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I Reached Out to Chris Brown

... 'Cause He's HOT

3/15/2012 9:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Screw the brutal, face-smashing beating in 2009 ... Chris Brown is the HOTTEST R&B artist out right now -- which is why Rihanna says she reached out to CB to collaborate on two new songs.

Rihanna called Ryan Seacrest this morning on KIIS FM, explaining her choice to record two duets with the man who brutalized her three years ago -- "I reached out to him about doing ‘Birthday Cake’ because that’s the only person that really -- it made sense to do the record. Just as a musician -- despite everything else -- that was going to be the person."

She said, "I thought about rappers, and I’ve done that so many times, and the hottest R&B artist out right now is Chris Brown. So I wanted him on the track."

It's not personal ... it's business ... right? 


No Avatar


WTG you two deserve eachother, idiots attract.

897 days ago


hoeing herself for money

897 days ago

Danay Helmet Boy     

You know what's MORE hot Rihanna - Danay in Helmet Boy. Search Danay Helmet Boy on youtube to see the HOTTEST CHICK around!!!

897 days ago


They made a song together...they aren't at the alter getting married. Quit judging the way she lives her life. They aren't back together they just made a song. That doesn't make her stupid.

897 days ago


followed by the smash hit "birthday beating"?

897 days ago


Along with the mega millions in the entertainment industry, comes an obligation to be a role model to the millions of young girls who buy her music, but this cow is a major fail by even interacting with him at all. It implies that it is okay to let men beat you violently and then just get over it. Rihanna is just a stupid money-hore.

897 days ago


Rihanna has a terrible father, and I think that's why she doesn't understand that women are never supposed to be beaten.

897 days ago


its a sad day for R&B when your hottest artist is unable to sing without an auto tune.

897 days ago


She made a GREAT decision! Chris is the BEST in his genre and so is Rihanna in hers. Both of them need to move forward with THEIR lives and ignore the hate from the media. Stop living your lives vicariously through these entertainers and focus on your OWN. Chris Brown's one mistake when he was 19 will not define his future or who he is. Rihanna stood up for what she believed in, and as a result we got two great songs! Go Riri & Chris!! These 2 young people showed how mature they can be for their fans, unlike 40 and 50 year olds who are still stuck on the past, but preaching to children to forgive. GROW UP!

897 days ago


LOL I've never heard her speak properly. [ that’s the only person that really -- it made sense to do the record. Just as a musician -- despite everything else -- that was going to be the person." ] Besides educating yourself on respect, learn some English too.

897 days ago


She is a complete idiot with no respect for herself or her fans who supported her.. She rather get attention and get money than have any self respect, morals or values.. unbelievable that people actually like her untalented ass, with her fake persona, and constant disrespect she has for her fans and herself.. all a bunch of idiots

897 days ago


No one ever looked better with two black eyes and a cut lip.

897 days ago


Maybe he can beat her like the hoe she is. Don't you see it? He's her PIMP. They stay loyal no matter what!

897 days ago


Her statement is mind boggling to say least. It is a slap in the face to all victims of domestic violence.

897 days ago


Are they rerecording "smack my bitch up?"

897 days ago
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