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Bobbi Kristina Chat Was GREAT

... and Here's Breakup Advice!

3/15/2012 6:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF



It was AWESOME ... her Royal O-ness was leaving Drai's at The W Hotel in L.A. ... surrounded by paps ... when our guy Kris took charge and asked about a controversial topic -- her interview with Whitney Houston's daughter.

Oprah came under fire for letting the Houston family off the hook ... especially when Whitney's sister-in-law suggested the singer was murdered.

But O told us, "I think it went really well ... I think people really responded and I think the whole country now got to see how [Bobbi Kristina] feels and what shes going through."

Oprah says she was SHOCKED people criticized the interview ... but explains why she won't let it bother her.

Also ... we asked Oprah about the best way to dump a significant other ... and she had a GREAT answer.

All hail O.


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Next she will be interviewing TMZ favorites the Krapdashians and sucking them off....she is a user...for ratings only...besides...she is the one for making horrible phony dr Phil famous..wasn't he her weight doctor?...he did a really good job on that didnt he?

898 days ago


Good job TMZ! All those reporters around, and you nailed it! p.s. Text is the worst way to break up IMO.

897 days ago

Dita Wildflower    

YOU guys had Oprah's undivided attention and you asked her....breaking up with someone over text, phone or e- mail? Huge fail on the part of your camera man. And informing Oprah that she is receiving bad reception from people over the interview, without clarifying exactly what the public is upset about makes it seem that people are upset with her for speaking to Bobbi Kristina at all. It's misrepresenting the American people on a huge level because no one is upset with her. This is why she felt the need to clarify to YOU that she did it with the best intentions. Just a huge fail all the way around. You had a small crowd and Oprah all quieting down to hear your question and that's the best you could do? He choked on a huge opportunity!

897 days ago


Dumb fat ass Oprah is clueless that she is exploiting the daughter of former druggie Whiteny Huston

897 days ago


I too think Oprah is a racist. She is always selling black people. She is the biggest suck up. Watching her when she had performers on her show made me sick, sitting in the crowd with the camera on her as if she was performing, not them. She does anything for ratings, just like Dr.(???) Pill. What a twosome. Time for her to go away. The Whitney thing took the cake. Sleazy. I did not nor will I watch anything she does. Ego is over the top.

897 days ago

brenda bray    

It's sad the way Ms. Houston passed. Like Mother like daughter. Acorn don't fall 2 far from tree. I'm furious that the Butt Kissing O has a Million Dollar job for pooorrr Bobbi Christina Houston. Oprah I don't think she needs the money ( Why not donate to food banks and help homeless). Bobbi Chritina has already shown us what type of person she is. (smokes/drugs/goes out with brother) You are really setting a great example. With all the money you have I've never hear you donating to American food banks and helping our homeless in US.

897 days ago


You guys make Oprah next to The Almighty. SHE IS NOT! What she does, she does for OPRAH. She needed ratings for her lame station. It was too soon for the family to speak, especially Bobbi Kristina. That child is not on solid ground emotionally. The only thing on OWN that I watch is Sweetie Pie's. The rest is garbage!

897 days ago


TMZ"'ALL HAIL O. " well that did it.

897 days ago

annie stu    

hail o, i don,t think so,not everyone watched this big lie,you interview a bunch of prople who watched her drink and drug to keep their pay checks,now you will go with lady ga ga,she drinks everyday,she says so,her parents and family turn their heads,i,m sorry you missed elvis,judy garland,hendrix,janis,amy,all of these people,who had their great caring,posse turn their heads foe a paycheck,you need to retire,and keep making love sandwiches for steadman,you have changed,you are not the o i know who tells and gets the truth,and take gail with you

897 days ago


I'd like to see Oprah having more focus on nature, such as gardening for food and wildlife. She's at a place in her life where that makes sense and the country it is at a moment where it needs a higher focus. She could be doing so much more if she left the celebrity related topics to others.

897 days ago


That is the same girl that is the eyewitness to Lindsay Lohan hit and run at the start of the video taking a picture with Oprah

897 days ago


lol look at all the hate filled nobodies in the comment section on this site

897 days ago


The camera guy did a great job with his questions! Considering she was already in her car and about to leave, that was an awesome interview.

897 days ago


I think Oprah is one brick short of a load if she thinks we still buy into her nonsense. I thought she was going away. Why is she still around? There should e a law.....!

896 days ago


Who said Bobbi C wasn't getting it on with this young man for years? No one even noticed her before her mom passed away. All of a sudden people want to make sure she's ok. How could she have ever been ok? She had 2 crack heads to take care of. HELLO!!

896 days ago
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