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Donald Trump

Sponsors NOT Bailing

Over African Hunting Pics

3/15/2012 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The father is NOT paying for the actions of his sons ... so says Donald Trump ... who claims all of his "Celebrity Apprentice" sponsors are staying committed to the show after gruesome pics emerged of his kids killing a bunch of animals in Africa.

TMZ broke the story ... Marcus Lemonis -- CEO of Camping World and Good Sam -- is furious about the photos of Don Jr. and Eric Trump posing with their kills ... which included an elephant, kudu and waterbuck. Lemonis told TMZ he vowed not to give another dime to support Trump's show.

Here's the catch ... Good Sam is a major sponsor of a 'Celeb Apprentice' episode scheduled to air next month.

But Trump called in to "TMZ Live" moments ago ... and said despite Lemonis' outrage ... not one sponsor has pulled out ... including Good Sam.

In fact, Trump says the people at Good Sam are THRILLED to be on board ... and told him they are "very much looking forward" to their episode.

Still, Trump once again stated he's NOT a fan of hunting ... but believes his sons were righteous in giving the meat from their kills to local villagers.



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Wow, they hunted animals that are meant to be hunted. Who cares, THEY ARE ANIMALS PEOPLE!

Where is the outrage when someone gets murder.

Animal rights activist are very mental challenged people. Get your prioities straight then bitch about something that is worth bitching about.

959 days ago


I will support anyone that hunts animals before I would an animal rights activist.

Go eat a steak and tell me killing animals isn't right. If we didn't kill animals (whether it's for game or food) the human race wouldn't have survived.

This is why we are at the top of the food chain.

959 days ago

Mr Poon    

Everyone is jealous of the Trump sons because they are rich and get the hot babes with tight behinds and big boobs.

958 days ago


I know many people, that if they would have had doors open to them,they would do good.We have these spoiled rotten goofs,that have had every door open to them,still,do not use it for the good.More money than brains.Simple as that.

958 days ago


958 days ago


**** TMZ and all of you *******s that are defending this ****head. This is the only site where there are a lot of people who either don't care or don't respect these majestic creatures. Its like TMZ has made all of these ridiculous comments to kiss trumps ass. Its hard to believe that there are so many stupid people confined to one piece of **** website. Stupid redneck dumb****s.

957 days ago


I don't believe anything Trumps says.......he will do anything for attention to save his a..

957 days ago


If Marcus Lemonis -- CEO of Camping World and Good Sam does not get the picture that Donald Trump is a jackass and his sons are idiots then Camping World and Good Sam does not need my business. So Mr. Lemonis, I will no longer patronize Camping World or Good Sam and I intend to tell everyone I know to do the same. Camping World and Good Sam promotes a life style of love of nature and goodwill sportsmanship and yet supports the Trump family circus. Enough!

955 days ago


They were not being "righteous" by giving the meat to the community - in all trophy hunting in Africa the meat is never the clients - it is required in some areas to give the meat to the community so they have no right to claim "righteousness"!!

951 days ago


Why are you not showing the picture of both these idiots standing and holding the beautiful endangered leopard they killed...this should be the cover photo for this thinks there censorship at TMZ!!

950 days ago


This is why these animals are endangered, you got idiots like these who shoot animals for fun/sport. Trumps make me sick.

950 days ago


Did the villagers really NEED an endangered leopard's meat? I don't think so. These two little pricks have grown up being catered to and infused with a huge sense of self-entitlement.

Let's set them loose on an African plain without their guns and watch them run around like a bunch of scared little girls before being mauled by some lions.

Don't worry, I'm sure the Lions will tell the press that their meat fed the whole pride and they were all very grateful.

Ivanka is still hot though.

948 days ago


Lisa should be fired. She DID not listen to Dayana say - do not use negative words in the Walgreens box design. Dayana also saved Penn when she quickly came up and said - should he wear my crown? LISA IS ALWAYS picking on DAYAN! Dayana said NOT TO USE NEGATIVE WORDS.

943 days ago
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