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'Celebrity Apprentice'

Big Sponsor Pulls Out Over

Little Trumps' Animal Butchery

3/15/2012 1:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump
's sons' bloody hunting trip in Africa last year didn't just put a dent in the local wildlife population -- it exterminated a lucrative advertising deal on "Celebrity Apprentice" ... by scaring away a big sponsor.

Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis tells TMZ, the company's TV spots already aired on this season of "Celebrity Apprentice" -- but he insists, "I wouldn't spend another nickel with them."

Marcus adds, "I am totally disgusted by the [hunting] pics I have seen and was surprised to see them ... Money is spent but wow I'm really shocked."

As TMZ previously reported, Donald's sons (Donald Jr. and Eric) went on a hunting safari in Zimbabwe a year ago, killing several animals -- including an elephant, crocodile, kudu, civet cat and waterbuck.



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thank you!!!! you go tmz/harvey!n so awesome keeping this in front of public! hope you keep it up!

951 days ago


@Stormy So exactly what is it you hunt with a knife? You don't sound like a hunter. My guess is anyone that hunts anything on here would get crucified on TMZ.

While I agree one should not hunt animals that are on the verge of extinction, I also believe that TMZ is not spelling out all of the facts, and people are just running with their emotions, since I'm guessing none of us have ever been to Africa before and know nothing about the situation with the villages there. At first I chimed in with emotional comments as well. I agree they should not have killed a leopard. (Watch Big Cat Diary on Animal Planet for a wonderful view on leopards, which explains why sometimes the villagers sadly shoot them.) But do any of us know anything at all about whether or not the hunting industry is good or bad for Africa or for the villagers of Africa? No, because we have not studied it, not any of us commenting here, nor have we been to Africa to see the situation for ourselves. Do we know about the numbers of herds of certain animals in Africa and whether the species are abundant in certain areas or not? Do we have facts, which have changed over the years, on which species are endangered, or red listed, and which are not? Can we tell from a photo what someone was thinking? Are we going to rush to judgment just because we weren't raised in an environment like many of our fellow Americans are, who do hunt? But are some of you okay with, or at least remain silent about, the slaughterhouse killings in very inhumane ways of the cows and pigs and horses every single day and there is no outcry about that anywhere on TMZ? Yet it seems it has become fashionable to jump all over anybody who dares say anything positive about hunting any creature, no matter how abundant, since some of you don't believe in it? Is it so impossible for TMZrs to believe that both Democrats and Republicans are hunters; that it is not a sport limited to Republicans? Some of you stand there accusing other people, your minds filled with hate, thinking they cannot possibly love animals or nature. Yet many hunters have pets that they love very much, with all their hearts, and some of you cannot grasp that. I have never hunted a day in my life, but I know hunters who have, intimately. I speak from firsthand experience. It is not reckless hunting. Hunting responsibly comes with a set of rules; some of you should research this. Instead of just flying off the handle at even the thought of hunting, some of you should take a deep breath and try to see a different point of view. I realize that will be extremely difficult, given that these photographs are inflammatory. I am not saying that I agree with everything in these photographs. I am also stating that no one here has all of the facts and that everyone is jumping to conclusions because I'm betting not a single one of us has been to an African village. And most people commenting here have no knowledge of hunting and do not know a single hunter. Many probably have never talked to a hunter in real life, and know nothing about it and did not grow up around it, and probably did not grow up around a responsible hand gun owner. By the way, I am a Democrat. I know responsible hunters, and they love the land, and love nature. And they follow certain guidelines. I cannot speak for all hunters. Only the ones I know. Please try not to judge all hunters in such a harsh light. Again -- I do not personally hunt, so please do not attack me for hunting. I am not defending the Trumps. I am simply stating there is more to hunting in general, such as hunting in these United States, than is being portrayed in these photographs and again, there are many different ways of life, both within these United States and in other countries. Unless you have walked in another man's or woman's shoes, sometimes it is hard to know what that other man or woman is feeling. Is that child in that village hungry? How can we best help that child? What is the situation realistically when it comes to how many water buffalo, or white-tailed deer, there are versus how many cattle in the United States? Is using a cattle prod and bashing a cow in the head to kill it worse than killing a water buffalo, or a white-tailed deer, with one clean shot? I am asking myself these questions because I am trying to be open-minded and not make my mind up simply by people spewing hateful comments. Because people will go buy that cow meat in the grocery store after it has been slaughtered in an inhumane fashion and not have a second thought about it. Let's examine what we would all like to see in Africa: ecotourism. How much does eco tourism cost? Is it feasible from a financial standpoint? How many millions/billions does it cost? How many people does it help? If you start a farm for a village, how many animals need to be on that farm for it to be sustainable? Where does the village get water for the animals/crops if there are droughts? How much does it really cost to feed a village via ecotourism? How many people and how much money per person and how much per year? Do we understand the needs of the African people? These are all questions we should ask ourselves if we want to know the answers. Thank you for listening, and for having an open mind. Love and light and peace.

951 days ago


Priveledged punks with an out of touch father. I'm through with Celebrity Apprentice and Lisa Lampanelli for her stupid defense of what the Trump deliquents did.

951 days ago


Every hunters dream is to go on a safari. Every animal they took was taken LEGALLY and with proper tags... and yes, they do give the meat to the locals and they use every bit of it. You city folks need to get a clue. Screw Camper world and watch Cabellas or Bass Pro come in for the kill. You Liberals are all nuts. Go eat your Tofu.

951 days ago


two more guys with small penises with something to prove.

Yet another reason to hate the Trumps.

I will buy anything from every sponsor that pulls their ads. Its a disgrace that they kill for sport.

951 days ago


IMHO,The Trumps are very bad evil people. Sr. is as sick as they get with his pompous attitude. I would guess that people in his social circle have little respect for him. It seems that he is and has always been an attention w-h-o-r-e. The Pear Shaped son Don Jr. who looks like a toad is a first class loser who if not for his Daddy's money wouldn't even get a look over from a homeless bum on the street. The other son appears to have some mental issues going on but its not nice to make fun of the mentally challenged. As for the daughter? I can't even begin to comment on that troll as it would take up too much typing space on this site. She's just nasty gross and that tiny nose and those beady eyes are enough to make any man go soft for life. Just horrible people. You would think that with all their money and fame that they could do something more productive for society rather than just bash people, treat most with disrespect and now slaughter wild animals for a cheap thrill. Makes me want to puke.

951 days ago


You are all a bunch of Liberal morons! Its legal to hunt, people have been hunting and talking pictures of there kill for years and years. There is nothing wrong with it! Go hug your trees, and eat your veggies. By the way. My food pooped on your food! Enjoy your salad! Freaking nuts!

951 days ago

Jules Smyth    

Ok I get it, the are RICHIE "RICHE", but why the elephant,
Yes the villiagers, loved the meat , of the, u cut his tail off, then stood there like a PRICK, that u r, to cut his tail off and the stand there with that ""SMUGH"" look of your face,, I love the show,,I hope advertisers, pull some of the adds from you show,,I like the show ,,,I will contine u to watch the show,,I wasnt to knwow and its a value question what did he do with the TUSK? Can any on find our for me,,,let me know

951 days ago


I am beyond appalled by these f-cking morons. It's disgusting.

951 days ago


Open season on spoiled rich brats, anyone?

951 days ago


Disgusting pics. Rich punks who don't give a damn. Glad to see sponsors pull out. Only way to get their attention is if it affects their bottom line.

951 days ago


@mikeindy - Hey Moron, this has nothing to do with being liberal but it has everything to do with killing animals. Your insipid and vapid remarks (better get your dictionary out) hold no water here so why don;t you just go back to your trailer and finish guzzling your beer and watching Nascar, Jerry Springer and bending your toothless bearded daughter over. You rednecks have zero credibility. Ha ha -I'm doing a happy dance all over your face! :)

951 days ago

Logan R    

I'm sure Cabela's would gladly fill that advertising spot.

951 days ago


So they couldn't find ANYTHING ELSE to do with all their free time? Douchebags.

951 days ago


As a hunter I've always wanted to do an African hunting safari. Understand that a lot of times the meat from the hunted animals are given to the local villagers that are sometimes LUCKY to eat meat. A lot of the animals they were hunting were NOT endangered so get over it. People hunt here in the US & post pictures of their successful hunt & people don't get in a tizzy about it. The only reason why people are getting their panties in a knot is because it is someone in the spotlight (not really him per say, but his father). And guess what folks, the African Elephant is NOT an endangered species anymore ( The elephants actually damage the farming areas & those people are affected by that. I completely understand that people have to learn to live with the animals, but let's not flip out whenever we see someone killing an elephant. It happens more than you think. This one just happened to get spotlighted.

951 days ago
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