so what's the big deal? In all seriousness, who cares.

916 days ago


Its all a cluster, she apparently wants the press, but doesn't want her family and wants to do whatever she wants, yep that's a 19 yr old. knows it all. does it all. I don't see any of this going away, and its gonna gonna get worse...

916 days ago


Why is she even getting coverage on TMZ, or elsewhere ?!? She suddenly came into $20million+, she can screw anybody she wants !! She has no talent, no skills, unless knowing how to roll a joint, or knowing what the optimum amount of crack to shove into a pipe is, but aside from that, why is she even making the gossip columns ?!? Is she going to have a video tape of her doing her 'brother' or something, is that what she's going to use to get ahead in life after she blows the $20million+ she just got ?!?

916 days ago
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