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'Celebrity Apprentice'

Big Sponsor Pulls Out Over

Little Trumps' Animal Butchery

3/15/2012 1:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump
's sons' bloody hunting trip in Africa last year didn't just put a dent in the local wildlife population -- it exterminated a lucrative advertising deal on "Celebrity Apprentice" ... by scaring away a big sponsor.

Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis tells TMZ, the company's TV spots already aired on this season of "Celebrity Apprentice" -- but he insists, "I wouldn't spend another nickel with them."

Marcus adds, "I am totally disgusted by the [hunting] pics I have seen and was surprised to see them ... Money is spent but wow I'm really shocked."

As TMZ previously reported, Donald's sons (Donald Jr. and Eric) went on a hunting safari in Zimbabwe a year ago, killing several animals -- including an elephant, crocodile, kudu, civet cat and waterbuck.



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Say hello to America’s own sick version of brothers Uday and Qusay Hussein.

I guess when you’ve had access to every other decadence available only to the super rich for your whole life and you are not actually in need of anything, but love from your wig-headed orange-skinned daddy, the only thing left is to kill for the sick thrill you get from it.

These sick spoiled little jock-tards should be thrown into a cage of hungry lions without their little pop-guns, boy scout knives, or daddy’s check book to help them get out trouble, then we’ll see how much they enjoy and approve of sport hunting after seeing it from the other side’s point of view. Oh yeah, they won’t be around to talk about it anymore… oh well… no loss… call it “sport” I guess.

917 days ago


Donald...teach your children well! Wow...can't they just go to Cabo for a real disgusting on how the rich perceive fun!

917 days ago


People have been hunting since the days of cavemen,so I don't understand why there is so much outrage over the Trump sons hunting. When it is Deer season or any other animal hunting season for that matter, I don't see or hear anyone protesting or being outraged!

917 days ago


Absolutely disgusting. The rich white brats that can afford to do anything good for the declining african animal population go their to destroy whats remaining. The Trumps are garbage, always have been and are probably laughing at the story.

917 days ago


Seems the fish smells from the head, The "donald" as he's so ridiculously called is such a pompous arrogant a-hole that watching him and his curled little Betty Boob boob boobie do lips bother our friends and family so much we can't change the channel fast enough whenever he's on. But it seems we're in the minority since he people watch his show and CARE what this man has to say if NOT HIM, then who should be president. Does anyone remember whenever he was in finance trouble years ago he went bankrupt? Not just once either. Now his big shot children are such men that they have to enclose poor innocent animals so they can take out their BIG GUNS and shoot!!! Give us a break. YUCK what a bunch of creeps

917 days ago


this just comes down to Americans and their sick obsession with guns! Ones Mental Health has to be questioned when there is a need for killing just for the sake of killing.

917 days ago

Carrie Eskelund    

You boys disgust me. Rich men like you should put your money to good use not killing innocent animals.

917 days ago

The Dave    

People don't seem to understand. These hunts cost anywhere from $150,000 to $500,000. Without this money the game reserves would lose all animals to poaching. Their governments don't have the money to fund protection of the animals which is why the reserves allow a very limited cull of certain animals on the preserve which can sustain a very limited hunt. Without these funds from the limited hunt, poachers would have a field day and animals in these preserves would become extinct. Not the most palatable form of preventing the extinction of these animals but we are talking about dirt poor countries here.
Having said that, Trump could have made a donation to help fund the park rangers (who often act as guides to the hunters) combat the poachers.
As for hunting itself, it has been happening since man has walked the earth. And if you are a meat eater, do a bit of research. It's usually a lot more humane than the way chickens, turkey and beef are dispatched and distributed to your local grocery store.

917 days ago

marie B    

I was sickened by the recent photos of the two junior Trumps on their African hunting trip. What a waste of fortune and celebrity. Whether or not this type of sport is "legal" in Africa, I support the conservationists who struggle to protect these exotic, extraordinary animals. I also applaud any sponsor who distances themselves from the Trump brand.

916 days ago


People complaining about this being cruel are out of their minds. What is exactly cruel about hunting animals and using that meat to feed hungry villagers?? I mean it is doing more good then it is bad right? Humans are not going hungry because of individuals who do these hunts and donate the meat.

Get over yourself if you are upset about this. Lets worry about humans murdering humans before we were about hunting.

916 days ago


oh yeah spoiled brats are saying they killed the food for the villagers how come they have souvenears not only that alls they think about is therselves these spawns ought to go to war and try to fight like a real man these little wimps have eveything handed to them those poor animals you morons dont you no when you kill a elephant you have the people to deal with elephnats are the most preciou animals and you little idiots are killing them you are brainless why dont you get in a cage with one we will see who wins get a life you to disgusting spawns

916 days ago


these little morons calls that hunting hiding in a bush and killing precious animals you are little terds and should go to prision for crulty to animals go fight in a war you little deranged idiots leave the elephants and all animals alone i am a animal lover and all animals deserve to live you are ugly both you spawn should be ashamed of those pictures you doing this not to feed villagers but for your own trophie how would you like your tail cut off you think money can buy eveything well wait till your next life when you are one of these animals these pictures made me cry you little jerks are idiots and morons and you are bottom s***

916 days ago


Nice job on the hunt guys! Guess I won't be going to Camping World anymore for camping/hunting related equipment anymore. I'll be sure and tell all my friends to AVOID Camping World also.

916 days ago

Anne Bérubé    

Heard about hunting animals by the Trump brats. Very, very disappointed and will watch the Celebrity Apprentice Show ever again. What a shame you think so little of those beautiful animals who can no more have a life. Shame on all of you. And I thought you were nice, very disturbing ending here.

916 days ago


Why isn't TMZ reporting the fact that all of the meat was donated to local tribes? AND the fact that these are animals that are NORMALLY hunted! SCREW PETA and it's activist!

916 days ago
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