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Peyton Manning

Move Over, Tim Tebow

I'm Officially a Bronco!!!

3/20/2012 12:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Peyton Manning holds his jersey. He is officially a Denver Bronco.
Peyton Manning
is officially a Denver Bronco -- which means Tim Tebow's out of a job.

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen just made the announcement alongside Broncos legend John Elway -- a deal worth a reported $96 million over 5 years, making Peyton the highest paid player in the NFL.

John Elway made it clear during the announcement ... the Broncos are NOT a Super Bowl caliber team with Tim Tebow.

Peyton -- who will wear #18 on the team -- said he's unsure about Tim Tebow's future ... but claimed, if Tebow stays with the Broncos next year, "I'm going to be the best teammate I can be."

Elway said a Tebow trade hasn't been discussed with other teams yet -- but admitted it's very possible the Broncos will get rid of him. Elway speculated Tebow was "disappointed" by the announcement -- but Tebow never said it to him. According to Elway, Tebow was very understanding about the Broncos' decision.

The #18 is significant in Broncos history -- it once belonged to famed Broncos QB Frank Tripucka in the 1960s ... and retired with him. Peyton said Frank personally asked Peyton to resurrect his number, so the Broncs UN-RETIRED it just for PM.

Now that the acquisition's official -- the Broncos will be trying to trade Tebow ... though it's unclear where the 24-year-old will be headed.

Several teams have reportedly been in discussions about snagging Tebow -- who led the Broncos on a tumultuous ride through the playoffs last season -- including the Jacksonville Jaguars, Green Bay Packers, Miami Dolphins, and New York Jets.


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Honestly, Im not a fan of either Tebow or Manning but I will say this I think that, I think that what Indianapolis did was wrong. And as some have said KARMA is a B**ch! I also think that what Peyton Manning is doing is wrong because he just did to Tim Tebow exactly what was done to him. (Everyone knows two wrongs doesn't make a right, no matter how you want to put it). So now it's like the domino effect. You see, if Tim Tebow doesnt get to stay with Denver then it will be his turn to shop around for a new team and put some other unsuspecting quarterback out to shop around for a new team (get it, the domino effect.......). Anyway I think that the hype surrounding both players aren't worth a crap, so Manning is a nice person and won ONE superbowl. Ok. And so Tebow prays, well show me an NFL player who hasn't prayed over the years, even before Tebow. What all of a sudden praying is back in style? I didnt think it ever left!

926 days ago


Bring Tim Tebow to the Dallas Cowboys, we will be proud to have him. We will trade Romo for him!!!

926 days ago


It's surprising how fast the broncos forget what tebow did for the team, i hope Manning sucks that would be a good lesson for them.

926 days ago


To the left of Manning in the pic who is the old beat up drunk

926 days ago


Can we say Brett Farve...loudly...what a stupid move for Denver. Spend that much money on a has been, not healthy QB. Yeah...one hit and he's done. Bye bye Tim...don't worry...you will be doing the screwing in the end.

926 days ago


So "Tebowing" is out now huh? "Manninging is in"...it is performed on both knees and the only prayer to be heard is him praying that they weren't bull sh itting him about the contract he's earning.

926 days ago


Oh and since everyone is complaining about how much Peyton is guuna make lets take a look at last years top paid athletes...Tiger Woods #1 @75 million last year...COME ONE people!!! This is a no contact sport....oh wait there was contact...That's why Tiger is no longer married Oh and since everyone is complaining about how much Peyton is guuna make lets take a look at last years top paid athletes...Tiger Woods #1 @75 million last year...COME ONE people!!! This is a no contact sport....oh wait there was contact...That's why Tiger is no longer married. http://www.therichest.org/sports/forbes-highest-paid-athletes/

926 days ago


You are an ASS John Elway, Tebow should stay!!!

926 days ago


Attention Broncos! You get what you deserve. You let Shanahan go. Now this. Get with the program. You owe it to the fans and Tebow. Manning??? Elway is jealous of Tebow's attention (FYI -I am a life long Broncos and Elway fan). Tebow and us fans deserve more.

926 days ago


Yes, the broncos are really it! Like millions of starving people give a ****!

926 days ago


Be a bitc$ if Tebow catches on with another team and they kick the Broncos butt with Tebow at the helm...That Elway, wow, he is not to be trusted, however, its a business and it is what it ended up as...

926 days ago


Tebow may not have been among the true greats but why Denver would want to bet the farm on a 14 year vet who is likely to end his career on in the first quarter of next season is beyond me.

926 days ago


All I can say just really... really this man is worth 96 MILLION... Seems to me people are struggling to live week to week.. Its disgusting that a ball player gets paid that kind of money.

926 days ago


Alright! Manning has a new job! What can I say, go get 'em buddy...break a neck! Whoops...I mean break a leg.

926 days ago


Well if Tebow needs a place to stay, I have a nice room for him here in mah house, bow chicka WOW WOW!!

926 days ago
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