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'Celebrity Apprentice'

Big Sponsor Pulls Out Over

Little Trumps' Animal Butchery

3/15/2012 1:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump
's sons' bloody hunting trip in Africa last year didn't just put a dent in the local wildlife population -- it exterminated a lucrative advertising deal on "Celebrity Apprentice" ... by scaring away a big sponsor.

Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis tells TMZ, the company's TV spots already aired on this season of "Celebrity Apprentice" -- but he insists, "I wouldn't spend another nickel with them."

Marcus adds, "I am totally disgusted by the [hunting] pics I have seen and was surprised to see them ... Money is spent but wow I'm really shocked."

As TMZ previously reported, Donald's sons (Donald Jr. and Eric) went on a hunting safari in Zimbabwe a year ago, killing several animals -- including an elephant, crocodile, kudu, civet cat and waterbuck.



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Mary P    

Yeah, because sponsoring the NASCAR truck series where almost every driver is an avid hunter and several have done big game hunts is not hypocritical or publicity seeking at all. They gonna terminate the sponsorship with NASCAR too?

950 days ago


obviously the definition of Trump is Looser

especially when your donald trump or his childeren

950 days ago


@Caterina - It' a fact that people that hunt have low IQ's and mental issues at hand. Many, Many studies on this topic prove it too. Just because people in the US hunt and post pictures does not make it right for the D-Dag brothers or YOu or anyone else for that matter to hunt.
All you are doing is showing your stupidity by your desperate attempt justifying bad behavior. It's real easy to track a defenseless animal with gun and shoot it down....makes you feel complete? Pathetic loser you are. lol

950 days ago


Sickening photo!

950 days ago


I will NEVER watch any Trump related show again. Sick bastards.

950 days ago


Good for Camping World!

950 days ago


i hope you die now you mother ****er!!!that was so horrible,killing those innocent animals for fun,i hope someone will kill you like the way you kill those animals!!trump family sucks!!!!

950 days ago


why don't all of us tweet on sunday night @ 9pm to Trump to show our outrage......

950 days ago


So people that use camping gear and RV's in association with hunting trips should bypass Camping World in the future? Good to know. Hunters will always remain the largest group of wildlife conservationist on the planet. They pump the most money into the programs- generally though licenses. BTW, I don't hunt, or give a flip about teh Trumps. I don't shop with Camping World apparently either. Oh.... Why does camping world sell Bow Racks, camoflauge shooting chairs, and things of this nature? Marcus Lemonis is a backassward, hipocritical SOB that probably laughs when he runs over the neighbors dog.

949 days ago


Mr. Trump you are an idiot. Several years ago you lost many of your top executives in a helicopter crash and now you let both of your sons fly in the same jet. And they have high powered guns. YOU'RE FIRED

949 days ago


Good for you Camping World!!! Here's hoping that more of the sponsors wise up and pull out. Money is the only thing that talks to the Trumps.

949 days ago


Killing these rare creatures????? And enjoying it????? Then claiming they were helping by feeding people elephant meat? How bout helping them grow sustainable crops? Oh, that's right, no enjoyable killing. Sick bastards.

949 days ago


I am neutral on the hunting thing as frankly do not know enough about it to know if they were hunting endangered animals or if the Villages there welcome it due to what it brings to them food wise and otherwise.
I am guessing though from the comments here that no one that has commented eats meat or has visited a abattoir/I take it no one commenting wears Wool sweaters/leather shoes and handbags/cashmere sweaters/or uses any type of down pillows or comforters. I could name other things that animals are at times cruelly killed to make but hopefully this resonates. If that is the case then go ahead and slam away/some will say it is not the same thing and all I can say to that is nice justification.......I simply find those quick to condemn have no realization of their part they simply think because they do not do the actual capture or kill they are above it all......not so much IMO

949 days ago


Apparently they made a bizarre claim that the local villagers were grateful for the food. Elephant. Really? Meanwhile their collective bank accounts hold enough resources to provide a small African nation with nourishing food, drinkable water, and medical supplies. No, Trumps Junior, don't try to justify your killing spree. That's all it was and you should be ashamed of these pictures. They portray you as little men with a disgusting way of trying to prove your collective manhood. P.S. You failed.

949 days ago


I wish that alligator would hang them up by a tree, after he regurgitated them first.

949 days ago
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