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Katy Perry

Covers 'N**gas In Paris'

... In England

3/19/2012 7:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0319_katy_perry_videoKaty Perry threw on a Yankees hat ... and belted out a rendition of the Jay Z/Kanye West track, "N**gas in Paris" ... and it's ... interesting.

It all went down a few hours ago during a performance for BBC Radio 1 in London. Don't worry, Katy used the word "ninjas" instead of the OTHER n-word.

It ain't the first time Katy's covered a Jay Z rap song ... last year she covered "Big Pimpin'" during a performance in Auckland.

But back to the new song ... we gotta ask ...


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I like some rap music, but definitely not all of the artists that do it. No doubt about it. I'm surprised Katy is trying to do rap ... especially THIS song.

She should have done a song like "It's Tricky" by Run DMC. That's a classic rap song that's awesome. It would be fun to see Katy do that song with Kanye West or Jay-Z or even Run DMC.

I guess we shouldn't be surprised. You never know what Katy might do. You definitely never know what clothes she might wear or what her hairstyle and hair color might be. She's a woman of 1,000 faces and 1,000 outfits.

I bet Katy called Kanye West and Jay-Z to tell them she was going to do their song. If it's cool with them, then I don't see what the big deal is about her doing a song called "Ni**as in Paris". Kanye West worked with Katy on her "E.T." song and video so they're friends. Kanye and Katy were hanging out in Paris a week or so ago at Fashion Week.

Katy is friends with Snoop Dog too. He was in her song "California Gurls". Maybe Katy was just trying to show those guys that she can do their style of music too. I think even Gwyneth Paltrow is a big fan of rap music.

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915 days ago


I'm sorry, but it is FAR from ok for some prissy little white girl to publicly use the N word in any setting, I don't care who she is. Comedians get all sorts of crap for using it in a joke and are made to apologize, why should she be above that? I don't care if it was in a song she covered. She chose to cover it, she should have chosen a different one. People shouldn't let her get away with this, she already has the "I can get away with anything" attitude. This is NOT ok.

915 days ago


Whites say the N word everyday. I understand you might be scared but don't assume all whites are.

915 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

There's a lot of ninja's in my hood.

915 days ago


first? w00t

915 days ago


so i will say first, i am white and lived in nyc for a long time and im older and have heard the N word used in slang in the city and in racism by many and i get it but also i dont. its a word. like the f word used instead of the s the long run its just words and its our egoic reaction to them that make them one way or another. that said....i have never heard the song Katy covered. But i liked her cover and i dont think she should change the lyrics but its her choice to sing what she wants how she wants.
bob dylan wrote: be easy baby, there ain't nothin' worth stealin' in here.

915 days ago


Please stop trying to "dance", it is embarrassing to watch... Same goes for your "singing" & "rapping".

915 days ago


Maybe Katy could get Gwyneth Paltrow to do a rap song someday. Maybe Katy's good friend Rihanna could join them. It might be good. Never know. I bet Katy and Gwyneth like rap music more than people think.

Check out Gwyneth doing a classic rap song by "NWA" called "Straight Outta Compton" on a talk show.

914 days ago

I am Spartacus    

So Katy covers an already crappy song and it's crappy, should i be surprised?

The original song is awful, not because of curses or the N word, but simply because the song is not good. It's jut that anything Jay-Z or Kanye West does people tend to think it's genius and amazing. Just about all of the Watch the Throne album is awful.

914 days ago


OMG Brad, you are so right, she should do "it's Tricky", I think she would do a great job with that one.

914 days ago


This is the kind of rap music I love. A song by "Young MC" called "Bust A Move".

I think "Flea" from the "Red Hot Chili Peppers" on bass guitar is awesome on this song.

The whole groove of this rap song is what makes this song a classic. Snoop Dog has some good bass guitar and drums on his albums.

Maybe Katy could change the lyrics a little and do a cover of this song with Rihanna.

914 days ago


im sorry like katy perry but leave that to another rapper to me, it a song and has words that you cant say on top of that it was horrible it so funy how white people didnt like hip-hop or couldnt listen to it in the house seeing she has christian parents and now since it popular she want to act like she really know what they are saying in those raps all the white pop singer taylor wack ass too,wants to be black , **** katy perry your not black and stop trying to due over our music

914 days ago


she was is embarassing....

914 days ago


This is not about Katy Perry to me. She didn't use the word so I don't care. The problem I have is the comments from people using equal rights and defending the reason to use the N word. Why do u want to use the N word? I don't understand it. What do white people gain from using the word. It seems like those who want to use it just want to use it because black people do. I don't buy the equal rights bull because nothing is equal in America. I'm not calling everybody who uses the word racist or anything. I just don't get why u want to use it. I'm a black man and I use the N word and it has no negative connotation when i use it. Its not like using the N word is tipping the scales toward black people cause it's not at all. There are so many unfair thing sin this word it just seems trivial to fight over using a word that u gain nothing from using.

914 days ago
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