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Brooke Mueller

Strikes Plea Bargain

In Cocaine Case -- NO JAIL

3/15/2012 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller will cop a plea on Monday in her Aspen cocaine possession case -- and she will not serve a day in jail, TMZ has learned.

Brooke was arrested in December and charged with felony possession of cocaine under 4 grams, and felony possession of cocaine with intent to distribute, as well as misdemeanor assault.

Sources tell TMZ ... Brooke will plead guilty to felony possession of cocaine under 4 grams, and the other charges will be dismissed.

Brooke will not get any time behind bars, and will be placed on 12-months probation.

The plea will be a deferred judgment -- translation: the judgment will not be entered, and if Brooke is a good girl and obeys all laws during her probation, the guilty plea will never be entered ... it will just go away.

Sources say one of the reasons the D.A. was agreeable to a plea bargain is that Brooke entered an intensive rehab program after her arrest.

The prosecutor, Chief Deputy D.A. Arnold Mordkin, refused to comment on or confirm the plea, but did say, "We are treating Ms. Mueller no differently than any other defendant."

As for Brooke's lawyer, Yale Galanter, he now has a perfect record in Sheen-ville. He kept Charlie out of jail in his 2009 Aspen domestic violence case, and now he's kept Charlie's ex out of jail as well.


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Every time I see a picture of her she has her mouth open like she never stops talking. Blah blah blah.

954 days ago


Of course there's no jail time. She's a celebrity!!

954 days ago


Colorado is the biggest joke on the planet - even worse than Los Angeles. They look like fools. This wasn't just possession, it was also possession with intent to distribute! So now anyone arrested will immediately run to rehab, then at their court date will say "But I went to rehab!" and be let off. Take note druggies in Colorado!

954 days ago


I wanna be able to sell enough Cocaine to make 10 billion dollars. Then I will turn myself in and pay 5 billion in fines and promise to retire and never sell again. Under this plea, I also don't want to go to jail or pay taxes, sounds fair to me.

954 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

That's bull****.

954 days ago

Yep I said that    

Here's another no body famous for who she knows getting a free ride again. If this was plain citizen Joe Schmo he would be doing 15 years in the pokie

954 days ago


WHAT A CROCK OF S H I T. This woman can do whatever she wants and knows it.

954 days ago

The Neko Nation    

This piece of trash should have her children taken away. Only in California can you get away time and time again. Just ask Lindsay Lohan.

954 days ago


This makes me SO mad!!!! Poor people get DUIs, drug charges, battery charges, etc... and ALWAYS do either jail time or the judge refuses a deferred judgement. I'm so SICK of rich people having a completely different justice system than the poor!

954 days ago


Like seriously WTF!!! She was in possession of COCAINE and isn't going to jail for that? What, because she is a D-list celebrity who happened to have kids with Charlie Sheen?? Any non celebrity facing charges like hers would be hauled off to jail with no plea deal... It's a damn felony what she did... she should be doing at least 3-5 years in jail... I mean come on... it's not like she committed some petty misdemeanor crime... she's a criminal and a felon and should be sent to jail where she belongs.... She did the crime, she should do the time!

Not to mention she is a horrible mother... she deserves to go to jail... maybe in jail she can learn how to be a better mother and productive citizen.... this sends out the message that if you're any sort of celeb in CO it's okay to go there and possess drugs.... *smh*......

954 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

No jail time, no community service, they'll probably give her the coke and her paraphernalia back.
There now truly are two sets of laws. One for the rich and famous and another for the rest of us.

954 days ago


If this is a recent picture, she still has crazy eyes.

954 days ago


Cant the media ever take a picture of this woman, that is flattering. She always looks annoyed or hyped up! And if it was anyone of us, we would be going to jail for a little while. Just goes to show you, celebrity's get better treatment.And she is not even a actress, just was married to Charlie ( get me a line ) Sheen.

954 days ago


Dear Chief Deputy D.A. Arnold Mordkin,
I have an answer for you after you stated that you will her as anyone else. BS!!!! California and now Colorado has a double-standard rules for defendants: "Celebrities" & "non-Celebrities". Non will get screwed in your legal system.

954 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

Dirty sitnky little cokehomama can't find any happiness without drugs & alcohol. Go back to Chuck's Sober Valley Lodge. Seems like he's on another run and you both can toast your successes is life and sound parenting. I wonder how those poor kids will turn out with such great role models.

954 days ago
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