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'Luck' Director

Blames TMZ for Killing Show

3/15/2012 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Director Michael Mann straight up LIED to the cast and crew of "Luck" yesterday ... insisting the reason the show got cancelled is because TMZ "unfairly spun" the story about a THIRD horse dying on set. 

Sorry Michael ... no spin here.  

Mann and producer David Milch addressed the staff right after HBO pulled the plug on the show yesterday ... and explained, "If you take a look at the media coverage that has been spun unfairly. If you saw the media coverage ... It's TMZ and everybody else."

Let's take a look at the facts ...

-- THREE horses died on their watch. No spin.
-- Horse #3 was euthanized on the set ... and production continued a few hours later
-- Publicist Karen Jones initially LIED to TMZ about the story ... in an effort to stall us from publishing.

Bottom line -- if the horses were alive, the show MIGHT still be on the air.


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ok this 3rd horse was severely injured after it bucked and fell on its back. it needed to be euthanized and unfortunately theres nothing the staff or anyone else could have done. sadly its just a danger when working with live animals

916 days ago


They blame TMZ? Not the three dead horses from their set?

916 days ago


Great now hundreds of people are out of a job.. Way to go tmz.. If you were so concerned about dying horses you would be going after the real horse racing industry, not a t.v. production...

916 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

Firstly, I respect much of the great work from Mr. Mann.
I believe in a particular film-genre, he is grossly over-looked.
Of course, Mr. Hoffman's stellar body-of-work, speaks for itself.

Secondly, our once-greatly blessed nation, will be a better place without the Corporate/Media monster, that is, TimeWarner.

Finally, I personally do not know of a more open, nor more honest web-site, than TMZ. Unquestionably, at times amusing, offensive, and yes, tawdry. Still, in-terms of
accuracy and truth, as close as -sometimes better- than many
self-aggrandizing "Hard-News" sources.
Mr. Levin and company? Quite possibly, the last TRUE bastion
of The First Amendment.

Daniel Twelve;1 is HERE,Zechariah Twelve;8 is NOW,
St. Mark Twelve;36 is NOW, Psalm2;012 is NOW:
The Most Blessed Christ King YESHUA reigns!
ALL, for The Greater Glory of THE True and Living YAHWEH!

916 days ago


YAY !!!! how about "killing" THE APPRENTICE?..........all TMZers.....tweet Trump 9pm on sunday if you object to the Trump boys 'manly', just because they could slayings

916 days ago


Congratulations, TMZ has become a self-serving branch of PETA.

916 days ago


from what I hear, ratings were really bad, so I doubt the show would have survived, horses or not

916 days ago


Horses die at the tracks every day...this show is about that sport...what's the problem?

916 days ago


not everyone who believes in protecting animals are a member of PETA. PETA embarrasses true animal lovers. They euthanize more animals a year than any other animal shelter. That being said... animals need to be protected. People who abuse animals are statistically 10x more likely to commit a violent crime against a human. One man who beat his dog nearly to death ended up in jail for punching his 2yr old in the face. domesticated animals can not fend for themselves. They shouldn't have to suffer or get killed for something as meaningless as a tv series that was tanking in ratings anyway. I'm no PETA girl. I hate PETA as they've set back animal rights... I'm for hunting and culling herds like dear or to lower the wolf population in my area as they are killing cattle and attacking family pets... I eat meat... but I'm still for humane treatment of animals, and the protection of endangered or close to being endangered species.

916 days ago


It's just a television show, so lovely horses should not have to die for pretend stories. Entertainment industry get over yourselves there are more important beings in life that shouldn't have to die for your storytelling.

916 days ago


I blame Bill Maher. He is the sick twisted pervert that was doing unimaginable things to those poor horses.

916 days ago

Walter WalkerIII    

Yes TMZ ur fault, just like u ruined the service men who pissed on some ****ty dead terrorist...

916 days ago


YAY TMZ. Thank you for saving the lives of the remaining horses!!

916 days ago


THANK YOU for telling the truth and exposing what really was going on. Shame on all involved who let this continue without changes made in filming and production after even the first horse died.

916 days ago


Trying to take attention away from killing horses, to blame TMZ nice try, but we all see who the real a-holes are! the show should have been cancelled after the first death!The nerve of some people!! RIP

916 days ago
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