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'Celebrity Apprentice'

Big Sponsor Pulls Out Over

Little Trumps' Animal Butchery

3/15/2012 1:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump
's sons' bloody hunting trip in Africa last year didn't just put a dent in the local wildlife population -- it exterminated a lucrative advertising deal on "Celebrity Apprentice" ... by scaring away a big sponsor.

Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis tells TMZ, the company's TV spots already aired on this season of "Celebrity Apprentice" -- but he insists, "I wouldn't spend another nickel with them."

Marcus adds, "I am totally disgusted by the [hunting] pics I have seen and was surprised to see them ... Money is spent but wow I'm really shocked."

As TMZ previously reported, Donald's sons (Donald Jr. and Eric) went on a hunting safari in Zimbabwe a year ago, killing several animals -- including an elephant, crocodile, kudu, civet cat and waterbuck.



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Bored rich kids fodder. The locals are fully aware of the wildlife they have lived with for centurys. This was just the fun of killing. Leave it to the locals and professional hunters. Love to see the trump boys in the wild and see how long they last.

918 days ago


I emailed the company and told them I would not support them either.

918 days ago


I have watched my last Apprentice show last Sunday. I'm horrified when I see these pictures. It's tragic!!!

918 days ago


They make me sick!!!!

918 days ago


They are happy.. Hell even Nat Geo has filmed these hunts before.. hell we have had Presidents do this hunt.. and I am not talking about Bush..

Most of the time the hunted lion or elephant is destroying a village's farmland or killing their cattle and they have people take care of it for them. Most of the time they get 95% of the meat and hide.

See in Africa they don't get a choice on what they eat.. there is no vegans there.. They eat what they can hunt or grow.. and if something gets in the way then it becomes the hunted.. been like that for last 100 years.

918 days ago


Most hunters provide more for Animals then any negative commenter out there... The money and the Animal management that hunters do is priceless....Watch the 60 mins story about hunting in Texas and how it saved many species!

The ones who hate on them for hunting I would love hear what you have done for animals in the last year.

918 days ago


Sick f'in bastards! Their heads should be cut off and mounted on a wall.

918 days ago


TOTAL LIE that the local people ate the meat! They would NEVER eat elephant - check out the local customs of those people and you will see what a line of BS Trump is feeding us to take the heat off.

918 days ago


I can't put into words the horror i feel when i look at these photos,the smiles on donald jr. and erik just make me waht to cry..i have loved the apprentice series from day one..and now i can not even look at their faces without wanting to vomit...i am no longer a viewer..

918 days ago

Capt'n D    

I think the next project they do should be for camping world. Don could take one team & Eric the other. They could turn the CEO for Camping World loose in the forest I'm talking miles from civilization. His goal would be to find one of the teams camps. Eric & Don could hunt the guy with paintball guns while he is trying to find his way out. because we wouldn't want the poor fellow to get hurt! While they are doing that the teams could test out all the crappy gear they sell. In the mean time they could have Elephant tail being grilled over a nice camp fire. Because that poor guy is sure going to be hungry when he finds the camp!
I agree with earlier post. Hunters should ban camping world. This guy has probably never been off the pavement!

918 days ago


The only picture I find offensive is the one of the elephant; no need to kill (for the most part) a gentle giant.

918 days ago


Scene: Kenya Nat'l Park - Monte's Big Game hunting ranch.
5 douche-bags get off the private jet dressed in brand new starch-pressed khaki from head to toe - Huge rings of sweat and the all too heavy cotton and lack of exercise is once again cause for amusement at the immigration counter - Baggage handlers, private limo drivers, street vendors, airport gawkers all laughing to the point of gut cramps at the site of the pasty "great white hunters" as they tremble under the midday sun! One young man says; "Why do the same Americans come back every year"? Nino replies; "These are not the same douche-bags, they all just look alike and they all shop at Bass Pro Shops - you dummy! "

Douche bags arrive at the ranch - each are handed an $8,000 custom hunting rifle with a scope that magnifies 12 x

DBags climb into a cammo painted, topless Hummer and drive to a pre-identified location where the semi-wild big game have been teased with piles of corn, oats and molasses. They graze on the delicious grains with their eyes 1/2 closed in orgasmic bliss…The sounds of the approaching jeeps are nothing new... or cause for concern…

Dbags are then instructed on how to place their rifles on a bipod so as to eliminate their chronic shaking...Dbags are instructed to put the "furry part" of the animal inside the inner-ring of the scope...hold their breath and squeeze the trigger. Range = 35 yards.

Various endangered species drop to the ground in agony as most are shot in a non-lethal area like the ribs, stomach, legs and hind-quarters - African hunting guides immediately "finish" the animal with a large machete.

Dbags all pose with each dead animal and professional photog on the scene takes copious poser shots.

DbaGS HEAD BACK TO THE ranch for a big steak (imported from Chicago) and buckets of Heineken and GlenLevit.
Dbags fly home and declare themselves "HUNTERS"

918 days ago


Never cared for any of them and this just gives me one more reason. Having money makes people think they can do anything. Good job Mr. Trump in raising arrogant, self-absorbed,cruel and inhumane sons! They should be ashamed.

918 days ago


How much "hunting" does it take before the "hunters" are satisfied?

918 days ago


Good I'm glad to hear someone that's not afraid to stand up to Trump! I don't have a problem with people hunting for food, but those safaris are terrible, and often use captive animals to make it easy for big spenders like trump. The very idea that he killed an elephant sickens me.

918 days ago
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