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Bobbi Kristina

Friends Were Shocked to Hear

She's Dating Her 'Brother'

3/17/2012 10:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon
Looks like no one is immune from thinking it is weird that Bobbi Kristina Brown is dating the guy she used to consider her "brother" -- because even their closest friends were shocked by the news ... TMZ has learned.

As TMZ first reported, Bobbi feels she's doing nothing wrong by dating Nick Gordon, the guy her mother Whitney Houston unofficially adopted 10 years ago.

According to our sources, Bobbi broke the news to her friends at a BBQ this week ... and no one believed it until the two kissed in front of everyone. We're told one friend felt the "relationship" was the result of each of them taking the death of Whitney too hard ... but they both brushed off that notion. 

Our sources say the rest of the BBQ was quite awkward after that and everyone just tried to change the subject.



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919 days ago


Quick honey, fix those hippo teeth before the boy marries ya and takes all y'er money!

919 days ago


Wouldn't it be interesting if it turns out the so called brother wanted Whitney dead to date her daughter. It's happened b4!

919 days ago


There's something strange about this whole, they are not related. But he has lived with them for 10 years, and so--basically, she was living with her boyfriend as a minor. But now, I just wish them well. But I give the relationship very little chance.

919 days ago


TMZ inaccurate reporting..It's NOT her Brother! NO blood relation, NO adoption relation. Leave this girl alone she just lost her mother!

919 days ago


She's Bobby B's daughter folks...
"It's herrr perogative"

919 days ago


I bet this shizznezle was going on before Whitney departed,,but they kept in on the down low yo.

919 days ago


She seems like a lovely young girl, but she needs to be a little more cynical here. She got all the money, he got none of the money - his potential hidden agenda is a little too obvious...

919 days ago


I'm sure she has the same "good people" around her as Whitney did. its her path to tread

919 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Get over it already. They can do what they want and they will. When I was that age, the more people tried to control me and tell me what to do, the more I resisted.

There comes a point in every kid's/semi-adult's life, you have to let them live, make mistakes, and face the consequences.

919 days ago


as all of us grownups know. This relationship will end badly and BobbiK will have lost another family member. Funny how she hate her father, but she acts just like him. Karma people... Karma

919 days ago


Just give her some meds and a warm bath so we can be done with this train wreck before it gets worse.

919 days ago


I honestly don't see the big deal. Obviously if Whitney took him under her wing than he was exposed to BK and other things. That doesn't mean he's off limits for BK. She herself has grown up with him, and if she developed feelings, well then go for it. Like it was said, she's not in any way related to him, not even legally since WH never officially adopted him, so I really don't see what the big deal is. She probably grew up with him around and then fell in love. It's not the end of the world.

919 days ago


TMZ needs to knock it off. First and foremost they are NOT BLOOD RELATED. Second, she never officially adopted him so therefore there is no "brother" involved (except for him being a "brutha"). This is pretty pathetic even for TMZ standards. Leave them alone for God's sake and move on to something besides the Houston family.

919 days ago


Actually, I am in favor of this relationship. These folks don't deserve what Whitney worked so hard for and this relationship will expedite the squandering of Whitneys "small fortune" and force these 2 to grow up and join reality. $20 mill (after inheritance tax)will prob vanish pretty quick. No doubt Gordon already has half the money spent in his head.

919 days ago
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