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Lindsay Lohan Car 'Crash'

Eyewitness Says ...

There Was NO Contact

3/15/2012 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0_tecas1y9_0_6qyvgie7An improbable eyewitness has jumped to Lindsay Lohan's defense over the alleged hit-and-run incident outside a club early Wednesday morning -- a 16-year-old girl who was moonlighting as a paparazzo.

The girl -- Sarah -- tells TMZ, she went in the alley outside the Sayers Club to speak with Lindsay, who was already sitting in her parked car with a passenger. The manager of the adjacent hookah lounge appeared on his staircase and asked Lindsay what she was doing, and she replied, "Don't worry we're leaving."

Sarah says she was trying to guide Lindsay out of the tight alleyway, which Lindsay successfully navigated and then left. Sarah says at no point did Lindsay strike a vehicle. Even more important, Sarah claims the hookah manager never left his staircase and was nowhere near Lindsay's Porsche.

Sarah explains in the video how the manager then concocted a story that he and his car were struck, promising, "[Lindsay] is definitely going to pay."


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Well, DUIna outdid herself once again. She filed a massive life insurance claim on Linds. Three doctors (one competent) actually declared her dead. She came to in the morgue, guzzled all the formaldehyde, smashed all the Pyrex and staggered outside, stole the hearse and crashed into the Collusco Lesbico Italian lesbian bar on Melrose Ave. No life insurance payout. Now DUIna’s suing the doctors. Tra la la la la. Another day in Lindsayland.

953 days ago


I suppose she really met all these people too.

953 days ago


Linds used to throw piles of cash out the window of her stretch-Escalade at the little people when she was gacked on coke - just so she could feel better about herself, Now she leans IN car windows in back alleys to MAKE cash. DUIna must be so proud.

953 days ago


So I quess I am the target for this week !!! Well Hell , game on folks...!...
You can rant ,you can rave, you can mock, you can scream yourself stupid if you could get any stupidier from the top of the tallest building in LA but it ain't going to stop me from posting and having my say....

You don't like the way I talk or write or look or hell smell fine...don't talk or read or look or smell me !....

the only thing you are doing is making a bigger ass then ever out of your selves and quess what sugar I don't kiss Ass's not yours not Lindsay Lohans and not anybody on this green earth...and certainly not a piss ass troll that you are...I have squashed a dam lot bigger mocking *******s then you will ever grow into..

Bye the way son when you attempt to mock a hillbilly for god sake get it right cause otherwise you come across like a stupid white faced actor trying to speak like a black southern man...and if you think I am unset you havn't seen anything till you mess with a southern black man...and you just insulted them up the hill and back...

So Piss off I won't play your game....and I will not be driven off by the likes of you..........

953 days ago


I wonder if Lohan, Inc. keep these delusional 'fans' on speed dial or on a rolodex in case they need 'witnesses'? I wouldn't doubt it.

953 days ago


stalker sarah?! you guys should try looking for her flickr she has like a thousand pics with celebs

953 days ago


Is Sarah the same girl who can be seen taking a picture with Oprah at 00:05 of the "Oprah Bobbi Kristina Chat Was Great... And Here's Breakup Advice!" video?

953 days ago


I wonder if "Sarah?NICOLE'S" checking account is suddenly as swollen as Linds' lips?

953 days ago


Wonder what explaination her parents gave to to cops as to why their 16 year old daughter was out after midnight in the questionalbe part of town with a group of questionable men......or is she one of emancipated girls..otherwise known as runaway street girls.....

953 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Izzy has nothing to say. He just comes on here to whine whine whine and pick on women. How sad and pitiful.

953 days ago


TMZ you need to educate yourself...your eye witness is Stalker Sarah.

953 days ago


ahhhhh ok lindsay didnt do it.because some star struck 16 year old said paid

953 days ago


dreamon:  4 hours ago
Somewhere Shawn Holley is busy browsing the new Carrier catalog. Lohan is the gift that keeps on giving.

Only a Lohan would think that teenager in an alley on a school night could be a credible witness.

And not just any teen, but one who has about 200 pages on her flicker acct of her with every celeb she stalks....EXCEPT FOR Lindsay on Tuesday night, LOL.

953 days ago


"@entylawyer: What momager has taken over the Twitter accounts of her famous offspring to slam anyone who says anything negative about her meal tickets?"

953 days ago

Blood Red Witch    

Have y'all seen the links the posters on d-listed are putting up? They are ON Stalker Sarah. Seems she is pretty well known for being a nut job.

953 days ago
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