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New Jason Russell


From Up Close

3/20/2012 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

New Jason Russell video... the naked meltdownFrom far away, it was a naked man pounding the sidewalk in public -- now TMZ has obtained up close video of Jason Russell's meltdown ... complete with four-letter words ... and the devil.

In this new video, Russell can be heard ranting to himself, dropping F-bombs, clapping to no one in particular, and shouting about the devil. 

Russell was not arrested and won't be charged ... but he has been placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold.


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STOP saying "psychotic episode"! It's called Delirium when it's drug induced (toxic psychosis). Geez. American ignorance at it's finest.

957 days ago


I could tell by his first video that he was gay but hiding behind a marriage. This guy will feel a lot better when he comes out of the closet. I feel for his wife and children, though. People will celebrate the "poor gay guy" for coming out of the closet, but no one feels for the havoc and pain the wife and children are left in. I truly hope gay marriage is legal all over the country soon, so gays feel free to marry and not feel they have to marry a woman to fit in and screw up her entire life. Straight women deserve to be in a real marriage, not a sham. They do not need to be a pawn in someone else's coverup. The wife and children have no one suppporting what they are going through, but the gay men have the whole gay community cheering them on. Yes, I was in that situation, and if there are any other straight spouses (men or women) who are living thru the hell of finding out their spouse is gay, please contact the Straight Spouse Network. You will find understanding people who have been through it. Okay, off my soap box.

957 days ago


With a combination of hypoglycemia.

957 days ago


Gee, that looks like a pretty swanky neighborhood to be running around naked in. I guess selling $30 wristbands to the Twilight crowd can add up.

957 days ago


I'm bipolar and had a similar meltdown once. I went walking around outside in my nightgown, ranting and raving and talking weird. Thank god nobody caught it on camera so it didn't end up on the internet. TMZ, I think it's cruel to post these videos when he's obviously very sick.

957 days ago


Every time a "celebrity" takes drugs their PR Team blames it on dehydration, exhaustion, stress & pressures. From his strutting so flamboyantly, snapping his fingers, cursing, spreading his ass cheeks wide with his hands touching the ground repeatedly on that corner; you'd think he was a sassy (we already knew he was gay) prostitute on Santa Monica Blvd. from the 1980's & 90's. He was on Meth and/or Ecstasy, which can make you dehydrated, paranoid, horny and willing to roam naked like he does in the video.

957 days ago


All i can say is that he has a good body :P

957 days ago


Also, the way he's talking and walking doesn't mean he's gay. It could be part of the psychosis. I spoke with a Spanish accent and used all kinds of dramatic gestures I wouldn't normally use when I had my episode.

957 days ago

Fat Mike    

Yep. Definitely!

957 days ago


Yes, as many have pointed out this is most definitely Psychosis. I see it quite a but in my line of work. There are a variety of things that may trigger it, unless, of course, he already has some diagnosis of schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder etc. Just regular everyday stress though does not cause psychosis - you would have to be predisposed already. I do not think anyone should be mocking his mental state can happen to anyone.
They actually usually feel quite frightened when this is happening to their brain.

957 days ago

Silverado Mom    

I feel really bad for him and his family. I hope he gets the medical attention he clearly needs. Assuming it's him.

957 days ago


I bet he smoked a joint laced with Angel Dust.

957 days ago


Wow. Something snapped. Hope he gets the help he needs. The first video I was too harsh in judging him. This video makes me sad for him and his entire family.

Whatever is going on, I do hope and pray someone can help him cope.

I cannot even pretend to understand.

957 days ago


He's bipolar. He had a manic episode. Poor guy.

957 days ago

malcolm kyle    

Here are some possible explanations for Jason Russel's recent Naked Meltdown:

Exhaustion and dehydration often causes normal people to tear off their togs and engage in public wienie whacking.

Jack-off-Jason has an evil identical twin.

Kony's Aunt cooked up a special African Voodoo 'Fem-Voice & Public-Wanking Curse'

He was practicing on his pink trombone for a forthcoming concert.

Obama arranged for the CIA to spike his soda and then plant that little wiener in his hand.

This is very normal behavior in California, so it's no the big deal.

* If you have a better one then please let us all know!

957 days ago
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