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Singer Jeremih

PELTED with Drinks

For Lip-Syncing at Concert

3/16/2012 2:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

031512_jeremih_v2TOUGH CROWD on spring break this year -- singer Jeremih took the stage for a special performance in Texas Wednesday night ... and when the crowd realized he was lip-syncing, they BOMBARDED him with drinks ... driving him offstage.

It all went down at Clayton's Bar and Grill on South Padre Island -- sources tell TMZ, the crowd was already pissed because Jeremih was two hours late to the show ... and when they discovered he wasn't even singing, they went off the rails.

Jeremih opened his set by "singing" his song "Down on Me" -- he barely got started before the crowd drowned him out with boo's ... and someone tossed a bottle.

Jeremih powered on -- but then some jackass throws a full drink at the guy, dousing him in a disgusting spring break cocktail, and J calls it quits ... walking offstage.

All in all, we're told the concert barely lasted a few minutes -- and the bar ain't refunding the $30 tickets. Calls to Jeremih's camp were not returned.


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Hahaha love the comments simply saying "who"? When you put animals together in a crowded room like this, they're going to act like, well...animals. What else does anyone expect?

952 days ago


everyone of these so called pop singer don't sing live. they cannot afford to perform without all of the digital magic that makes them sound ok. even that skank "queen" hodonna can't sing live. Funny i've gone to hundreds of rock/folk/country concerts and NOT ONE was lip synced.

952 days ago


Actually he can sing I have seen his youtube videos before he was a star but they start getting lazy when they become famous. He deserves the drink and so does Brittany Spears.

952 days ago

Sin D    

THATS funny ! What do you think the majority of pop musicians do live ??? Are people finally getting smart on this? "Bout time...y'all been gettn' ripped off far too long !!!

952 days ago


What was he thinking??? that was so obvious. you have the nerve to... 1) show up late and 2) lip synch bad... and you expect drinks to not be thrown at you? these no talent @$$ "singers" they be putting on nowadays is ridiculous. Where is the real talent at?!?! and no refund????? that sh*t right there would of landed me straight in county jail for a night or two, cause I would of went straight to the left!!! He needs to personally refund every person that attended for that wack poor excuse for a performance..

952 days ago

Hey Now    


952 days ago


That's what he gets for being a douche and showing up 2 hours late and then lip-synching. He is lucky the crowd didn't throw something worse at his lame *ss!!!

952 days ago

mike hunt    

I believe that any patron of that bar who attended this "show" is entitled to a refund do to services paid for and not provided. If I had attended this venue for purposes of attending this show, I would sue in small claims for false advertising, fraud and failure to perform. I would name the venue that sold the tickets, the promoter and the artist as defendants. I would include any other costs involved in my evening, such as limo, any other drinks purchased, cab fare, etc. since those costs were directly related to the advertised show and would not have been incurred had the show been cancelled. Alternately, there would have been no issue with paying any of the costs involved had the venue provided what was promised. Since they promised a live concert and instead provided a lip sync show which didn't last even for a song, the patrons have a valid case in which to get their money back for their tickets, and potentially the money they may have spent on expenses related to this evening such as those listed above. You may not win on the other costs, but you should at least get your tickets back.

952 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

WHO? Sheesh, does TMZ cover every bar in the US? There MUST have been a better story than this somewhere.

952 days ago


as for your career dead! ghostbuster!

952 days ago


never heard of the guy. if you expect people to pay good money for your show, you better actually sing instead of stand out there and pretend.
the crowd had a right to be pissed.

952 days ago


most of todays hip hip and rap artists can't sing, they use auto tune and pre record for their live performances, but at least its keeping them out of prison.

952 days ago


That's what happens when you rely on a computer in the studio to make your voice for you. You can't sing OUTSIDE of the studio!!! That's why music sux now.
I started listening EXCLUSIVELY to 70's,80's, and 90's music lately.

952 days ago


wow...tmz seems literally full of bitter people. You can say "who is this nobody" all you want yet here you are investing time in commenting on him...

Also you mention him having no talent like so many other popular singers dont lip sync aswell

934 days ago
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