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Katy Perry

Covers 'N**gas In Paris'

... In England

3/19/2012 7:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0319_katy_perry_videoKaty Perry threw on a Yankees hat ... and belted out a rendition of the Jay Z/Kanye West track, "N**gas in Paris" ... and it's ... interesting.

It all went down a few hours ago during a performance for BBC Radio 1 in London. Don't worry, Katy used the word "ninjas" instead of the OTHER n-word.

It ain't the first time Katy's covered a Jay Z rap song ... last year she covered "Big Pimpin'" during a performance in Auckland.

But back to the new song ... we gotta ask ...


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I think J-z has made quite clear now that the word is no longer offensive and it makes no difference who uses it?

913 days ago


As a black woman, I can say I liked it.

913 days ago


She did a pretty good job :)

913 days ago


Its getting out of hand when little white girls like this feel free to use this word. We, and when i say we i mean black people. We got to stop using this word and slap the s**t out of people who use it and arent black.

913 days ago


Can't put my finger on it exactly, but I really really like it. It was as though it was a toned down feminine type of Rap. She didn't try to be all gangsta and why should she. I loved her version. Well done!

913 days ago


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913 days ago


There are tried and true seemingly hypocritical standards that most of us abide by and no one seems to have a problem 1) Most people will speak badly about their family, but will take offense if someone else who is not family does the same thing. 2) Women are often offended if you call them the B, or C word or any other derogatory term for female, yet, they can often be heard using the word among each other (same thing applies to the gay community). I don't usually see people in a tizzy with these standards and yet the N word is so hard to understand for people. The problem is that the word was used as a derogatory term toward Blacks in an oppressive manner. When a race takes what the oppressing race uses against them and embraces it w/ each other, it doesn't give members of the other race the liberty to use it as well. This doesn't seem to be a complicated matter. Maybe it's illogical, but emotional subjects are not generally based in logic. The word was used in a hurtful way (and still is I might add) by nonBlacks. Those are emotions are still triggered when nonBlacks use it today. I hope this helps.

913 days ago


Song Sucks.... way to talented to be singing that crap that non-singers somehow make a living at

913 days ago


I didnt care if she said the darn word. It shouldn't have been im the darn title of the song. Or in the song, if white people wouldn't be able to say it.. *kanye shrug*

913 days ago


Wouldn`t it be nice to have even just a little class back again?

913 days ago


Katy held her own but this song is absolute rubbish.

913 days ago

Pho King Awesome!    

Seriously... Fail

913 days ago


awesomee how could u knock her

913 days ago
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