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Russell Brand

Booked for a FELONY!!!

3/16/2012 10:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Russell Brand Mug Shot
Russell Brand was NOT arrested for a misdemeanor yesterday ... turns out it was a FELONY, and the late Steve Jobs may be to blame.

We did some digging and just found out ... in Louisiana property damage that exceeds $500 triggers a felony arrest.

You'll recall, Brand allegedly snatched a photog's iPhone Monday night and hurled it through a plate glass window.  The iPhone alone costs more than $500.

Here's the irony ... Russell tweeted a few days ago, "Since Steve Jobs died I cannot bear to see anyone use an iPhone irreverently, what I did was a tribute to his memory."

Steve Jobs famously believed he could charge a lot for the iPhone -- and did.  And now Russell is paying dearly for it.

The felony -- simple criminal damage -- is punishable by a maximum of 2 years in prison.

Now prosecutors must decide whether to go forward and file felony charges.

Stay tuned...



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good as gold    

Revoke his visa, make him pay a fine, then deport him. If a U.S. citizen did that in the U.K. we would get deported. Fair is fair.

952 days ago


If he gets a felony, he won't be allowed back in the country to my knowledge. Probably would be the end of his American career. That being said they will plead it down.

952 days ago


Again..can we please ship this moron back to his island?

952 days ago


Reminds me of the Blohan necklace incident. They can argue the phone was overpriced when bought, is now worth only $100, or whatever :D This is not going to be a felony, no way. Besides, didn't I read somewhere else that the pap got his phone back anyway?

952 days ago


@oh boy...actually, we're called Lipstick Lesbians because we only do things with non butch looking women. And I still guarantee you I get more beautiful women then you will ever get. But we love to laugh at little boys like you. Go outside and play now..suppose to rain so take your little yellow rain coat.

952 days ago


The paparazzi needs to be held in check. Russell should be responsible for the damage to the building's window but NOT the "photographers" property. If the paparazzi are warned and told not to take a picture, then they are responsible for their actions and the consequences. The paparazzi shove, get into celebrities faces to get reactionsm and sell the pictures. They drive by people's personal residences to snap pictures of their children. Many are common bullies, thieves, and jerks. I applaud Russell. He has a right to privacy, it's just unfortunate the window was broken. Under the cir***stances he could have had the option to pay the building owner for the broken window. The "photographer" should have been charged for a false report. A neighbor at my apt. complex took it upon himself, after being warned not to, to take pictures of me and my son at the pool. You don't know if they are going to post the pi9ctures on line, if he was or was involved with a kidnapper or pedaphile. He tried repeatedly to find out what apt. I lived in. He could have been planning to kidnap my son. I had to postpone going to my mailbox as it had my apt. number on it around if he were around. He later approached me with the photos as a "gift" from him and again wanted my apt. number. Went to mgmt. and complained. They read him the riot act, he never even went to the pool again,left me and my son alone, and his lease was not reviewed. What a weirdo.

952 days ago


Only an idiot pays 500 for an iphone. The top notch iphone is 300 through a service provider.

952 days ago


He is not above the law and has no right touching someones property regardless of what said person is doing. Throw the book at him. These clowns need to be taught a lesson!!!

952 days ago

Tonya P    

a waste if police resources and time. they need to focus on REAl criminals and not stupid mess like this. Our Judicial system needs to be fixed.

952 days ago


He is such as asp wipe. I had no idea who he was until he was the "host" of the 2009 MTV awards. We don't dig his humor. This is someone who was fired from MTV for coming to work 9/12/00, (the day after 911 in the US) DRESSED AS OSAMA BIN LADEN. I don't want this opinionated foreigner hosting any shows. I'm pretty sure the law in California is the same as Louisiana; damage over $500.00 is a felony. Too bad the police probably segregated him from general population in OPP (Orleans Parish Prison).

952 days ago


If Russell Brand was still married to Katy Perry I bet a few hundred of her "KatyCats" would to go New Orleans and protest in front of the District Attorney's office and they would just make this a misdemeanor with a small fine and Russell could go on his way. :)

Katy has her "KatyCats" and Lady Gaga has her "Little Monsters". The KatyCats have their own Facebook page with people from all over the world. Too bad Russell doesn't have Katy's fans anymore. They'd probably go nuts if Katy got arrested and was charged with a felony and had to get bailed out of jail, etc.

952 days ago


His eyes always looks like he is about to go all ape sh!t crazy on someone's a$$.

952 days ago


He is just an ass. Jail time is overkill.The penalty should be a bath, a shave ,and haircut. Looks slimy.

952 days ago


He deserves to have to go through some hoops to resolve this thing because wth, who does he think he is? If it was MY 'phone I would want him charged with stealing my frickin 'phone.

952 days ago


This ******* thought itd be so cute to steal somebodys phone n throw it through a window, well now ur lookin at a felony how cute is that that ***** a felony is prolly better than takin an ass beating tho which he also well deserves..

952 days ago
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