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Uganda Prime Minister

Responds to Kony 2012 Video

and Calls Out Celebs on Twitter

3/17/2012 10:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Uganda Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi is finally responding to the Kony 2012 viral video -- with a video of his own and a series of tweets directed at a slew of celebrities.

Just a day after Kony 2012 director Jason Russell was detained by police after a naked meltdown on the streets of San Diego, Mbabazi posted a video on YouTube refuting a "false impression" people have been given about the country as a result of Marshall's video.

Mbabazi said the video is not representative of the current conditions in his country and added, "The Kony 2012 campaign fails to make one crucial point clear: Joseph Kony is not in Uganda."

Mbabazi also tweeted at several celebs who helped make the Kony 2012 video so popular (see below).



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The prime minister is no different from Kony he is a thief of the highest order created kony in the process.

893 days ago


I don't understand why everyone is calling it a scam. So what if Kony is not a problem anymore. He is still a wanted man whose crimes are so hideous he has shot to the top of the list of most wanted by the ICC for crimes against Humanity. So, what? he gets a pass because he scurried out of Uganda? Because he's not killing, kidnappig or raping much these days?

893 days ago


How low can you get,
Heads of State getting involved in GOSSIPY situations.
Shows guilt and possibly some truth to the allegations.

893 days ago


"Why U.S. military in Uganda? Soros fingerprints all over it! Obama’s billionaire friend has interests in African country’s oil"

892 days ago


I've learned my lesson. If I see something terrible going on in any other country just sit back and do nothing. Because if you do, you get nothing but backlash from critics and the leaders of that country that are desperate to convince us westerners that their country is just fabulous. They don't want help. Message received.

892 days ago

Tyrone Eure    

It is a shame that the head of Uganda allow this madman Kony to kill so many people for so many years. And now he saying all the things that his nation has done to fight Kony. I don't believe it! If they wanted to stop him they should have done it six years ago after he killed 30,000 people. The Invisible children brought to attention what was going on in Uganda for years. I support the Kony movement. And Kony is still out there whose to say he will come back as he has done in the past. Mbabazi should have gone after him years ago rather than trying to make peace with this madman. Those who don't support the Kony movement don't support anything anyway they sit on their sofa with their remote controls and are unwilling to help anyone. Much Love to the Kony movement. For bringing attention to this terrible Dictator.

892 days ago


Corrupt officials don't have the moral authority to speak on behalf of Ugandans

892 days ago


Jason Russell had the courage to do what no head of state had the courage to do. Attack a powerful international figure such as Kony who supplies drugs, arms and prostitutes to the world’s underbelly and see what befalls you. Killing Jason would have made him into a hero – he was taken out much more effectively. Don’t be so naive.

891 days ago


Great Mr Uganda now stop killing gay people!

888 days ago


9 yr Old Captures, Nearly kills Kony

Boyle Heights, CA,--Like Saddam Hussein & that Osama Bin Laden guy, Kony has gone down. The Ranger Core apprehend and brought Kony to justice- at least temporarily. The plan was to bring him to the International Criminal Court, the ICC for trial on war crimes, we don’t believe in killing anyone. But he escaped and turned a weapon on those that apprehended him. Sadly his evil counter parts Okot Odhiambo, Dominic Ongwen, Vincent Otti, also escaped just prior to Kony’s capture., stated Aeylias Lopez of SSC.

Gaia, the 2nd in command of The Ranger Core, was in an all out fire fight and she managed to capture Joseph Kony who is #1 on the ICC most wanted list; 10,000 children have been abducted by the LRA to form the army of “prophet” Kony, whose aim is to take over Uganda and run it according to his vision of Christianity. The boys are turned into soldiers and the girls into sex slaves. Up to 1.5 million people in northern Uganda have been displaced because of the fighting and the fear that their children will be abducted.

Abd Al Rahman, Ahmad Harun, Omar al-Bashir, Bar Idriss Abu Garda, Ali Kushayb who are listed as #2 on the most wanted list are also being targeted by the Ranger Core. "We are determined to apprehend them all, said Fog the leader of the Ranger Core-“By the time we are done," added Speed a well known Ranger team mate, "--they are going to have to make a brand new list." In May 2007, the ICC issued an arrest warrant for Harun, charging him with mass murder, rape, and other crimes. The Sudanese government has refused to hand him over to the Court. Sudan arrested Kushayb in October 2008. More than 200,000 people have been killed and 2.5 million have become refugees since the conflict in Darfur. Something long time advocate and human rights warrior George Clooney has pursued.

“We all have our eye on Bosco Ntaganda, Mathieu Ngudjolo Chui, Germain Katanga, Thomas Lubanga Dyilo-who are also listed as # 3 on the most wanted list,“ Added Fog.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo More than 2.5 million people are estimated to have died in the war, which raged from 1999 to 2003. Known as the “Terminator,” Ntaganda also allegedly led the child soldiers in war. Mathieu Ngudjolo Chui was arrested in 2008 and charged with six counts of war crimes and three counts of crimes against humanity. His misdeeds include willful killing, inhumane treatment, using child soldiers, sexual slavery, and pillaging.

“We are going to bring them all to justice,” announced Laser a long time Ranger Core teammate. -”-Kony and the rest of you can run--but you CAN'T hide, its simply a matter of time." He said firmly.

We are putting this all into the 3 Issue mini series titled ‘THE RANGER CORE’ to highlight the need to bring these criminals to justice in REAL life ,not just my book,” say 9 Yr old Aeylias Ceo of Super Smash Comixsz. We are determined to shed light on these TRULY EVIL villains, which is the REAL point of this release. And the TRUE motivation for creating the book.”

The RANGER CORE COMIC premieres JULY 16, 2012.

For more information;

836 days ago


oh he raped and murdered 10 yrs ago so its ok now?
Hmm--yeh Im sure they want the oil and diamonds BUT he is STILL a criminal--wow looks like YOU guys are the sheep! BAHHHHH!

821 days ago
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