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'Luck' Director

Blames TMZ for Killing Show

3/15/2012 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Director Michael Mann straight up LIED to the cast and crew of "Luck" yesterday ... insisting the reason the show got cancelled is because TMZ "unfairly spun" the story about a THIRD horse dying on set. 

Sorry Michael ... no spin here.  

Mann and producer David Milch addressed the staff right after HBO pulled the plug on the show yesterday ... and explained, "If you take a look at the media coverage that has been spun unfairly. If you saw the media coverage ... It's TMZ and everybody else."

Let's take a look at the facts ...

-- THREE horses died on their watch. No spin.
-- Horse #3 was euthanized on the set ... and production continued a few hours later
-- Publicist Karen Jones initially LIED to TMZ about the story ... in an effort to stall us from publishing.

Bottom line -- if the horses were alive, the show MIGHT still be on the air.


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LOL!! Tmz you ALWAYS put your own spin on every story! Tmz is just a trashy tabloid who doesn't care who they hurt or make fun of as long as they keep making that dirty money!

888 days ago


The heavy dialogue is what killed those horses. So much jargon their brains couldn't take it.

888 days ago


I can't speak for the producers of Luck...
I can't speak for the writers if Luck...
I can't speak for the trainers of Luck...
I can't speak for the jockeys of Luck...
I can't speak for the caterer of Luck...
I can’t speak for the extras of Luck...

But I can speak for the horses down here in the barn of Luck... and they all tell me this gig has been a frigen equestrian Fallujah from the gitgo!

888 days ago

Megan Peri    

But yet you think its A O.K. when Donald Trump's son cuts up an elephant's tale and holds it up like a trophy. We live one hypocritical world dont we. Both are sick and twisted!

888 days ago


if you like Luck then "LIKE" this page

888 days ago


I loved the show. It liked watching the character development over the weeks and how the characters began to fall in love with the horses. I wish instead of cancelling the show, they would have used videos of real races and workouts instead of using the "actor" horses. I believe they did the best they could and had animal welfare people there all the time, but unfortunately, thoroughbred race horses are not the sturdiest of animals. I hope HBO will think about this again and continue with a different method.

888 days ago


now maybe david milch can get around to finishing up the 2 deadwood movies for hbo for all the deadwood fans he left in the lerch

888 days ago


now the horses can be turned into glue. the ones that had a job are going to now all be euthanized. the question is what did you really save. the media controls everything. now they can hide what really goes on at horse race tracks for real. they want a story they could care less who eats these horses. americans idiots. go outside right now, there are people starving. yet we can afford to have stores called petco to buy our dogs toys and vitamins. distraction so you dont pay attention to anything bad going on. sheep. bahhhh bahhh bahhh bahhh. leading us all to the edge of the cliff one step at a time. no time for punctuation before i get some genius comment.

888 days ago


TMZ you were doing your job!!!

I´m glad it got cancel

888 days ago


you know people who have never been around horses shouldnt even give an opinion I have been in the show ring the racetrack and all in between yes it is sad to lose a horse. I have lost my share one got casted in its stall and aspirated into his lungs oh and people he was a race horse. now is that an act of neglect or an accident. Ya'll need to define ACCIDENT omg

888 days ago


TMZ get a life! Thanks for ruining a great show.

888 days ago

Franco Betrucci    

LUCK was a great show with a great cast, I love animals and horses especially but unless there was negligence I dont see why they would shut down the show ? As far as TMZ a BUNCH of MORONS!! another National Enquire copy cat ! I wish they'd give me a show to critique and call out ALL these stupid shows and rediculious reality shows NOW that would get ratings !!!

888 days ago


TMZ what a joke. Facts: Horses die from accidents. Horses are expensive to feed, tack, and sustain vet bills. Horses are abandoned, starved and put down across the country. These were 50 horses that "found work" to keep them fed and alive for another 2-3 years, and why were 50 horses "available" to the production? Because they had no purpose they were being used for otherwise, they're on the block. Way to go liberal nut jobs. I'm an animal lover, too, but I check the radical and irrational at the door. Get a reality check. Instead of 47 horses remaining with a life, care and purpose for the next 2-3 years, and yes, subject to the risks of ... being a horsie, we now have 47 more horsies that are bound for glue, tacos, and dirt naps. Good job. Bravo.

Quote: The man who trained the third horse that died on the set of HBO's "Luck" is telling friends ... NO ONE is to blame for the fatality ... insisting the animals received exceptional care, but sometimes "s**t happens."

Sources close to Matthew Chew -- who trained and owned horse #3 -- tell us the people who looked after the horses are some of the best in the business ... who thoroughly examined the animals at least twice a day during production.

Chew has told friends ... the horse was simply playing around when it "misstepped" and fell down Tuesday morning ... suffering a head injury that required it to be euthanized on the set.

We're told Chew believes the incident was a freak accident ... telling one person, "We were just horribly unlucky ... sometimes s**t happens."

888 days ago

Kurt Cobain    

Believe what you will. You'll never comprehend the way the cast and crew of luck feel. Were you there? no.

887 days ago

Joe Luck    

TMZ you feel like you hold no responsibility for the show luck getting canceled. ur facts are not all there. the 3rd horse died in the stables at santa anita not on set. the crew was in the parking lot having breakfast and rigging camera cars when it happened. NO ONE FROM THE LUCK FILM CREW was near or around that horse. It was also not one of our main filming horses, it was a horse on lend to us from different stables just for that days work. The horses on that show were treated better than any cast or crew member. Every member on that show knows that the horses are the heart of the show. Please stop picking on the show and let us go out quietly. Also if you have friends at PETA tell them they are *******s. If they care all that much why don't they work with the Humane society to co-govern how animals are used in films/tv. Lastly there were 4 Humane society reps on set with us every time we had a horse. In stead of speculating why don't you go find their logs and publish some facts. Thank you for killing my job and the jobs of over 200 people. Keep up the good honest work, I'll pray for your souls.

887 days ago
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