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Dr. Conrad Murray

I'm Rail Thin

From Explosive Diarrhea

3/20/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray has dumped 30 pounds because he is pooping out his guts
Dr. Conrad Murray
has dumped 30 pounds because he's pooping out his guts, and he blames the water at L.A. County Jail.

We're told Murray has been extremely sick since becoming an inmate last November. He claims the water smells and tastes bad, and believes it has given him a horrible case of dysentery. Murray says the bad water, along with a bad diet, is ruining his health.

Murray says he can't eat jail food, and is forced to eat what he calls "cat food" which he buys at the commissary .

Murray buys canned tuna for $4.25 a pop, salmon flakes for $3.50 and canned mackerel for $2.50. Murray is telling friends that aside from cats, he's the only human being forced to eat canned mackerel.

We're told Murray is filing multiple appeals to get out of jail, primarily because his health is compromised.

L.A. County Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore tells TMZ, "All inmates receive the proper nutrition and medical care that is required by law, but the Sheriff's Dept. goes above and beyond what is required."

We don't know how the appellate judges feel about explosive diarrhea, but one thing we know for sure ... jail is a really sh**ty experience.


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hahahahahhaha MJ Fans are loving this, every-time we get an update on him it's more Bad news, and it's only gonna get worst

950 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

rofl... i love how all the "sheep" are still blaming murray and calling him "murder". if it wasn't murray, it would have been someone else, and if it wasn't a doctor, it would have been a drug dealer. the guy was hooked on anything he could get his hands on... stop trying to idolize jackson like he was some martyr and role model because the media feeds you constant BS on how "angelic" celebrities are, when they screw up just like the rest of us... yes, that right sheep, you're drug addled shepherd was only made that way by a doctor...

950 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

also... if it was lindsay lohan on the other end of that needle, you torch and pitchfork people would be placing the blame on her... so what's so different about MJ?? he is the cause of his own demise, and certainly old enough to make his own decisions... HOW MANY family members and supposed friends did this guy have and NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON either knew what was going on, cared, or bothered to try and help him! why aren't you sheep blaming them too? why aren't you blaming.... oh i dunno, his parents? murray didn't *force* that needle into his arm. get a grip people, or find a new shepherd already

950 days ago


He is doctor for God sake..this is not a street drug..MJ couldnt have access that medication without Doctors..thats why he has to take some of the blame.MJ is to be blame too..but hey the guy is dead.Let the dead rest in peace..and the guilty goes to the rest room.

950 days ago


That's why they call it Jail!

950 days ago


if people aren't going to be fed clean water and healthy food while they are caged up, then just kill them. the only meat i eat is fish and i filter my water. if the water smells and looks bad, don't drink it. if the food is nasty, don't eat it. it's not complicated. i don't even get why we have prisons and jails anyway.

950 days ago


You need to spend one night in Sheriff Joes Jail in Arizona....... Pu##y

950 days ago


Murray no one cares about your "little" problem. You chose to administer a dangerous drug to someone. No one forced you or put a gun to your head to make u do it. Now the person has died and u are paying the price for it. So Shut up and stop complaining because you are in jail. Jail is not meant to be a walk in the park. Its not meant to be a FUN place. You dont get steak and lobster. You get just what is needed to keep your sorry butt alive. Perhaps if you had a heart and was a decent person u wouldnt be in this mess., Still blaming everyone and everything else. You NEVER take responsibility for anything. Furthermore, you arent the only sucker in jail who wants to get out. But people like you who break the law and do things that causes death on another human being must suffer the consequences. So shut your lying mouth up and stop trying to come up with excuses to be released. You pathetic sob stories are old and boring.

950 days ago

Cheryl A.    

And he is the ONLY one in the jail that this has happend to? Maybe he has something other then the poops from the water. But then again, he's the Doctor.......ooops!

950 days ago


We should be giving Conrad Murray a medal for killing the King of Pedophiles. FREE CONRAD MURRAY!

But what can you expect from a war criminal like Sheriff Lee Baca. Face it, the only people in modern history who summarily execute the mentally ill are: Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mao Tse-Tung, and Sheriff Lee Baca.

950 days ago


They should move Murray (I'm not calling him a f'n doctor) out of that county jail. He doesn't belong there. Throw his ass in state prison where he belongs :)
All is fine for thousands of prisoners but he has to be special. Screw him.

950 days ago


He should watch My Name Is Earl episodes so he can understand the concept of KARMA.

950 days ago


I don't know why they did not sentence Conrad Murray to death he did play a major role in MJ's death with all of the meds he ordered and had sent his his baby mama's house. He is not a famous person he's an infamous person once you got to prison all your rights are taken away you do not get a get out of prison free card you stay there til you are released or when you die in prison.

950 days ago


Maybe The Doctor has explosive diarrhea because he is full of sh##

950 days ago
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