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Kim K and Kris Humphries

Annulment is the Sticking Point

3/17/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are both willing to end their marriage.
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are both willing to end their marriage with an annulment, but each is insisting that the other confess to fraud -- and that's what is holding up their settlement.

Sources connected to the former couple tell TMZ ... Kim would be happy to annul the marriage, if Kris will admit he defrauded her by promising to live with her in Hollywood and then demanding that she move to Minnesota -- something we told you about last October.

As we first reported, Kris wants Kim to admit fraud -- that she never had any intention of making this a real marriage ... something Kim has adamantly denied.

We're told Kim will open the vault and spend anything it takes to win this case if Kris insists that she confesses fraud.

As for money ... we've already told you Kris is demanding $7 million from Kim -- something Kim thinks is absurd since he MADE money off the wedding and the reality show PLUS they have a prenup which gives Kris a big fat zero.

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If you truly love someone, get engaged and have a $10 million dollar wedding on TV, where you are going to live would NOT be a reason to get a divorce. Everyone knows Kim never meant for this "marriage" to last. Kim is lying as usual but she will never admit it.

762 days ago


i heard kris on the show , and he said later on (years later) they could move to minn. where he had large parcel of land to build dream home with her. it wasnt a problem for her at the time (since she brought up having baby, he wasnt to sure, then she changed her mind and tried to make it like he came up with the idea of having baby), of course she wouldnt even let him bring his boxes of clothes to her apartment. he wasnt asking her to move soon. is this all she can come up with? also for the poster who said kris was riding on her back, you are full of it. kris hump, works for a living in the NBA and with all the crap they threw at him he is having his best year ever. he only asked for 7 million because he knew they wouldnt pay and he could have his day in court. he isnt used to scaming people, he works for his money ( and not with degrading sex tape).

762 days ago


I just think kim and all the kardashians are wonderful!!!! I THINK ALL YOU HATER'S ARE JEALOUS AND JUST BORED AND HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO DO IN LIFE BUT BITCH!!!!!
Love and Peace to you kim and all your family!!!!

762 days ago


CAPITAL DESPERATION and that's what it spells out for Kim Kardashian. Now, TMZ - you must watch every word place in what you're writing as most of it seems so UNTRUE. Desperately trying to create a news plus make a news to happen as it reads "Kim would be happy to annul the marriage, if Kris will admit he defrauded her by promising to live with her in Hollywood and then demanding that she move to Minnesota". Most readers are not stupid not to know. Leave it to the court not to Kim's publicists. Spinning this story makes it worst for Kim whoeverdashian.

762 days ago


Leelee no one is jealous of the trashians, we wouldn't trade places with them for anything. Just another post by TMz full of lies. In fact I think TMZ is now one of the leading contributors to the contempt for the trashians. Like Kim, TMZ is just terrible at spinning lies to make others look bad. Keep digging your own grave guys and you can have the grave next to the trashians when you both jump the shark!

762 days ago


I hope Kris Humphries doesn't agree to anything so this will all be played out in court, followed by his tell-all book about the Kardashian family antics. We will get to hear a lot of home truths I expect.

762 days ago


She cared more about the money she could make off of a televised wedding, http://liftserumprofacts.com

762 days ago

Kev the Realist    

What a shocker???? KIM Krapdashian commited FRAUD....OMG....WTF.... Come on people. Her whole freeking life is a fraud. Her entire life is based on nothing, she has no talent, she is a tramp, she and her whole family will pander and do anything fro publicity and to saty relevant. I have no doubt that they sit up at night with their PIMP ( aka her Mother- the tramp) and think How do we get some publicty today; Where do we go for lunch and how to we tip of the paparazzi to let them know where we will be so they show up and film us. The products they promote are garbage and Kim's latest that she is a business person is total KRAPDASHIAN garbage. They are simple street sluts, no talents, way too much plastic surgery and they are as JOHN Hamm, so elequently put it, FREEKIN IDIOTS!!! Truer words were never spoken.

762 days ago


Kim is just a crazy bitch. Give the guy a few dollars and some dignity. She used him. She got what she wanted..publicity! Now she needs to pay a little bit for it.

762 days ago


I think Kim committed fraud from the very beginning of their relationship starting with dating him convincing she loved him from there to the engagement,then to the wedding, then to filing for divorce after 72 days of marriage. Humphries was totally blindsided by her.

762 days ago


Kim's nose job is becoming more evident as time goes by. This chick is the fraud!
Humphries doesn't deserve any of kim's porno money.

761 days ago


Um, how is asking someone to move to Minnesota with you considered fraud? YOU'RE JUST FCKN MOVING NOT FAKING A MARRIAGE! This article absolutely supports Kris, in which that Kim is willing to do whatever it takes to keep her "clean" image, which is bullsh-t. Kim has no case against Kris. If Kris REALLY wants to get her to sweat, he can ask for no money and make her commit to fraud. That'll be her only way out.

761 days ago

BB not bb    

Forget the annulment. Let it be a divorce where the prenup says he gets nothing. He wants Kim to flip out and spend all her money on lawyers. All he wanted to do was destroy her from day one. He doesn't even have a real divorce lawyer representing him but some personal lawyer from Minnesota. He is a big dufus. She shouldn't get all worried about what he threatens.

All she has to do is not admit fraud and it won't cost her a penny. Don't give Kris the social climber the satisfaction of seeing Kim lose her money over his evil games.

761 days ago


We've now found out that Kim's not real,
She's made of wax just take a feel.
There is no real substance there,
Kim thinks she's fine, what does she care.
Her face is just makeup spackled on,
Her azz is something that's peed upon.
So who to choose in this silly war,
A hometown boy or a nasty whore.
She'll take your dignity and money too,
Until there's nothing left of you.
So Kris must never let her win,
She'll just find another and begin again.

761 days ago


Hey Kim, what about Kris wanting to move some of his things to your place in LA and you hesitated because you did not want to give up your space for any of his things to co-exist with yours?

Why would you claim Kris is the fraud because he preferred to live in Minnesota and would not always do what you wanted to do? Why was he to sacrifice everything for you? You Kardashian women have done it to Bruce Jenner, Scott, Lamar and expect the men to give up everything for you women, when a HEALTHY relationship is give and take, half and half, meeting in the middle, sacrificing for one another.

Men were not created to be your servants or puppets for your TV shows, to exploit, humiliate and use as props and ATM machines.

Seriously, you Kardashian women don't even see how you make yourselves look bad. So narcissistic you are blinded but what really matters and is real in life, instead you are so focused on the next Birkin bag, the next pair of designer shoes, money money. Not what REALLY matters in life, love, healthy relationships, enjoying every little moment, instead you want, want want and act so spoiled, and even when you get what you want, you whine and are not happy, never happy. Always wanting bigger, better, more.

With that kind of attitude you will NEVER be happy nor treat others kindly, you always expect others to drop everything and cater to your every whim.

The Kardashian women think this is their world and everyone else was just put on Earth to be servants to them.

Sick mentality, really mentally ill.

761 days ago
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