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Trump SLAMS Rosie

I Was Right

... She's a Total FAILURE

3/19/2012 10:22 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump SLAMS Rosie ODonnell
Donald Trump is playing the "I Told You So" card with Rosie O'Donnell ... reminding everyone he dubbed her a complete failure years before Oprah cancelled her show.  

Trump went on Twitter this morning and wrote, "Rosie O'Donnell has failed again. Her ratings were abysmal and Oprah cancelled her on Friday night."

He added: "When will media executives learn that Rosie just hasn't got it. "

Of course, Trump has been bashing Rosie for years ... claiming she was a "pig" and a "loser" after she called him a "snake-oil salesman."

As for Rosie ... we're told her opinion of the staff was clear -- The writers couldn't write, the producers couldn't produce, the stage manager couldn't manage, and the director couldn't direct.

Mind you, most of these people were seasoned vets who worked on that little show called "Oprah."

We're told Rosie's tantrums were predictable and regular. The one word several high level staffers used to describe R.O. is "bully."

Our sources connected with the show tell us the staff hated Ro ... and the consensus is it was the worst experience they ever had on TV.


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Who in their right mind thought the show would be a success? Never in a million years...........

951 days ago


The queen of nice should go to Ellen Degeneres not Rosie. Donald is an annoying comb-over hair but he has a point. I used to like Rosie when she was on the view arguing with that the moronic Elisabeth Hasselbeck!

951 days ago


She'd be a great cast member on the Celebrity Apprentice now that she is officially a washed up has been.

951 days ago


not a big fan of don however, he is right on the mark with rosie.
not surprising that when the show got cancelled, she blamed EVERYONE but herself. and the fact that the staff said she was a bully- another non-shocker. rosie has always been a bully. no big surprise that the staff claimed she was awful to work with.
i wonder how her crush on tom cruise is going?

951 days ago


another fat whiny lesbian bites the dust.good.

951 days ago


I can't understand this. Rosie O'Donnell is such a sweet, gentle, agreeable soul who gets along well with everyone, and only has the nicest things to say about anyone, even those she disagrees with. You'll please excuse me, I must to take my meds.

951 days ago


Get Rosie on celeb apprentice!!!!

951 days ago


Donald... shut up!

951 days ago


Very unhappy person.

951 days ago


NIce way to kick someone when there down.
O- net works sucks in genral.
They ned some orgianl shows.
Not the jerry springer crap they have on now.
Trump go kill some more endangered annimals and shut up.
Tis shows your still holding a grudge agianst some d -list lesbo who is of no threat to you. Makes you look like a bully. you should stay out of this mess when your cheating on your wife. somone might call you out on that.
your show is boring and im surprised it is still on the air.
Go lick your balls.

951 days ago


The Donald is right

951 days ago


He's put himself in the top of the "jagazz" category, since talking about her like this. What does HE care? Does he think SHE is the ONLY one who makes fun of his hair? I don't get it. He's so hateful, it shines a bad light on him. I'd love to rub some "neat" on his head, when he couldn't wash it off right away. Is that wrong? lol

951 days ago


I cannot believe that this vile woman has made any money doing anything. She made money initially by being self deprecating, because it made it o.k. to laugh at fat and ugly people. When she started to make fun of others, the only market for that is fat and ugly people and no one likes them. Fat and ugly people are fat and ugly for a reason. They are too lazy too exercise.

951 days ago

weird al yankovich    

Donald trump is a womanizer. he has a small penis so he has to show he's"the boss" but in the end his women will leave him once they get the money ..

He's just pissed that rosie told the TRUTH about him and truth does hurt lol



951 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

How this fat pig ever got out of the barnyard is beyond me. She's a perfect example of a leftist pig who hates women more beautiful than her about as much as she hates men. And she can rest assured the feelings are mutual and that's why she went lezzzz, no man would have that on a weekend Sheen binge even, except Sheen perhaps....

951 days ago
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