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Cissy Houston on Bobbi Kristina

'What They're Doing

Is Incestuous'

3/15/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cissy Houston, mother of Whitney Houston
Cissy Houston
-- Whitney Houston's mom -- has reacted fiercely to the video we posted Wednesday ... showing Bobbi Kristina and Whitney's "adopted" son Nick Gordon in a romantic grip, and then kissing (below).

Cissy told a close friend, "What they're doing is incestuous." Cissy feels her granddaughter has problems and Nick is taking advantage of her. 

Although Whitney never formally adopted Nick, she considered him her son and Bobbi called him her brother. For his part, Nick called Bobbi his sister.

Cissy is so concerned that Bobbi has become impressionable and therefore an easy target for Nick, she's asking the Whitney Houston Estate to take legal steps to get him evicted from Whitney's home -- where Bobbi Kristina is also living.


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Why does Cici Houston insist on claiming these men are taking advantage of these girls? Bobby Brown did not introduce Whitney to drugs and Bobbi has probably been sleeping with Nick for a very long time. Get over it. Let them be. It's their journey. And if it's a mistake, then that is what they needed to go through to learn whatever lesson they needed to learn in this lifetime.

896 days ago


I have a feeling... This poor girl is going to be a "regular" on TMZ and Re-Hab. Poor thing...I see it coming.

896 days ago


He's definitely taking advantage- She's young, naive, and grieving. It's sad.

895 days ago


Disgusting! Whitney turning over in her grave; Why the family don't kick him to the curb b4 he really do something stupid! SHAME ON YOU BOBBIKRIS! YOUR AN EMBARRASSMENT! SHE CAN NEVER HOLD A CANDLE TO HER MOMS LEGACY!

895 days ago


There are so many problems that surrounded Whitney Houston. Her daughter is now up for grabs. It is TIME to reach out and save a life before she is destroyed. Visit my Tribute to Whitney Houston and my more recent stories. NLD Mom/cancer survivor

894 days ago

andwhydoes this matter    

So they referred to one another as brother and sister. He was never adopted no matter how long he lived with them THATS NOT HER BROTHER. there's a guy that i refer to as my brother that i've been friends with since i was 6. Though i'd never sleep with him, i am engaged to another guy that he and i have been friends with since i was 7

894 days ago

robert xtravaganza    

ok im not around to see nick gordon and what help he is giveing bk but if he was a man who loves bk he wood try to her make a mends with family or try his self but i dont see that. i will meet him one trust me i love my cousin but im not like the rest of family see if they dont come to me i go to them some one has to set the table

892 days ago


It's not unheard of for adopted siblings or step siblings to marry. There's no genetic risk and as long as all involved are okay with it, I don't really see the problem

892 days ago

Gail T. K.    

WHY is Cissy Houston ALWAYS blaming someone else about the 'negative' things her blood relations do? She need to get real and start facing reality ...

892 days ago

Tony the Giant    

You said it Cissy, you said it. You said you fear for the safety of your granddaughter. And in no more than a couple days afterwards, this love jones popped-up, everything you said was true. He's up to something.

892 days ago

Tony the Giant    

Awh man, don't nobody wanna hear that "s" the same women who be's posting these comments, are the same weak a--!! insecure women who will tolerate their "psy" loving boyfriends to come up in their families, disrespect and screw every eligible female member of her family, and let him get away with it. Like it ain't nothing but a thang. So I can expect for you to take favortism for sorry a--!! ghetto guys like Nick. You don't respect your own families. So how can you respect others?
This girl is grieving, naive and is looking for help. And he's gonna pull her down that lane, if somebody don't reach out and think for her. She's a slow thinker. Whitney left an aweful burden on Kristina, when she died. Cissy needs to get a stay away order, from Nick having any contact with her. I know he's forcing himself on her. Cause he knows Kristina is up for grabs. And he's trying to be the first one to get her, before someone else do. I thought they was gonna sell the house, and Kristina move in w/ her grandmother anyway. That's what she needs to do.

892 days ago


I think Bobby Kristina had been going with him when she was young, and whitney found out and let him stay there to keep an eye on her daughter.

890 days ago


this guy just seems like a leech to me , and will take advantage, I bet he was not thinking about being with her until Whitney passed/

890 days ago


Sounds to me like Cissy needs to get a grip. So what if they've been pretending to be "brother & sister" they're not so why does it matter if they choose to become more then friends. It might be gross to some people, but that doesn't make it incestuous..

889 days ago


It is not incestuous as they are not blood relatives and maybe they were putting on a show for the cameras!! Ever think about that?? Or...maybe they both truly love and care for one another.

889 days ago
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