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Halle Berry

Checks Out Schools for Nahla

In Gay Paree

3/19/2012 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry
is banking on her custody judge giving her the green light to move to Paris with 4-year-old Nahla -- because we got pics of her checking out preschools in Paris.

TMZ broke the story ... Halle wants to move to France with her fiance Olivier Martinez and Nahla to escape the paparazzi that dogs her in the states.  She also feels unsafe in the U.S. because of ongoing stalker issues and fears for Nahla's safety.

Baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is fighting the move, claiming it's bad for Nahla to sever meaningful contact with him.

The judge has yet to rule on the move.


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Mumra the Ever Living    

So who's watching the child while Berry is in Paris? Nothing says loving like an unrelated, paid by the hour housekeeper.

948 days ago


Halle is such an idiot! She has neither the money nor the lineage to get her child admitted to such an elite school in Paris! Does she not know that she is black? Does she not know that her child is part black? Elite schools in Paris admit children with 5 last names. Thinking to the contrary is naive...wake up Halle!

948 days ago


Well, I suppose the judge wants to know what plans Halle has for her daughter i Paris, such as in what school she wants to put the girl in, before making a decision? And the father of course wants to know, too.

948 days ago


What a horrible c*nt she is. Even if you don't like the guy, that's the kid's father. Trying to move her around the world away from her Dad is a douche bag move.

948 days ago


What's with the headline, TMZ, is your staff a bunch of 12 year old boys?

948 days ago


Just as it would not be the right thing for the ex-husband to take the child out of state, much less out of the country, the child needs to have both parents in her life almost on a daily basis. It would not be fair if Halle is allowed by a judge to take the daughter to France just because her mother is rich. I hope the judge does the right thing and rules that it is in the best interest of the child to remain in California except for brief vacations outside the state or the country. Halle is being selfish just because she has a new shackup in her life whom I am pretty sure won't be the last. Mothers should make their children the top priority and not a new boyfriend or a new motion picture. I treat my dog better than some women treat their own children. Very sad commentary on our society (especially the hollywood crowd).

948 days ago


As vindictive as she is, I can't help but wonder if this is a stage photo set-up, just to get Gabriel upset.

948 days ago

Mary P    

Irony. "I need to get away from the paps, so I'll call them in Paris to have them take pictures of me checking out schools to garner favor". Looks like your argument is moot dearie. Paps are there too!

948 days ago

lord flashheart    

i can tell you as a European , the US paparazzi is nothing compared to the paparazzi in France/Italia , they are so hardcore hunters ..blood hounds.
They wipe their ass with the law , they have no moral standards overhere ,they like to set up "situations" etc etc.

948 days ago


That is really nervy of her.

948 days ago


Hmm, so, Halle, you need to move to France to get away from Stalkers and the PAPS? Really, how is it that the PAPS know where you were today, with who, where you went and when?
I'm still sticking with my belief, all children deserve both parents working together to raise their child even though they aren't together. I wish I had my father in my life when I was younger and by the time he decided to become a part of my life, it was too late. I have a relationship but it will NEVER be as the FATHER he should've been (BTW, I had a mother that never spoke ill of my father and was the one making excuses why he didn't show up to visit every weekend with his booze binges). Yup, children remember this, get it and resent it when they become adults. Poor Nahla. I just hope she doesn't make all the wrong decisions as she grows up with this PYSCHO momma.
Hey, anyone got an online pool going with what the excuses will be when she's done with Olivier? Let's see, Dave Justice, ABUSIVE, Second husband, SEX ADDICT (cheating), Gabriel Aubry, ABUSIVE (racists), hmm, I see a pattern here.

948 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

TMZ coulda used the KATY PERRY story header "N**gas In Paris" for this story too!

948 days ago


Hate this women after what she's put numerous dudes through. Feels safer in France. WHAT? This dude she's marrying, How stupid is he? Youe next dummy. Judge, you need to give that Baby girl a break on loosing her Daddy. This self serving Bitch should have thought about all of this before getting pregnant by this dude. Give the DAD a BREAK.

948 days ago


After all the dirty tricks she has pulled on her ex and she is living with a man of seriously unloyal reputation they should give this child to Gabriel...he seems to cherish her.

948 days ago


Obviously she hasn't escaped the paparazzi by going to Paris since they are right there taking her picture and you have the photos on your site.

948 days ago
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