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Jermaine Jones

VS. 'Idol' Producers

The Confrontation [Video]

3/15/2012 6:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jermaine Jones got a swift kick in the ass from reality last night ... when 'Idol' producers confronted the singer on tape and told him he's FIRED from the show for lying about his criminal past.

Jones took it well ... thanking executive producers Nigel Lythgoe and Ken Warwick for the opportunity ... and then getting into the back of a waiting car ... not a cop car.

TMZ broke the story ... Jones has 4 warrants out for his arrest and a history of allegedly using multiple fake names with cops.

Goodbye Jermaine ... whoever you are. 


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I wanna hear him say "Anybody want a peanut?"

959 days ago


Tiffany, that's a very hard life you are describing in your post! But you are worse than him! Because if he is who you are saying he is, at least, he is a victim of that kind of environment. But you, you are a racist and an ignorant for free. Because that's probably your your parents taught you! To feel above the rest of the human race, because your skin is white, but your a** might be blacker that him!
PS: I am not black!

959 days ago



959 days ago


This is a load of bull they did this **** on purpose because no one really cares anymore about this show its lame now

959 days ago


Thank TMZ for deleting these racists comment!!! There should be no platform for spreading racism like this!!!Racism promotes violence and hatred!! Thanks for doing your part!! Now if everyone does their part we can stop racism!!

959 days ago


Look at him, is anybody really that shocked?

959 days ago


Too bad Chris Brown didn't go through AI.

Ryan Seacrest "Jermaine Jones, you are NOT the next American Idol!"

959 days ago


I truly believe what the producers of American Idol did was horrible! I can understand social media and all but give me a break. I think that exposing and exploiting Jermaine Jones like that and for the whole entire world to see was done in poor taste. Even though he has 4 warrants...what Jermaine Jones has done in the past is just plain inexcusable I can't and won't make light of that and that is something that he has to deal with. I think that why couldn't the producers do this without doing it in front of cameras. I think that it was done because he is black, I don't want to make it a racial thing...but it is what it is. The TRUTH be known...if it was a white loud mouth, raunchy and a straight up troublemaker who had problems with the law and had such talent, the producers of American Idol would have done something to keep him/her on and the producers would justify that as a ratings booster. But on the other hand I don't know why he just came out and lied and using false names...I can also understand not wanting to be looked down on and/or even judged, but now after all of this controversy, the same thing that he was afraid of, he now has to face.

959 days ago

Denise Smith    

Looking at some of these postings makes me think of the book called Stolen Legacy by George G.M. James. It makes me also think of the first civilization (Sumer)or Ur where Abraham of the bible came from and the greatest civilization Egypt. All which tells the truth of African Americans history and who we really are and what has been stolen from us. I find it ironic that Bill Gates who was arrested from 1977-1989 from drunken driving, driving without a license, running stop signs and speeding would have such ignorance assessing MicroSoft to vent their jealousy about Jermaine's past criminal history. We make no apology that we have melon in our skin like 3/4 of the world (red, yellow,and Black people)and the unfortunates have to spray our color on or burn themselves in the sun to look like us. I admit it saddens me that you have to buy botox for lips and asses when we were blessed with it all including hair that doesn't smell like a dog, carry lice, and has no natural curl. Your entire existence has been depended upon us from passing down math, science, philosophy,religion which my ancestors invented and stolen by the Greeks and passed to the Romans. From slavery, where we nursed your babies, worked the fields, built your building and railroads to now when a Black super intelligent President lords over your ignorant a$$. Sure we have ghettos, the Jews did to. That's what happens when you steal a peoples property with guns for their valuables and try to hide all their knowledge by lying that you created anything but chaos and murder. Why all the hate about what black people do? Does it bother you that your own has again copied our young brothers and sisters hip hop music, clothes, style and swag. Is it the fact that so many white woman love black men for sex just like in slavery. Jermaine was arrested, convicted for doing what some Black, White, Latino and Asian kids do in their youth. Not to minimize it but Bill Gates, George Bush, Laura Bush and her manslaughter charge that was swept under the rug, Axl Rose, Ozzy Ozbourne, Carmen Electra, Kobe Bryant and more have did worse and money made them still somebody you worship. So kill that noise about Jermain, he was set up for ratings, and got terminated for his PAST criminal record which was a O.J or Ted Buddy crime. Check your history books next time you believe we just invented the stop light because you owe us for not only taking care of your poor a## but the very blood plasma you use. Just in case you don't know who invented that---Dr Charles Drew--A BLACK MAN!!!!!!!

959 days ago

Denise Smith    

Typo error Correction on past post #39- Jermaine's crimes were not a O.J or Ted Bundy crime. Not to be racist but somebody had to check that shorty because obviously she doesn't know ours or her own history!

959 days ago

The Neko Nation    

Typical ghetto idiot. A liar, a criminal, and a bully.

959 days ago


I really wish that someone could have reached out to this young man before humiliating him on national TV and the internet.
Shame on you for not pre-screening the contestants! He lied? He's trying to turn his life around!
He was gracious and apologetic for his transgressions. What about you and yours? He should have another shot at it. Maybe with a little help from his friends.
By the way, "Somewhere Out There" is my daughter and my song from her childhood. He sung it so beautifully!

959 days ago


Well at least he was trying to turn his life around, i guess he felt if he would have told the thruth, they would have said HELL NO! And i'am not surprised by all the nasty comments he's getting on here, if he was White it would be a whole different story..everyone would be saying awww, poor thing, he was trying to turn his life around. Now that he's black everyone is ready to hang the poor dumb guy, who had 4 warrants out for his arrest and appeared on tv like a DUMMY.

959 days ago


this was the saddness shi* i have every seen. Fox has went to far for some rating while they just lose a household and i will make sure i let everyone i know never to watch that shi* again. Now TMZ since you guys are proud of the fact you broke the story I hope he sues the shi* out of all of you. By the way do Fox own you too...... If i was him i would have smacked the shi* out of both of those guys. Trust me they are hiding something to check the closet...

959 days ago

Sarah D    

He's a talented singer and performer. If there is money to be made off his voice, then I'm sure American Idol has something cooking for him - I hope b/c I'd buy his music. I don't think his "criminal" past amounts to anything serious. Disorderly conduct with an open container? You mean he kicked a garbage can? Gave a cop a false name? Why, b/c he didn't want to have a record for kicking a garbage can? And what a bunch of judgemental ninnies on here.

959 days ago
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