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'Luck' Horse Trainer

'Sometimes S**t Happens'

3/16/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man who trained the third horse that died on the set of HBO's "Luck" is telling friends ... NO ONE is to blame for the fatality ... insisting the animals received exceptional care, but sometimes "s**t happens."

Sources close to Matthew Chew -- who trained and owned horse #3 -- tell us the people who looked after the horses are some of the best in the business ... who thoroughly examined the animals at least twice a day during production.

Chew has told friends ... the horse was simply playing around when it "misstepped" and fell down Tuesday morning ... suffering a head injury that required it to be euthanized on the set.

We're told Chew believes the incident was a freak accident ... telling one person, "We were just horribly unlucky ... sometimes s**t happens."


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Sounds like somebody has some mega insurance money on the way!

I hope every dime of it goes to tylenols for the headache his conscious will give him for being a heartless azz pimple. 3 horses just do not drop.

917 days ago


Ok so ‘sh*t happens’, but you’re still responsible. If you cause an accident with your car, sh*t happens, but your’re still responsible. You accidentally hit someone with your car, sh*t happens, but you’re still responsible. You accidentally cause a forest fire, sh*t happens, but you’re still responsible.

I think the only time you can apply this ‘sh*t happens’ to a horse is if the horse was just running free in a field and tripped and fell. Not at a race track and not on a movie set. These horses are pushed to their limits because of humans. They have big prices on their heads at a race track and alot of nervous humans pushing them to make sure they get their money’s worth out of them. On the movie set they have deadlines and particular shots and angles and again alot of nervous humans around them to get those money shots. Horses are large animals, they are one of the most beautiful animals to watch because of the way they are built. But with that elegant beauty comes caution because the way they are built can cause them great injury. Even on their own. Now add humans to that equation and it spells disaster. These horse are expected to perform regardless of whether they want to or not. If there are so many accidents that happen with horses under these cir***stances, doesn’t that say something.

If even one human actor died on a set, something would have been done I’m sure. They wouldn’t even dare to say something like ... ‘sh*t happens’. Imagine three.

To all you horse people here, one minute you’re saying that these accidents are a common occurence and happen all the time ... and the next you call them freak accidents. Which is it?

Love Harvey for bringing these stories to the public this week. It’s been a big week here on TMZ. These are stories that people really don’t want the public to know about.

917 days ago


Oh BS! This is nothing more than a VERY LAME attempt at damage control. For Christ sake, if this is the best they can do, no wonder their show was a turkey! And, as a horse owner myself, horses don't "playfully" rear up and fall backwards in their stalls. They rear out of fear or shock and anger. Sell that load of BS somewhere else losers!!!

917 days ago


When this Matthew guy dies, that would be the perfect thing to put on his grave marker--"sometimes **** happens". Then maybe some horse will come along and well...whatever.

917 days ago


BS, Hoffman bites... blame it on the horses. Yes PETA should blacklist Hoffman, and Nolte,,,.....

917 days ago


It is sad that the whole crew lost their jobs, no matter what the reason. However, maybe in the future when they are on another set with animals, they may make that extra effort to ensure the animals are properly cared for, if nothing else for job security. But as you can see, many of the crew has been here commenting and seem to be quite angry at TMZ, not the caregivers that didn't do their jobs.

That is because they were told TMZ, and other media outlets were spinning a....... My point is that, I doubt they will see clearly, the reason for their dismissal. They chose to blame the media outlet instead of the caregivers. And they all seem to act as though they know so much about horses, when in reality, as a horse owner, it is clear they are getting their info from another pissed off employee that just lost their job.


I can understand the anger of losing their jobs, but their anger is misplaced, which appears to be leading to bitterness towards the horses (as evidenced here), as if they blame the horses for the loss of their jobs. SAD!

917 days ago


That's how he talks about the death of his horse. Sometimes sh*t happens. Nice guy he must be.

917 days ago


Dustin.. you actually suck. Please retire.

917 days ago


The show could have been very good but the writers had written terrible stories and the charactors were losers or organized crime. I watched the show just to see the horses, it's ashame 3 died. There was really no charactor on the show I liked other than the horses.

917 days ago


That camera shot of Dustin must have been in a four foot ditch to make him look tall and menacing.

917 days ago


Ill say it again. FIVE horses died at one UK race weekend this last week. Those were much younger highly trained horses. This happens, like it or not. The people that have such a problem with this are ignorant. The show was quality, it was deep and took brain power which most tv viewers are lacking these days.

917 days ago


Sometimes sh*t does happen.. it just doesn't happen three times in a row, with the same animals, on the same movie set, with the same handlers. That's not sh*t happening... that somebody not doing the sh*t they are supposed to be doing.

917 days ago


I can't speak for the producers of Luck...
I can't speak for the writers if Luck...
I can't speak for the trainers of the horses of Luck...
I can't speak for the jockeys of the horses of Luck...
I can't speak for the caterer for the peeps of Luck...

But all the Horses of Luck tell me this gig has been nothing but ankle busting IED's all over the track right out of the gate!

917 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

They can salvage it by calling it "BAD LUCK".

917 days ago


I loved the show BUT it sounds like the horse spooked ... horses do not play around and flip over backwards . Were they using stunt horses ? Sounds like they were not ...A race horse would be spooked by camera equipment lights etc .

917 days ago
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