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Donald Trump

Sponsors NOT Bailing

Over African Hunting Pics

3/15/2012 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The father is NOT paying for the actions of his sons ... so says Donald Trump ... who claims all of his "Celebrity Apprentice" sponsors are staying committed to the show after gruesome pics emerged of his kids killing a bunch of animals in Africa.

TMZ broke the story ... Marcus Lemonis -- CEO of Camping World and Good Sam -- is furious about the photos of Don Jr. and Eric Trump posing with their kills ... which included an elephant, kudu and waterbuck. Lemonis told TMZ he vowed not to give another dime to support Trump's show.

Here's the catch ... Good Sam is a major sponsor of a 'Celeb Apprentice' episode scheduled to air next month.

But Trump called in to "TMZ Live" moments ago ... and said despite Lemonis' outrage ... not one sponsor has pulled out ... including Good Sam.

In fact, Trump says the people at Good Sam are THRILLED to be on board ... and told him they are "very much looking forward" to their episode.

Still, Trump once again stated he's NOT a fan of hunting ... but believes his sons were righteous in giving the meat from their kills to local villagers.



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First of all, Donald Trump is a psychopath. Why you idiots need photos of his sons hunting to understand this is beyond me.
Second, all these people are about money first and foremost. The sponsers do what they think will get them publicity and Donald Trump does and says what he thinks will be good for him. Same with Rush Limbaugh and his sponsors. GET OVER IT!
None of you are actually accomplishing ANYTHING with these moronic liberal tantrums except showing how quickly the U.S. is sliding in to nazi Germany territory!

950 days ago


Those 2 DORKS are really just living off the old man. It is cowardly to kill those animals. Especially the Elephant.

950 days ago


I love how Trump takes it upon himself to speak for other people. Good Sam is probably donating 20Gs to the charity of the winning team, so they're not going to pull that money. Nor can they pull the plug on their existing contract. If they say they aren't going to have anything more to do with his show in the future, they will look even worse if they don't keep their word. It will look like Trump gave them a sweet deal.

950 days ago


The locals can hunt for their own meat, but there could be reasons that they're not allowed, like CONSERVATION. They don't need the Demon seeds to feed them. Isn't the MAIN REASON for 'responsible' hunting to use the animal meat for food for your own consumption done in a humane way? No need to kill a cat that your not going to eat. A 3 year old could shoot the broad side of an elephant. Shame on Trump for not teaching his sons any ethics. Swirly haired liar!

950 days ago


The only thing these jerks understand is money. Let the boycott begin.

950 days ago


Im zimbabwean, typin this from zim, and no,the 'villagers' dont eat elephant, to even suggest that is ludicrous. they came for a bit of game hunting in a park, there are no local villagers in the area.

950 days ago


They killed at least 2 highly endangered species - leopard and civet cat - not much meat on either. They paid one of the most corrupt regimes in Africa for this hunt. If they pay enough Robert Mugabe will let them kill anything or anyone they want.

950 days ago


How is hunting gruesome?! At least they were probably clean kills, no hormones in the meat & the animals weren't penned up. People just need to get over this. People hunt & do safaris all the time. It's not that big of a deal. Just because Harvey is apparently a vegetarian doesn't mean hunting is gruesome. Some of us choose to harvest our own meat so we know where our food is coming from. Where's Ted Nugent?!

950 days ago


Best thing to do is find out who the sponsers are when flicking the channel when apprentice is on and email them or write a complaint and boycot there products .

950 days ago


ITA road_angel, time to 'FIRE' the swirly haired birther.

950 days ago


Jackass: don't take 'woodchuck' literally. A woodchuck is much smarter than you are andwould have an easier time learning and using punctuation. I dare you to write a couple of paragraphs using proper punctuation and correct spelling. I know you can't.

Why defend myself against things I consider a compliment? Dryed up? What's that? Oh, I forgot, you can't spell. You keep contradicting yourself Jack. Get an education, then an opinion, THEN get back to me.

950 days ago


Maybe his sponsors aren't going, but plenty of people are tuning him out. Donald and his useless sons ARE the elite 1% so many are bitching about. They think the world is for their entertainment, including killing those beautiful animals. F*ck you and your POS sons, Donald.

950 days ago


After viewing these violent pictures of the depraved Trump boys celebrating death...well I wish they would jump off the top of a Trump skyscraper then I could celebrate THEIR deaths!

950 days ago


They are not bailing because most have already payed for this season to run. It will be interesting to watch in the coming months and next season etc..

950 days ago


Best thing to do is find out who the sponsers are when flicking the channel when apprentice is on and email them or write a complaint and boycot there products .

950 days ago
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