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Peyton Manning

Reportedly Picks Broncos

... Tebow to Be Traded

3/19/2012 9:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's curtains for Tim Tebow in Denver ... 'cause Peyton Manning has reportedly selected the Broncos as his next team.

According to ESPN, Manning is just about ready to close the deal to become the next quarterback of the Broncos ... and Tebow will be traded away as soon as the deal is done.

So, where will Tebow go next? The Jacksonville Jaguars could be a good bet ... considering the owner has been a very outspoken supporter of Tebowmania.

Story developing ...

9:00 AM PT: According to reports, Peyton has agreed to a 5-year $96 million contract with the Broncos.

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If the Broncos still have some cap room they should give up their 1st round #25 pick and grab Mike Wallace away from the Steelers. That guy has had 2 good seasons and he's only 25. He runs a 4.33 40, he can jump really high and he has great hands.


Peyton would be ecstatic if he had Wallace in a Broncos uniform this year.

946 days ago

Jim in Cali    

It sucks for Tebow but come on Peyton is an all time great. Broncos odds to win Super Bowl were 75-1 before today. They are now up to 10-1 after signing Peyton. Enough said

946 days ago

Ted Kennedy    

I like Manning and I love Tebow. It would be excellent if Tebow would stay and learn under Manning, and Tebow is one of the only starting QB's in the NFL with the appropriate humility to allow this. It would also provide excellent opportunities for Tebow to come in from time to time and in the event that Petyton gets hurt. However, given the apparent disrespect that Elway and the Bronco management has for Tebow, despite his amazing early success,(check out how Steve Young did in his early years)it is likely that Tebow will leave. And along with that, will leave my support of the Brocnos and my hopes that Tebow's new team will wax them very quickly.
Ted Kennedy

946 days ago


I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see Tim Tebow in a Miami Dolphins uniform this season. There's LOTS of Florida Gators fans in South Florida and Tebow would put more fans in seats. That's been a big problem for the Dolphins ... their very fickle "fair weather" fanbase. I'm sure Tebow would like to back in Florida close to his family and friends.

I bet they could run certain offensive packages for Tebow. He could play in particular situations. The Dolphins ran the "wildcat" a few years ago. Tebow did that in college a lot. Tebow is more of a running QB than a classic pocket passer.

946 days ago


For the love of god, please do not come back to Florida!

946 days ago

Yeti Lee    

As a life long Broncos fan I got to say I am disgusted. Manning is washed up and broken and yet they give him 95 million? Tebow was the future and would have been the man to lead them to greatness, Manning is one hit away from permanent retirement. Bull**** Elway, you should have given Tebow the same chance the Broncos gave you.

946 days ago


Lets not forget that Tim Tebow replaced Orton who was horrible. Tim didn't even play a full year as QB and he hasn't reached his full potential as a QB. I agree with those that say John Elway may have been a good QB but he doesn't know what he's doing as a manager. You don't hire a broke man because his name is Manning.

946 days ago


Peyton Manning might be "rusty" because he had to sit out last year because of the neck injury but he's HARDLY "washed up".

He'll work harder than anyone in the NFL to get the Broncos offense running like a well oiled machine. He's always put in the long hours and he expects the other guys on the team to do the same thing ... coaches too. Peyton won't leave anything to chance. That's just how he is.

Peyton is no doubt the best QB in the AFC West. Peyton wants to get a Super Bowl ring. Peyton and his little bro Eli are very competitive. Peyton is jealous that Eli has two Super Bowl rings and he only has one.

946 days ago


The Broncos are going to end up severely regretting their choice of Tebow. Not only is he a no talent, but he'll give them headache after headache espousing his kooky, intolerant, hateful views. Especially his support of a repulsive hate organization, Focus on the Family. They should have put more thought into their pick. This fanatical bigot Tebow must have a great PR agency. He's a no-talent, nobody, yet seems to get his name in the papers quite often. Kind of like Zsa Zsa Gabor or Lindsey Lohan. Can't wait to see him fail this season so we never have to hear about him or his skank mother again.

946 days ago


Wow - the 1st time (virgin) Tim Tebow gets screwed ... and it's by John Elway!

946 days ago


Payton never wears knee pads.

946 days ago


ELWAY'S a douche for thinking a young healthy talented Tebow is not "The way to a future". Payton's washed up and will not survive many sacks. The incredible BOBBLE HEAD is not the way! 14 yrs. and one Superbowl does not make him Superman.

946 days ago


Jacksonville picked up Chad Henne last week, we will not be picking up Tebow. I didnt think i would ever say
I was happy that we picked up Henne, but i sure am happy about now.

946 days ago


Where is his jesus now??? lol

946 days ago


Tebow getting screwed? He's getting paid bazillions of dollars to play football and he's getting screwed? Boy, would I ever like to get screwed like that...

946 days ago
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