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I Reached Out to Chris Brown

... 'Cause He's HOT

3/15/2012 9:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Screw the brutal, face-smashing beating in 2009 ... Chris Brown is the HOTTEST R&B artist out right now -- which is why Rihanna says she reached out to CB to collaborate on two new songs.

Rihanna called Ryan Seacrest this morning on KIIS FM, explaining her choice to record two duets with the man who brutalized her three years ago -- "I reached out to him about doing ‘Birthday Cake’ because that’s the only person that really -- it made sense to do the record. Just as a musician -- despite everything else -- that was going to be the person."

She said, "I thought about rappers, and I’ve done that so many times, and the hottest R&B artist out right now is Chris Brown. So I wanted him on the track."

It's not personal ... it's business ... right? 


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She needs serious therapy. She has this image of him in her head which has nothing to do with reality. She cannot reconcile how she felt/feels about him with the real person he is. Someone, anyone, around her better straighten her out.

931 days ago

Throwback kid    

Chris Brown has jacked up buck teeth, he has no manners, no class and no education. He dresses like a 14 year old and he can't stop using the N word and slurs for gays.Oh tea, he also is a woman beater

931 days ago


It happened once, shame on him....the next time it happens, shame on her! I'm not going to feel bad for her next time. Plus, How the hell is Chris Brown the "hottest R7B star" right now? Last time I checked, he was the most hated and his career was spinning down the toilet.

931 days ago


She so stupid, after he bet the headlighst out of here, she returning asking for more, and she acts like its a "professional" thing. Dont come back crying after he beats your @ss again!

931 days ago


She's going to lose a lot of her current fan base. Her fans stood by her side through her ordeal with this woman beater and now she's just snubbing her nose at everything they did for her (like buy her music). Oh well, if she wants to flush her my guest!

931 days ago


She just misses that third arm....

931 days ago


You see ladies, getting slapped once in a while is a good thing for you, love hurts so don't be turned off by it. Take it from black women, lol.

931 days ago


That Bitch Cray

931 days ago


I've known for a long time now that she is a moron. This just adds more proof!

931 days ago


I wish they would get back together--they deserve each other. He and his ego could be with someone who thinks he's great, and he would have a punching bag at his disposal. Perfect.

931 days ago


What a dumb ass.

931 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Let's face it. She wants her face to meet the fists of fury - again. Specifically, Chris Brown's Burger King looking fists. Maybe Chris Brown needs to hold two rolls of quarters so she can feel the fists to her face this time.

931 days ago


Maybe she should give Tina Turner a call. Tina can school her on how these men don't change. He is no a man that understands boundaries. That is evidenced by the mere fact that he still feels it's ok to do whatever he wants, wherever he wants. Wonder what's going on with this latest cell phone fiasco?

931 days ago


I'm confused. Didn't she accuse him of hitting her?! No amount of money can buy common sense.

931 days ago


I really wish that he would PUNCH here again!!
Probably then she would listen...Wonder why she is so attached to CB, is it because of his big D.........

931 days ago
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