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Lindsay Lohan

LAPD Wants to Chat

Over Alleged Hit-and-Run

3/15/2012 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1020-lindsay-lohan-getty-scratch-ex-creditLindsay Lohan's not in the clear yet after allegedly bumping a hookah lounge manager with her Porsche this week -- because TMZ has learned, the LAPD wants to chat with her about the incident.

Law enforcement sources tell us, they want to talk to Lindsay to get her side of the story -- and decide once and for all if a criminal investigation is worth pursuing.

There are conflicting stories all over the place -- multiple eyewitnesses claim Lindsay bumped the manager of a nearby hookah lounge on her way out of The Sayers Club in Hollywood early Wednesday morning. Another eyewitness insists ... no contact occurred whatsoever

So now, police want to go right to the source -- and speak directly with Lindsay to make sense of it all.


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Has'nt this skank already made these fools at the LAPD and now they want to question her so she can lie and make bigger idiots of our court system....LAPD is so busy kissing this bitches ass that whats real is getting away from them....FOOLS!

896 days ago

Barbara she will tell the truth...what a joke.

896 days ago


Hey, Sgt. Desk Duty..... make sure after you read this you tell your Captain how everyone is laughing at how pathetically a skank like Linds can walk all over you. LAPD can only not frame her at get it over with, they can't even legitimately hold her accountable for her continuous misdemeanors and felonies. You're straight-up WEAK, LAPD.... the laughing stock of a nation.

896 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

She should be put in jail just for changing her hair to that idiot orange color.

896 days ago


Looking ahead from March 29 she has no more free media attention courtesy of the LA Court system...she has had three years of all the free press she needed out of them...anytime she needed a little face time she fu*ck just enough to get the system rolling again and her face back in the news...after all that free press is more free carpet walks even if they are concrete...No more media coverage as she sass shays in and out of the court more police escorts into a building and Papz waiting for her outside her Parole office...
Hell thats like asking her to quick drugs cold turkey.....
She'll never be able to do it...You can count on that...

896 days ago


at least he's shut up for now.

896 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Lots of surveillance cameras in odd places in LA. I'll bet Shawn's palms are itching and the bail bonds guy is getting ready to money mo money.....

896 days ago


Before I left you this morning, I reminded you guys not to forget that Lindsay was also involved in a hit n run on Monday night. The damnage to her car was from monday night. Could be there bring her in for that one. TMZ screws everything up. TMZ knows sh!t!

896 days ago


OK. Eighteen months (3-4 actual) County jail - no house arrest, 3 more years formal probation - face-to-face reporting once a week. Twice-weekly drug testing. Weekly psychiatric counseling. 180-day inpatient substance treatment - no visitors or phone calls (mail only), no cell phone or Internet. Designer SCRAM for 3 years. No travel out of Los Angeles without written permission from the JUGDE - IN ADVANCE. Surrender passport. AA meetings - 5 per week. NA meetings - 5 per week. CA meetings - 5 per week. GA meetings - 5 per week. Previously community service continued - Five 8-hr days per week. Any missed or late days will result in an additional 5 days. All civil litigation must be adjudicated and all legal fees must be paid in full before probation is completed. Failure to settle ALL lawsuits on time will result in an additional 3 years of aforementioned conditions. Defendant to cover ALL associated costs of probation conditions - to include probation visits, psychologists, drug testing, SCRAM anklet, substance treatment costs, and a $50,000.00 fine. Any violation of these terms shall result in the probation - and all it’s conditions - to be revoked and begin again.

If the D.A. and city Attorney offers this, I think Linds should jump on it. Seems like a fair bargain. Your thoughts, NICOLE?

896 days ago


What you forgot to mention TMZ, the police went to the scene, no injury to any person or damage to any car was reported, the police have a record of that. You also forgot to mention named police officers said this was not a case of hit and run.

I also want to know why this guy hasn't been named, this guy can name Lindsay and say what lies he wants to put out there but why are we not told his name?

896 days ago


Black Cloud, your Black Jinx you set upon Lindsay Lohan is going to send her back to jail. Way to go! Bravo, so proud of you

896 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

So has the LAPD begun preparing the "Princess Suite" for their very favorite frequent flyer?

896 days ago


BTW 9Xs out of 10 when the po po ask you to came on down, its their way of getting you, so the can arrest you on the spot. Another mugshot for Dina Lohans mantel

896 days ago


she was so close to getting that role in "UNTITLED"..
the unknow producer, had a meeting with the facelist Director,and nameless casting director...and decided to go a different route..
If the truth was none, it was because of this blatin attempt to run over a manager of the hooker bar that she is bared from

896 days ago

Proud Veteran    


Can I buy some of whatever your on?

896 days ago
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