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'Idol' Contestant

Bad Kidneys

Won't Keep Me Off Show

3/16/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" contestant Phillip Phillips' bum kidney will NOT end his run on the show -- TMZ has learned, he's still determined to compete ... even after undergoing an extremely painful medical procedure.

TMZ broke the story, Phillip -- who has a long kidney stone history -- was rushed to a medical facility last week, complaining of some nasty abdominal pain.

According to sources, Phillip underwent a procedure to install a ‘stent’ in his kidney -- a kind of medical tube thing -- to help alleviate a blockage caused by kidney stones.
Here’s the catch -- stents are super painful ... the kind of pain that makes it hard to compete on a nationally-televised singing competition.
But Phillip's dad tells us, his kid wants to stay in the competition as long as possible -- despite the excruciating pain caused by the stent ... and won’t have it removed 'til his "Idol" run is done.

Kid really does have some serious stones.


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First of all a kidney stone, does not mean his Kidneys are bad....I've had many a kidney stone, and yes it's paiful, but the kidneys should be fine....why build this up TMZ....your stories are sooo out of touch...GET THE HELL WITH IT>.....Real Kidney problems are when a person has to go on a Dialysis machine....that's truly when your kidneys are failing.....NOT WHEN YOU HAVE A KIDNEY STONE.....RIDICULOUS.....YOU PEOPLE REPORT ON THE MOST RIDICULOUS, REALLY STUPID STORIES.......UGH............................

890 days ago

Pudding Tang    

what will the united states ever do without Arabian Idol

890 days ago


I can relate all too well. A little over a year ago I spent a week in the hospital because of a kidney stone. It was blocking output from my right kidney which was causing me to spike a fever of 103 and had them calling the Dr in at 11PM at the hospital to put a stent in before it caused sepsis. They couldn't get the stent in so they put in a nephrostomy tube instead which is a tube going through your back into the kidney to drain it's contents.
They got the stent in about 1 week later and I had it in for a grand total of THREE MONTHS! It was hell and I think I'd just rather take my chances with sepsis next time.
It was my 3rd major kidney stone (the first came at 17 years old) and I'm only 21.

890 days ago


Please Philip read this, it's a caution about your stent.

I was given a stent for kidney stones too, it coiled inside of me and cut my bladder, I lost a lot of blood and had a hemoglobin of 7, half my blood. IF YOU GET ANY PAIN AND BLEED WHILE URINATING, GET CHECKED OUT RIGHT AWAY, DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. I GOT HEART FAILURE BECAUSE I LOST SO MUCH BLOOD, DOCTORS DID NOTHING TO HELP UNTIL THEY SEEN THAT IT WAS THE STENT. Please just listen to your body, this competition is not as important as your health, pay attention to your body, any amount of blood needs to be seen. That was a scary time for me and I was only 27, it was 7 years ago.

890 days ago


What kind of loser watches this pathetic Karaoke show??? And who cares about some retarded contestant???

890 days ago


I had a stent in for 3 weeks after kidney stone surgery. No pain whatsoever from the stent. They even just pull it out with no pain / sedatives necessary because IT DOESN'T HURT. Either he is lying, his family is lying, or AI is lying, or they all are.

890 days ago



890 days ago


ive had a stent twice and tmz u are wrong they are not super painful i was working while i had them and i had mine in for 5 weeks. do some research please before you write this

890 days ago


Glad he is ok, I was hoping to see Dave Matthews on the road this year.

890 days ago


I think someone better have his GU system checked out because if he is in such pain from a stent chances are there is a problem with the stent. They don't hurt.

890 days ago


also, doesn't it seem that half of the Idol contestants have some kind of sob story spin? wah wah

890 days ago


Give the guy a break! He isn't the one complaining, or posting his medical business all over the place. In fact, he looks really uncomfortable when Ryan brings it up. The guy is talented and there is no indication he wants to be judged on anything other than his talent. The media is making this an issue, not Phillip.

890 days ago

dater date    

"his kid wants to stay in the competition as long as possible" Jesse jacobz of this is the type of determination we need in this nation. l hope that this kid at least go far in life not only the game. Such a serious approach to life is lacking in our baby boomers generation. l admire the kids of these days No wonder that kids are billoinares in their 20s.

890 days ago


I worked in Urology for years and stents CAN be very painful. I've encountered 100's of pts who testify to that and just because some didn't have the same level of pain does not take away from the pain many people have suffered with reoccurring stones and stent placement. The "medical experts" here are laughable.

890 days ago


They all have a sob story. Who gives a crap. This guy has talent coming out of his a$$! He's awesome! Joe ****er meets Dave Matthews with a pretty face!

890 days ago
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