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Irish You Were Irish

Hollywood Seeing Red

3/17/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0316_celebrity_irish_ginger_launch2These celebrity photos were the first to be tested in our newly invented Irishomatic-2000, which turns a boring old celeb photo ... into a genuine red-headed freckled-faced star!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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WTF is this crap? I find this highly offensive and I'm neither Irish nor a redhead.

894 days ago


TMZ jumps on anything that anyone says for being racist or ethnically insensitive and they put this stupid thing up? Lick my Irish balls TMZ.

894 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Where were the Celebrities in blackface for Black History Month?
Seriously, this is the equivilant of blackface. You're turning a race of people into a cartoon caricature, in a way that would be completely unacceptable if it were any other race.
I'm also Irish, and I don't mind the Irish jokes. I love that most other Irish folks have a great sense of humor and aren't hyper-sensitive about being poked fun at. (In fact, we're usually the first ones to make those jokes!) Just look at the dancing leprechaun clip you use on the show all the time when you make fun of your Irish TMZ staffer. That's fine! But this.. this is just wrong.. and I am rarely offended at *anything*!

894 days ago


TMZ we hate white people

894 days ago


true irish coloring is dark hair, fair skin and blue hair and fair skin is more scottish.

894 days ago


I am Irish-American and redheaded (auburn). I assure you this is not racist. First of all, Irish is not a race, it's a nationality or ethnicity.

Secondly, the red hair in Ireland came from the Vikings, so you'd be hating on the Scandinavians as well.

Thirdly, I don't believe the Irish are particularly sensitive about this (yes, I have been to Ireland). I don't believe they care if Americans make a little light of them. They may not like it if the English did it, though. (Check the history.)

So, lighten up!

894 days ago


Let's see Harvey with red hair and freckles: Howdy Doody!

894 days ago


Hey Harvey,

This piece is comparable to putting a hook-nosed Jewish caricature up for ridicule on Passover....apologize.

894 days ago


This isn't "racist" because Irish is a nationality. People really need to lighten up. St. Patrick's day is a day to pretend being Irish, which most people think of red hair and freckles. Would people be complaining if on Cinco De Mayo they put pictures of celebrities wearing sombreros? That would be like getting mad of celebs wearing Santa hats, which by the way Santa has nothing to do with the true meaning of Christmas. Educate yourselves people.

894 days ago


How come February didn't see celeb pics with afros and big lips?

894 days ago


This is the most disturbing thing I've ever seen on your site.

894 days ago


what is next are you racist b*stards going to put them in black face.

893 days ago


Red hair is fine. It's the orange pubic hair that is gross to me.

893 days ago


JEW-ish you were jewish!

893 days ago


Yikes! I'm a redhead...I'm Irish...I LOVE a good Irish joke. That was funny for about a picture or three. Then I wondered,"Would TMZ have the balls to pull this for MLK day or Yom Kippur?" I won't ask the obvious about how you would photoshop the celebs for those holidays. I assume your legal department might BOTHER to stop you from going THAT far. Where were they when you thought this up???

893 days ago
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