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Halle Berry

Checks Out Schools for Nahla

In Gay Paree

3/19/2012 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry
is banking on her custody judge giving her the green light to move to Paris with 4-year-old Nahla -- because we got pics of her checking out preschools in Paris.

TMZ broke the story ... Halle wants to move to France with her fiance Olivier Martinez and Nahla to escape the paparazzi that dogs her in the states.  She also feels unsafe in the U.S. because of ongoing stalker issues and fears for Nahla's safety.

Baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is fighting the move, claiming it's bad for Nahla to sever meaningful contact with him.

The judge has yet to rule on the move.


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Hey Whack Job - What you're doing is called career suicide. No one will want to see any movie you are in after this.

914 days ago


How can she argue France is 100% safe when Princess Diana died in a Paris car crash as a result of paparazz??? (allegedly)

I know Johnny Depp and Jolie/Pitt are residents but Goldie and Kurt? Will and Jada? Meryl Streep and unkown, Michelle Pfieffer and the Unknown Ally Mcbeal Dude, Jeff Bridges and his wife, Tom and Katie (who consistently throw their sprog infront of photogs) and last but not least the most magnificent Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward - the guy started a salad dressing charity that was amazing.

If she genuinely wants under the radar she can get it and she has the money to buy the security she needs.

914 days ago


I think Halle is being a vindictive bitch...what kind of mother tries her best to seperate a child from her father...someday she will be sorry for this stunt she is trying to pull on Aubrey!!!!

914 days ago


She is not thinking about her daughter's needs! All she cares is about herself,that's very sad, I hope the judge rules against moving her daughter to France. All she cares is about her man??? Very sad!

914 days ago

Say It Isn't So    

Bahaha. Looks like the biatch Halle is on here....AGAIN, just like every other post about her. Kind of funny, 99.9% to infinity, the posts are against Halle, and there's ALWAYS that "ONE" thumbs down. It never, ever fails......EVERY time a Halle story comes on TMZ, NO ONE likes Halle and it shows in their posts, and then you get that ONE thumbs down for awhile. ROFLMAO. SO SORRY HALLE, you are SOOOOO hated by the world. We are "TEAM GABE" for sure!

914 days ago


I usually don't hate people, but I am beginning to hate Halle Berry. What an entitled b*tch, thinking that everything should go her way and being so uncaring towards her daughter and her ex.

914 days ago


What kind of a man is Ollie, how could he go along with halle wanting to take away another mans kid?

914 days ago


So Halle wants to move to Paris permanently. Does she speak French? And does she intend stay in France once her current relationship ends (as it surely will, not only because she has a terrible track record when it comes to lasting relationships, but also because Olivier has a well-deserved reputation as a womanizer and serial cheater.

914 days ago


Bull; she reports all this crap to tmz and other outlets and it's obviously not about the paparazzi.

She's doing it to try to use her money and fame to take her daughter away from her father. I don't know anything about the father, but I do know that the crazy mother goes around driving drunk and killing people in hit and runs and forever denying any responsibility.

914 days ago


Imo this should be good for Gabriel. That the public and the authorities can see what Halle is doing, and we, the public, can form our own opinions: That there's either corruption involved within the legal system, that lets Halle know in advance that the judgment is going let her rip her daughter from her father and move her to France or Halle has serious mental issues. So is Olivier Martinez crazy too? Maybe Gabriel should ask the court to hold the child's passport.

914 days ago


Yeah because its real great for the kid to be severed from the only father she has known! God I hate this woman!!! If this judge gives this beyotch full custody, it just goes to show that there is special treatment given to celebs and NO CARE OR THOUGHT GIVEN TO THE WELFARE AND HEALTH OF THE CHILD IN QUESTION. I hope that stalker finds her.

914 days ago


Will not go to see another movie of hers if she does this to her child and the father of her child. Sorry she made the choice to have a child now deal with the consequences.

914 days ago


Seriously, if Halle Berry didn't want a father in her child's life she could have adopted or went to sperm bank like many women do to avoid the issues she is dealing with. Perhaps she wanted her child to grow up with a father because she didn't have one. Halle continues to raise her child, work, be involved with Jenesse Center for abused women and children and has become engaged, which is her prerogative and business. Berry is NOT setting a precedent by taking her child out of the country to work or by choosing to live in other country. Aubry's last name is on his child's birth certificate, he sees his child and most likely will get the financial support from Halle he wants to support his child when Halle [refuses] to keep a roof over her child's head, buy her clothes, pay for schooling, food ,doctor bills, birthday parties and trips to visit family in Canada. Hopefully, Halle has not used Aubry's child support payments (if he has made any) to raise her standard of living. Since Aubry works no 9-5 job and wants Halle to pay his bills it would NOT be a hardship for him to visit his child regardless if child lived next door, in the same city or state, different state France or Canada.

914 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

what's with all the hate against Halle???
what an incredible concentration of s*** that's commenting here on TMZ

and TMZ, Paris isn't gay. a lot of TMZ staffers might be gay but that's something else entirely.

914 days ago


Still don't see a problem. Aubry is a model, goes all over when he gets work. So what is the difference from Berry to Aubry.

914 days ago
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