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George Clooney

Bails Out for Cheap

3/16/2012 12:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

George Clooney
just bailed out of jail after being arrested for crossing a police line this morning in Washington D.C.

His bond -- about as cheap as it gets -- $100. 

Clooney and others were protesting in front of the Sudanese Embassy, voicing dismay over the killing of innocent men, women, and children. Clooney was arrested by U.S. Secret Service after he refused to move away from the protected area around the Embassy.

In all ... 15 men were arrested, including George's dad Nick as well as a congressman, and 2 women.

Moments after he was released, George was asked about his ultra-short stint behind bars -- and he joked, "Really rough you can imagine ... Have you ever been in a cell with these guys?"


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After everything Clooney said TMZ only quotes:

"Moments after he was released, George was asked about his ultra-short stint behind bars -- and he joked, "Really rough you can imagine ... Have you ever been in a cell with these guys?"

TMZ must know that a majority of it's readers have no interest in the mass extermination of people especially if they live in another country. It's sad to see.

917 days ago


You go George...You have your head and heart in the right place. Too bad there isn't more of your kind out there.

917 days ago


George did this to shine a light on what is going on. It isn't about being arrested he knew he would be and his father is as passionate about the cause. Pity his blonde bimbo Stacy is out of the country making money for herself. This does show how much she cares about George and his causes. No reason she couldn't have done the business trip some other time. But then only real girlfriends support their boyfriends. If George didn't date such dumb and shallow women maybe people would take his causes more seriously. But you date an ex wrestler who can't talk about anything but cleanses and how hot she is and you will be laughed at. Next week they will both show up in Cabo! And that George is why people can't take what you do as really meaning anything. How about dating a girl you aren't ashamed off and who can do more then stand there and look pretty? Something Stacy failed to do anyway.

917 days ago


I wish these stars would spend half as much time and energy helping out victims in the USA (tornadoes, floods etc.) We should help others but help our own as well.

917 days ago


To address some of the uninformed comments herein:

(1) he was arrested in front of the Sudanese Embassy, and was not demonstrating to get the US involved in a war, but to shame the Sudanese Embassy into admitting the humanitarian workers so they can bring food and other forms of relief to the citizenry;

(2) he was not asking Americans to donate money -- food and supplies have been gathered -- he was trying to pressure the Sudanese government to allow the relief workers into the country who are already over there waiting to get in with the supplies that have already been paid for;

(3) he does not live in Italy to avoid taxes b/c I believe one must spend 10 or 11 months out of the US to avoid taxes -- not sure of the exact requirement. But I bet he spends much more than that in the US, so I doubt it's a tax strategy. More likely he just likes the peace and quiet of Europe and the beauty of that part of the land. Johnny Carson said he used to like to spend time in France b/c he could walk around in France with more anonymity and enjoy himself. Many celebrities have homes in Europe as well as here.

(4) As for Stacy, she is a very talented dancer, not just a wrestler. She may well have a good modeling and acting career ahead of her. I don't begrudge her the fame she has. As for her not accompanying George to the protest, she may very well have had a signed business contract to model in Barcelona that could have resulted in a lawsuit if she cancelled. It most probably was signed well in advance. One does not just cancel those kinds of commitments without legal consequences. It doesn't mean she's not a good girlfriend. It means she has her own career and meets her business obligations. Only a codependent dimwit would blow off a business commitment to accompany her boyfriend somewhere (unless he had a medical or other dire emergency).

917 days ago


Whatever...People get arrested daily for protesting against different things. If George didn't mind about his arrest, then shut the hell up.

917 days ago


The media loves to hype pure b.s. She looks to be grabbing a pack of smokes from his hand as they are walking. Funny how the film then suddenly cuts to her smoking a cigarette. They are not holding hands, she wants to feed her nicotine fix

917 days ago


I bet the bail for the non-celebrities that were arrested was more the Clooney's. The non-celebrities probably had to split the bill for George's bail. They need to make bail for celebrities more not less.

917 days ago
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