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Oprah Winfrey

Bloodbath at OWN

3/19/2012 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

First Rosie ... now TMZ has learned roughly 30 people got the chop at the Oprah Winfrey Network today ... including 2 high level execs.

Sources connected to OWN tell us ... people from at least 3 departments were let go ... including the creative services dept., integrated marketing and promo scheduling.

We're told one of the casualties was the head of the Creative Services Department. Another was the Senior Vice President of Production.

One source tells us the group included people with years of experience in the industry as well as newcomers.

The timing is interesting ... considering O just cancelled Rosie O'Donnell's show. OWN has been struggling with low ratings since its launch.

One source tells us, "It's like a ghost town over there."

We're told, "They did the firings respectfully ... brought everyone into an office individually and explained the situation face to face."

Calls to OWN have not been returned.


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In the middle of a recession with unemployment at it's highest level, no one is going to PAY for cable to watch Oprah or anyone. That is the worst business decision ever and proves Oprah is not living in reality whatsoever. She wanted to OWN her own network but her ego was so large she didn't consider that people weren't going to pay extra money to watch/listen to her. I saw the Houston's interview on YouTube for free and clips from free t.v. programs. Oprah just doesn't get it and needed to be knocked down a few levels to realize that she's OLD news. She has her name and her money. Time for her to use those to help others rather than herself.

950 days ago


I do not feel for these people. Oprah should not have expected her following to pay premium cable prices to watch her network. If she was one tier lower on the cable scale, her mass following would have went with her. I would have, but the economy prevented me from spending anymore on my cable bill. One would think she got a little too greedy. She already is a billionaire, there must be some resentment among her followers as to "why make her richer"? OWN should have went for the masses at a lower cable rate. Gayle was right to have jumped the ship when she did.

950 days ago


Have you ever noticed the way she talks, kind of authtoritive with a hint of Maya Anjaloo (what a weird voice), and a british accent, snooty is the only way to put it! She actually has lowered herself to interviewing the likes of Lady GagGag and tries to portray her as some kind of serious entertainer. Ughhh, she needs to quit with the holier than thou gig!!! Spare us...As far as her network go for no brainer television like Bravo or E TV...its the only way it will work!! Run some 2 and half men/The Office reruns...anything but DR. Feel....

950 days ago


Sometimes things have a way of coming back and biting you in the ass. She should have just retired and if she wanted to be in the limelight go and help others, not for the glory, but for being a good person.

950 days ago


Why is this news Happens every day in the Corporate world. Oprah isn't seeing any fruits to her labour . And those guys are highly paid to do a job and make O successful and its not happening. She needs to get someone else in there and see what they can do.

950 days ago


Yeah well Rosies not exactly someone who you take advice from; she's a hypocrite like limbaugh do one thing say another

Didn't she put on that REALLY TRANSPARENT act of pretending she had a crush on tom cruise??? that was painful and only to finally admit she's really into chicks later?

Yeah she's someone i wouldn't exactly trust to be honest or take any kind of advice from.

Sadly whatever u thought of her at least she was more original than that goof troop of dr phil, oz and the rest of the hee-haw gallery of hosts she was trying to foist on us as experts of health,etc

950 days ago


The only thing that is ever on OWN is Oprah Oprah Oprah! I think someone might be a little Narcissistic. Who wants to watch that? Not me!

950 days ago


Oprah please! You were supposed to be retiring, but your ego was so big you had to have your OWN network that the 99% of the population that supported you in the past, have to pay for! YOU should be paying us to watch you and buy us all the cable we need to view you. you've got the money, but all you do is get tv stations, radio shows on sirius for you and your "friends" (all the rich beyotches like suze orman, gail, rosey, etc.). Who has a magazine where THEY are always on the cover Only narcissists, period. Even martha stewart, another selfish woman who thank goodness is off the air, doesn't put herself on the cover each month. Karma is right. She got obummer elected, and he ruined this country, now oprah is going to be ruined on her network!

950 days ago


Oprah's demographic can't afford cable....she should know that. Donahue knew when it was his time...she needs to do the same, bow out gracefully....and do charity the US, not in Africa.

950 days ago


Her show was over on regular TV when she announced the Potus for the next President of the United States. Who in the hell does she think she is. Viewers fell off daily,now she has nothing. No one will pay to see re-runs of her old shows.

950 days ago


The 30 people who got fired were most likely staffers who produced Rosie's show daily. It wouldn't make sense to keep someone on the payroll when you're not producing fresh content. Oprah's network isn't in as bad of shape as one would lead to believe. If any network survived by surprise, my answer would be the CW!

950 days ago


Opra got Busted!! When her plane landed where she passed thru customs. When they lifted up her skirt, They found 50lbs of crack!!!

950 days ago


I miss Discovery Health, I hope they bring it back.

950 days ago


This is Oprah's fail primarily so firing people won't help. She made it all about herself from day one, thinking people would want to hear her toot her own horn for hours on end. Her show was successful because she built it on exploiting people for ratings. Then people just became accustomed to watching it. She hyped her last year ad nauseum acting like she was going to retire so people felt tricked to see her back blabbing about herself 24/7 on her own network.

She forgot her core audience was primarily ****** housewives who don't approve of people like Rosie O'Donnell and Nate Berkus. Gayle's show flopped as well. She doesn't know the first thing about running a network and grossly overestimated her popularity. She was a better actress than talk show host. Now all she does is kiss ass while pretending she's a force for good. If that was true she would have left BK alone. She has now come full circle and is going back to her old tricks out of desperation. Nobody gives a F about that asshat Ryan O'Neal either. Another stupid move. Their show defined her network because it was one of the few original ones on it.

950 days ago

wow ew    

yea i knew this network was a very bad idea. I give it a year at most.

950 days ago
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