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'Celebrity Apprentice'

Big Sponsor Pulls Out Over

Little Trumps' Animal Butchery

3/15/2012 1:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump
's sons' bloody hunting trip in Africa last year didn't just put a dent in the local wildlife population -- it exterminated a lucrative advertising deal on "Celebrity Apprentice" ... by scaring away a big sponsor.

Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis tells TMZ, the company's TV spots already aired on this season of "Celebrity Apprentice" -- but he insists, "I wouldn't spend another nickel with them."

Marcus adds, "I am totally disgusted by the [hunting] pics I have seen and was surprised to see them ... Money is spent but wow I'm really shocked."

As TMZ previously reported, Donald's sons (Donald Jr. and Eric) went on a hunting safari in Zimbabwe a year ago, killing several animals -- including an elephant, crocodile, kudu, civet cat and waterbuck.



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Youpeople Arecrazy    

Just cancelled my Camping World President's club membership, I won't spend another of my nickles on a TREE HUGGER WHACKOS !

918 days ago


Too bad there aren't two dead Trumps on the ground instead on a beautiful creature. As for Trump's show, at this house he's fired.

917 days ago


For those of you was your hamburger today? If you think that the meat you ate come from a magical place, you are wrong. A steel rod was smashed into a cow's brain. A cow that had been living in horrible and dirty conditions; a miserable existence. If hunting laws are followed, it is the most humane way to kill and eat an animal. Humans have been doing it for thousands of years. Also, hunting helps with conservation. Hunting groups help control the population of predators vs. prey to keep a healthy balance when necessary. It is wrong to kill when animals are endangered. But humans are omnivores. Take a look at your teeth. Prrof in evolution.

916 days ago


Wish ALL the Trumps would get out of our face already, but NOW with these a-hole sons PLEASE don't make them any richer or any more famous. They are slime buckets. If only the poor animals could be armed with weapons. Wonder what their SHORT comings are they feel it necessary to hunt kill and then brag about killing animals! UGH!!!!

915 days ago


Absolutely NO endangered species were killed. You anti-hunters need to educate yourselves. Hunters have done more to preserve animals than all you bleeding hearts. When was the last time you spent ANY dollars on habitat? Were it not for hunters we would have many more extinct and endangered species and that's a fact.

915 days ago

Don Polcaro    

I don't agree with Marcus.The animalor abundance.s that were killed were probably selected because of age or abundance.Would you rather see them die of old age or starve?Come on Marcus,leave things you don't know about to people who do.

913 days ago


Disgusting idiots!!!! Don’t they realise how they depleting our wildlife??????

912 days ago


I wonder what TMZ thinks, now that Marcus Lemonis is saying they misquoted him, during his press conference at the Professional Outdoor Media Association, yesterday?

“This is an apology. I wasn’t making anti-hunting statements, but I was misquoted. I am 100 percent okay and in favor of legal hunting and fishing.” - Marcus Lemonis CEO, Camping World

912 days ago

laurel theune    

I just found out about trumps's 2 sons killing, and mutilating beautiful animals, including endangered species, on tv, tonight, 03/25/12, in chicago, il. I will never ever watch the celebrity apprentice, again, and i hope other viewers will stop watching, and that sponsors will pull-out! This is what happens when children learn "entitlement" from their parents, and feel money can buy them "anything," regardless of humanitarian, compassionate, or environmental issues.

908 days ago


This is poor biased publishing by TMZ.
Or wait do they have any quality at all?

Contrary to the opinion of some, the Elephant is not endangered and in fact several countries of Southern Africa have been forced to institute culling operations to keep their numbers in balance. Do you research, your American schools are **** and that's what you have been taught. UTTER BULL****.

Its called conservation people, do some research.
This was likely guided hunts which anyone can do, rich or poor. The poor just have to save for longer.

Anyone mentioning meat without being a vegetarian is a hypocrite. Chicken, pork beef, farmed, murdered and served.
You just didn't do the dirty work, and if you many of you had to, I'm sure some might not eat it any more.

If a camping supply chain is going to be anti hunting, they are going to push half their business away. It's a poor pull on their part. Petitions to boycott them in the hunting world have already started. Had they not pulled they ad, they would be making big sales right now due to all of the talk, from everyone, not just the anti-hunters.

Without hunting you wouldn't be here today, plain and simple. If the world goes to hell, who do think is going to have the experience and will to hunt for food to live. You?

The Dave knows his ****.

908 days ago

thomas Froberg    

these trumps with all the money an so called wisdom, go into a protection area for game, and kill? This is NOT hunting,,if the animal is in a cage or a giant reserve this is not hunting,,go to the everglades and hunt 20ft pythons by hand,or go after the alligator populations there, or the BOARS that are running rampant in the lower states,,this is hunting that is needed,,their EGOS AND THEIR MONEY DID THIS,and they could have spent some cash doing much better things instead of killing a LOVING LEOPARD who probably had nothing but hunger in his mind,and they killed him for what? To see it die, this is the type of crap SERIAL KILLERS did when they were young, killing innocent animals for sport or fun,,if they enjoy this hunting this way, they have NOT been taught to hunt,,shame on them,,DADDY, YOU HAVE A FEW PUNKS THAT NEED LESSONS IN LIFE,,NOT TO PROMOTE DEATH..

908 days ago


Good for Mr Lemonis.........I'm never watching Apprentice again......won't support the butchers

891 days ago
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