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Halle Berry

Checks Out Schools for Nahla

In Gay Paree

3/19/2012 3:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry
is banking on her custody judge giving her the green light to move to Paris with 4-year-old Nahla -- because we got pics of her checking out preschools in Paris.

TMZ broke the story ... Halle wants to move to France with her fiance Olivier Martinez and Nahla to escape the paparazzi that dogs her in the states.  She also feels unsafe in the U.S. because of ongoing stalker issues and fears for Nahla's safety.

Baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is fighting the move, claiming it's bad for Nahla to sever meaningful contact with him.

The judge has yet to rule on the move.


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Phil Alger    

Just goes to show, if you have enough money you can buy anything! You know like a judge!! This is un-real! How can this crap happen??? Oh wait I know!!

918 days ago


atelier de la petite enfance doesn't mean school in french; it's a place children can do some pottery, or other stuffs to make them occupied on wednesday, when school is close, or vacations.a school is ECOLE and not atelier in french. TMZ you're so ignorant !!!; even if I don't like H Berry, and martinez should run away from her.

918 days ago


It sucks that she won't have contact with her biological mother because her mother has the cash to up and transplant her with no say from the father. On the other hand can see how this would unfairly punish the mother since she can't move have a job elsewhere without the say of the father

The whole system sucks and it looks like halle is being selfish and wants to cut off the father completely.

She seriously has psychological problems and i SERIOUSLY doubt her and oliver will work out if past history is an example. Sucks that nahla is going to be the one to suffer since Halle can't seem to put aside her bruised ego and come to some kind of accord with the biological father

918 days ago


TMZ you are definitely idiots. Daniela is correct they're checking out after school/day care places. Even I know that with the 10 years of French I have had.

RCG aka BRAN keep blasting your BS.

Gay Paris>>Gay Puree besides Happy Paris was also a movie.

Thank You TMZ, RadarOnline, Just Jared, and the numerous other sites that have been posting numerous photos of Halle and her s***my fake bf walking around the last couple of days site seeing, shopping, riding his motorcycle without her fake boot and has also been shown without the ugly engagement ring.

Agree with the Lady Di comment. She doesn't look like she's fearing for her life.

I will still be surprised if a judge votes in her favor. If he does, it will be very and I mean very short lived.

Enough for now...LMAOROTF

918 days ago


She is nuts! Looking for schools in Paris! Is she that arrogant?! What a B**ch!

918 days ago


WE ALL KNOW BY NOW, this rattlesnake's heart is STONE COLD! It is a sure bet this innocent child's head is being fed all kinds of trash against her daddy and she will grow up hating him and wonder why he did not fight to keep her in his life. Halle Berry is one unbelievable B-I-T-C-H! When her "day" comes, she will scream for mercy and no one will care. No one deserves incredible punishment, more.

918 days ago


Hey Halle,

How about you move to France and leave your daughter here, with her father?

You are a baby owner, and you are everything I despise in a woman!

918 days ago


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918 days ago



Scotty: 4 hours ago

Halle is such an idiot! She has neither the money nor the lineage to get her child admitted to such an elite school in Paris! Does she not know that she is black? Does she not know that her child is part black? Elite schools in Paris admit children with 5 last names. Thinking to the contrary is naive...wake up Halle!


For starters, NONE OF US knows the "actual" amount of Halle Berry's "NET WORTH". Second, Europe, France in particular, hasn't been isolated from the effects of this current "global" recession. Europeans are very fond of people with "high profile" media recognition. Halle Berry's "American Dollars" and fame will make up for what she lacks in so-called "LINEAGE". There's absolutely "NOTHING" wrong with her researching the "availability" of potential schools for her child in case the judge rules in her favor. Don't be surprised, if the judge rules in her favor but grants Gabriel Aubry visitation on holidays and school recesses. They were NEVER MARRIED and Halle Berry is more than likely providing the "LION'S SHARE" of financial support for their child. If this "LOSER" wants to remain an active part of his child's life, getting along with her mother is paramount. Gabriel Aubry has to "STEP UP HIS GAME" and PROVE that he's, in fact, CAPABLE of taking care of his child WITHOUT CONSTANT SUPERVISION!!!

918 days ago


BY THE WAY, since Halle is enjoying the bike ride, who is taking care of Nahla? The so-called, nanny? Why haven't there been photos of the nanny "lovingly" looking after Nahla? Knowing how Halle Berry's twisted mind works, she will make sure pictures of nanny and Nahla appear, for sure! Hey, Halle, the public knows you better than you know yourself! PITIFUL!!! Are you STILL wearing that "attention getting" cast???

918 days ago


I'm a woman & women like this PISS ME OFF! Her daughter has a loving, doting father who wants to spend time with her & be there for her & Halle is trying to rip them apart. First she claimed he was abusive (& the judge threw that out) & now she wants to move halfway around the world to keep them apart. Meanwhile, she's been married before & is a serial dater (she's never single) & now she's going to marry this guy but they'll break up eventually too & poor Nahla won't have him or her real dad in her life. Pathetic.

918 days ago


#73 Nahla's probably with Gabe...he was seen with her on her birthday Friday.

918 days ago


She is horrible! She is trying to keep her daughter's father from him and she is already is looking at schools before the judge has even made his decision! From what I have read the judge is not likely to grant her request to move to France. I wish the judge would give Gabriel custody. Her daughter will hate her one day for what she is doing.

918 days ago


First, why is it Gabriel is referred to by the slang, "baby daddy", as though he is some insignificant aside and, yet, Olivier is "the fiance", which is something done just for the court?

Halle allows this man to kiss her daughter on the mouth and, yet, wants to separate Nahla from her father?!

Secondly, where is the cast Halle wears like a badge in the U.S., but is able to ride a motorbike when she thinks she's out of view of the press?

918 days ago


I hope everyone boycotts that new movie with her as a 911 operator. I can't bear to look at her in anything! I hope she is box office poison. I also hope Martinez dumps her so she will give up this crazy idea to tear Nahla away from her father.

918 days ago
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