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Russell Brand

Booked for a FELONY!!!

3/16/2012 10:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Russell Brand Mug Shot
Russell Brand was NOT arrested for a misdemeanor yesterday ... turns out it was a FELONY, and the late Steve Jobs may be to blame.

We did some digging and just found out ... in Louisiana property damage that exceeds $500 triggers a felony arrest.

You'll recall, Brand allegedly snatched a photog's iPhone Monday night and hurled it through a plate glass window.  The iPhone alone costs more than $500.

Here's the irony ... Russell tweeted a few days ago, "Since Steve Jobs died I cannot bear to see anyone use an iPhone irreverently, what I did was a tribute to his memory."

Steve Jobs famously believed he could charge a lot for the iPhone -- and did.  And now Russell is paying dearly for it.

The felony -- simple criminal damage -- is punishable by a maximum of 2 years in prison.

Now prosecutors must decide whether to go forward and file felony charges.

Stay tuned...



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Jay W.     

If he's gonna be a twit, he might as well be good at.

928 days ago


Who the hell does this putz think he is - I'm surprised he didn't get the crap beat out of him...

928 days ago


I wonder if this known CONVICTED junkie, now that he's committed a felony on US soil, if he'll be getting another immigration visa to visit/work within the USA? Oh wait. He's a celebrity. Of course he will. The rules are different for them.

928 days ago


they should charge him with the felony - have him do the full sentence - and then deport him - that way he can't come back

928 days ago

PJinOH, throw away the key!!

928 days ago


This guy is an idiot. Who steals another person's property then uses that stolen property to damage more property by breaking a window with the stolen iphone. All because he could not stand to see someone use it "irreverently"????!!! No excuse, convict him of felony, let him serve time then deport him out of this country.... as he is trash anyway.

927 days ago

James M    

"The iPhone isn't over $500 retail if the owner purchased it on contract through AT&T or Verizon. "

Irrelevant. The owner is still subject to the contract terms, and the replacement cost will be high, since replacing a phone doesn't get the same price cut. But that's not really the issue. In order to take the phone away from the owner, Brand had to commit _assault_. Stealing the property was _robbery_, and destroying the property was _mayhem_. There's far more than just one felony that Brand could stand accused of, and simple theft is probably the least of these. If the victim ever says that he had a reasonable apprehension that Brand might have done something violent in the course of this crime, Brand could literally go to prison for decades on an aggravated assault charge. If you think that's a joke, it's not. Prisons of full of guys whose crimes were less violent than Brand's.

926 days ago

James M    

He's lucky it's not aggravated assault. If the victim actually had a right to be where he was, the violent element of literally taking the phone away is sufficient for assault, but the even more violent element of throwing it throw a window raises the severity of the crime to a point where a normal, non-famous, non-wealthy person would already be facing years if not decades in prison. Since it's a criminal charge, it's not as though the victim can negotiate on the assailant's behalf. Brand is very lucky that he is only being charged with theft and not assault.

926 days ago


He has always been a little crazy, this one. They explain it well too (, but I didn't know that he had turned himself in. Well, at least he's better than most of the celebrities then.

924 days ago
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