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The Case of the Disappearing

Baby Weight

3/20/2012 7:05 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Beyonce showed no signs of any post-baby weightIt's been ten weeks since she gave birth to little Blue Ivy, but a glowing Beyonce showed no signs of any post-baby weight in a form-fitting dress as she headed to the Greenwich Hotel in NYC for dinner with First Lady Michelle Obama on Monday.

It's almost like she never had a baby.



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nursing burns 500 calories a day. Its relatively easy to slim down when nursing. She looks slamming. Also, spankx are a sisters best friend

895 days ago


Did you fools say that about Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson and all of those other "folks" that just had babies?

895 days ago


I keep hearing that the baby isn't hers because its too light skinned. That is pure IGNORANCE. Both of my parents are dark skinned and I looked white when I was born. I was extremely light skinned for a few years until I got a bit darker. I'm still relatively light skinned

895 days ago


Has anyone stop to think that maybe just maybe she's pulled the wool over her fans' eyes? Meaning...maybe she didn't "have" the baby...and with her money..just saying!!

895 days ago


I will never believe this woman ever had a baby. And enough with the blue polish, blue shoes, blue dress, etc.

895 days ago


LOOOL Good one TMZ I'll give ya that one Wink wink Nudge Nudge hehe. It's almost like she never had a baby.

895 days ago


LOOOL Good one TMZ I'll give ya that one Wink wink Nudge Nudge hehe. It's almost like she never had a baby.

895 days ago


I Feal just Awful saying this but, due to the fact that any adopting mom can get the hormonal shot to make her milk come down to make the baby feal like her own, i mean the baby hair changed color in a month, maybe im just moody and pregnant, but im noticing everythang! I do want to say in Beyonce defence i had a former co worker that had like for 2 pound babys at full term, so honestly she could have serverly monitored her intake, lucky her i guess, if i drop my son off and take too long to eat breakfast im forced to pull over and throw up on the side of the road, lol, smh

895 days ago


she NEVER gave birth, people. get a clue. she's a fraud.

895 days ago


Her boobs should be HUGE. Regardless of losing baby weight or not, your boobs are huge after having a baby, and 10 weeks after giving birth they should still be huge for breast feeding. Maybe they deflated somehow, just like her baby bump did on that one talk show.

895 days ago


She was looking like this immediately after "having the baby."

Multiple photos of other pregnant celebs looking fatter and fatter and fatter, and Beyonce does maybe three-and two of those were obviously phony. Plus the math is wrong. So no, I don't believe she actually carried and gave birth, sorry.

What I really don't understand is why she went through the subterfuge. Others have surrogates, why the lying?

895 days ago


Spanx in multiples and lippo.

895 days ago

Anita Skeete    

For you folks like Green-Al, who know nothing about black babies, most black babies are born with straight hair! Most black babies are also born with quite light skin then the skin darkens as they age. Go check it out yourself before you make such ignorant comments. These comments about Beyonce never being pregnant just demonstrates how tabloids are so successful in fooling the general population like yourself into believing something that doesn't exist.

895 days ago


For everyone saying she is wearing spanx. Please! I wear spanx sometimes for party events only and wearing spanx just smooth out bulges. it doesn't make you look like you've lost 20lbs. If it does i am sure more fat people would be wearing spanx everyday and use it as a quick fix to lose 20lbs.

895 days ago


It is easy to lose body weight especially if you are a dancer. But it is difficult to lose tummy and breast weight within several weeks. I love Alicia Keys supper mom, but my girl is still struggling with her tummy weight.She looks good though. Beyonce not nice to try fool the hands that feed you!

895 days ago
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