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George Clooney

Trades Stacy Keibler

For 1st Lady ... For a Night

3/15/2012 10:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney and Michelle Obama dine at the White HouseGeorge Clooney's girlfriend definitely has her priorities -- she missed a night at the White House for a modeling shoot, but George found a suitable sub -- Michelle Obama.

George was at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. for a White House State Dinner, honoring British Prime Minister David Cameron. Other famous attendees included Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, producer Harvey Weinstein, and actor Idris Elba.

As for Stacy ... we're told she left last night for Barcelona for a modeling shoot.

So we gotta ask ...


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If Stacy was invited she would go. The girl is an A class famewhore. She wasn't there because George didn't want her to be there. Let's face it she isn't that important to him now that award season is over. They have been apart a few weeks and will continue to be until we get the they have split story. My guess is it will be official by Easter but they split ages ago. It was never a lovestory just look at the pictures he could barely even look at the blonde bimbo. But she has made plenty of cash and had her picture taken which is the most important thing to her. I hope the next one has a brain!

950 days ago


It's called "contractual obligations". Is America so desperate for a non-existent story. Grab a brain you lame country.

950 days ago


I would rather drink puke than sit next to anyone of those nasty arm dragging beast. Clooney is a tool anyway. Obamas dont like him cause he is white but to stupid to realize it.

950 days ago


#1: Who da FREAK made Clooney, a mediocre actor, some sort of political hack that we should listen to??

#2: I'll be glad when the Sasquatch-looking FLOTUS is ejected from MY house!!

950 days ago


The Obamas have spent our money like druken sailors.

950 days ago

Palm Beach, FL    

#79 Kathy,
I could not agree more.

950 days ago


Don't be so harsh on Mrs. Obama.She is a decent looking woman,good grief. She IS the wife of the president of the United States and is entitled to some common respect. God bless America!

950 days ago


He should have gone with his girlfriend to Barcelona.....MUCH BETTER LOOKING DATE!

950 days ago


If this guy's aunt wasn't famous, he'd be a manager at The Home Depot. Night manager.

950 days ago


Why not sit next to Aunt Jemima...especially if he's having pancakes?

950 days ago


This was an official state dinner, and the White House does not cancel long-planned events like this just because something happened in Afghanistan that the President has already dealt with as best he could and can do nothing more about at the moment. These events are intricately scheduled by both countries months in advance. So criticizing Obama for showing the prime minister of the U.K. a basketball game and then entertaining him in the usual historical manner as other past presidents have done for the prime minister of the U.K. and other world leaders is ridiculous. I also believe that statistics show he takes much less time off than Bush did during his administration.

As for Stacy not being there, she may have signed this modeling contract well in advance and cannot just cancel without being sued. Or she may not have been invited and is saving face by publicizing the modeling gig, which I'm sure is true, but maybe if she were invited to the White House, she could have done both. We don't know.

Further, it is normal for guests at some of the more serious White House events not to bring their girlfriends, only their wives. There is probably limited seating in the President's immediate area, and perhaps it is reserved for major guests and their spouses. George is not only an Obama supporter, but he is also very active in trying to end the atrocities in places like Darfur, and I think I heard he will be addressing the issue to some extent during this visit.

950 days ago


Mrs. Obama looks gorgeous. She is one of the most attractive, most educated and most meaningfully involved First Ladies ever. Mrs. Obama already had serious interests and issues even before moving into the White House -- she didn't have to suddenly search for a platform of some kind to make herself look like a woman of substance, because she already was. What a difference from past socialite and/or fashionista housewives who had to scramble to find a cause so they could fake being something more after their husbands were elected.

950 days ago


It's pretty obvious that Clooney is gay. He is a 50 something year old man who uses the hot young chicks for cover. The women are seeking celebrity, so everyone gets what they want

950 days ago

Ms. Underestimate    

I always knew Clooney was gay. He and Michael Obama make a cute couple!

950 days ago


Looks like he's slumming it. She's uglier than sin. Just Saying...!

950 days ago
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