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Russell Brand

I'm Fighting the B.S.

Felony Charge

3/18/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Russell Brand claims he was provoked by the paparazzi last Monday when he grabbed a photog's cell phone and threw it through a window -- and he's going to use provocation to fight any charge that might be filed against him ... sources close to Brand tell TMZ.

Brand was arrested Thursday for a felony, since the value of the window and the iPhone exceeded the $500 minimum for the crime.

Brand has hired a high-powered New Orleans lawyer -- Robert Glass. We're told if Brand is officially charged with the felony, Glass will argue that the damages were less than $500 -- Russell paid $240 to fix the window, and we're told Russell will claim damage to the iPhone was minor.

Brand is free on $5,000 bond.


No Avatar


POS still hasn't washed his f'g hair.

948 days ago


Holy crap. Actually have to take responsibility for something you did? Life is so unfair!!! GO home, and take your ex with you.

948 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

the best part about this whole thing is his 15 min of fame will be over soon!

948 days ago


Here's a thought: How about revoking Russell Brand's "green card" and sending him packing?

948 days ago

good as gold    

All Brand had to do was walk away because the photog was in his car. Not buying his story. Another thing if everyone reacted with violence to sarcasm or being provoked we would have half our population in prison. Since he is NOT a U.S. citizen he should be fined, his visa should be revoked, and he should be deported. You know dang well if any U.S. citizen pulled that crap in the U.K. they would be deported immediately. In other words he should be out of the U.S. already.

948 days ago

Tom Cruise    

If this tool approached my car and tried taking my phone I would beat him into a coma. Deport this kook.

948 days ago

buzz kill    

Still looks like a homeless bum.

948 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

There were 36 murders alone in the city of New Orleans since January 1, 2012. THIRTYSIX! That number does not killings not listed as murder - things like hit and run vehicular manslaughter, and drunk driving. In the first 15 days of March, there were 393 assaults. that's just the first 15 days of this month.
If I lived in NO, I'd be plenty pizzed that they are wasting time and money because a comedian decided he had enough harassment from some guy following him where ever he went.
If I was a relative of one of the 36 murdered I would be livid.

948 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

>> I find it mildly amusing the posts from the people who absolutely hate this guy, not only the same sentiments, but almost exactly the same words. POS, bum, dirty.
>> The sad fact for you people is how successful this guy is. if you can figure it out, go to imdb and check out what he's done lately. Two big time movies are coming out soon, and he has another in the pipeline.
>> I think what upsets you most is here is guy who you see as dirty and unkempt, and he is getting laid like there is no tomorrow. He got hold of an American singing "star" and married her. The nerve of this dirty, unkempt bum - taking our cute little Katy away from us. Well here's a flash - she couldn't care less about your lousy lives. He's a star and you're ... well, who knows who you are.
>> That must really burn some of you. I suggest you get help. Usually, it turns out the more you mock someone, the more pathetic you are in real life

948 days ago

Who Knew    

felony=Visa problems

948 days ago


This wannabe snaps like a diva to get some attention. Someone should beat him up, just for the heck of it. I would like to do...

948 days ago


Hahaha; he threw the phone through a window and hired some dude that goes by the last name Glass. Good one!

948 days ago


The wrongs committed here are by the Paparazzo stealing images for profit from Brand, and the police for charging the wrong man for wrongdoing. The Paparazzi deserve all abuse that can be piled upon them.

948 days ago


Yuck...he did Katy Perry a favor by filing for divorce. Can this guy look anymore skanky??? I predict that his 15 minutes are almost over. He needs to go back home and crawl back into the outhouse where he came from...Yuck

948 days ago


If he would of touched my phone I would of smashed his railings out, he only got away with it 'cause he thinks he's a celeb?!?!?! An how is this man a sex symbol, he used to paint lead figures and go live action role play with fake swords and armour etc until the age of 23 and didn't loose his virginity 'til around that time, i'm from London and we aint all like this damp soapy flannel

948 days ago
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