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Jason Russell


Caught on Tape

3/17/2012 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jason Russell Video: The Naked Meltdown
TMZ has footage of "Kony 2012" honcho Jason Russell in the midst of his naked meltdown in San Diego ... pounding his fists in anger and screaming maniacally. [UPDATE: TMZ has obtained a close-up video from Russell's meltdown. CLICK HERE to see.]

As we previously reported, Russell was detained by police yesterday ... after witnesses say he was running around naked and making sexual gestures.

Russell was held on a 5150 psychiatric hold ... so authorities can decide if he poses a danger to himself or others.

A rep for Invisible Children says Russell was suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition as a result of a strenuous PR campaign.


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When it's a "celebrity" it's exhaustion. When it's a regular person they are either nuts or high. Interesting.

920 days ago


Jason Russel wasnt going crazy he was raising awareness about the invisible children by dropping a few off on the side walk.

920 days ago


make him an eunuch and send him to Arabia,he will enjoy it taking care of king`s harem. What an IMBECILE AND SCHMUCK! He has everything. It comes to puke when I see him

920 days ago


This turns me on. Zoom in!!!

920 days ago


He's acting like a monkey.

920 days ago

Steve Larkus    

A letter from Jason Russell, co-founder of the KONY 2012:
Dear Kony 2012 Supporters,
Thank you for your swift contributions and support. After church on Thursday, I called my good friend Pastor Ted Haggard to celebrate. With your donations we ordered the best methamphetamine money could buy. You may have seen the video of my KONY rain dance in San Diego which left me dehydrated and malnourished. In light of the negative media, please be reassured that Ted will have me born again whenever I get released from my padded cell in the psychiatric ward. Please keep your contributions coming so Ted and I can continue our campaign on the LRA.

920 days ago


i gotta say i am so mad by the fraud this guy has done, i think it will have such a negative impact on real humanitarian crisis, trying to raise money for real charity and will further destroy any credibility america has left. i've been listening to this losers original speeches and interviews, and when you really listen you can really see how every word was planned and totally duplicitous - here are a few examples - when asked when he made this film, he said he finished it 4 days ago - didn't mention how old the interviews were. when asked how big kony's army is in uganda, he said the are about 200 children in armies in central africa "maybe 5 in one place, 10 in another"- uganda is in east africa, so these kids aren't with kony, it's a general stat he threw out, when asked about only 30% of donations, he said that was posted from a teenager in canada, and then went into to this round about expl. about how having 97% of donations going to the ppl. was the old model of charity and he is using the new model - complete double talk, in one speech he even said "we treat IC as a charity", every thing from day 1 was double talk, avoiding specific details, sweeping generalzations - it's really disgusting and kept pushing that 200 day target, so ppl would react emotionally and send money, they must have been planning this for a long time, he had every statement and answer down pat - and i am sure the reason he flipped out was stress of trying to pull off this scam, i just hope this stops kony 2012 forever!

920 days ago

Surely genius. He got everyone to notice about his.cause.. What ever it takes he will do. He is not crazy he actually is very smart and he is using social media to make his point. By being naked in the streets. Wake up everyone please we all have voice. Open your eyes he is showing you. How to get heard any many ways.

920 days ago


I watch this video like 50 times already. It is too funny.

920 days ago


Seriously TMZ, you should take this video down! You know Jason was not in his right mind and all you're doing is publicly humiliating him over and over. You can and should do better.

920 days ago

con he2012    

all proceeds go to film making his family and coworkers can u see anything thats invisible that was the give away to his supporters i hope u get refunded an invisible check bc if dehydration exhaustion and malnutrition gives u that much energy I'm about to fast right now
PS want to help the african children do not support CON HE 2012/Kony

920 days ago

Richard B.     

He doesn't look 'exhausted, dehydrated, or malnourished' to me! Sounds like some lawyer is talking, excusing this disgusting, perverted behavior. Should have been arrested and charged!

920 days ago

Denis in VT    

Phony Kony!. The Do***entary is a big STRETCH and the money is NOT GOING TO HELP CHILDREN. It's a Hoax. Kony is bad but they have exaggerated the truth and you all have fallen for it. He's breaking up 'cause he lied. WAKE UP@!

920 days ago


lmao to all that donated to kony2012 well spent

920 days ago


He was dehydrated!
From what orifis did he get dehidrated from?
Oh well, like there all like that if they are from like HollyWOOD!!

920 days ago
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