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Zsa Zsa Gabor

Daughter Wants Conservatorship

Doesn't Trust Von A-Hole

3/20/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zsa Zsa Gabor's daughter claims her mom has been isolated and sedated by hubby Prince Frederic von Anhalt and wants to wrestle control from him in court.

Francesca Hilton has hired a lawyer to get a conservatorship, giving her the power to make medical and financial decisions for Zsa Zsa.

Francesca is suspicious of von A-Hole's motives, claiming he took out a $700,000 loan on the couple's mega-mansion and then let the loan go into default. TMZ previously investigated the default and found it was a bank error and it was corrected.

Francesca has been estranged from Zsa Zsa for years.

9:36 AM PST -- Prince von A-hole is lashing back ... telling TMZ,  "I did nothing wrong! My wife is in good hands, her doctors and nurses will tell anyone that. She could not be better."

He adds, "Francesca wants her money ... that's all!  She has been waiting 65 years for that ... it's just too bad for Francesca that I'm here."

A-hole also insists Francesca chose the worst time to pick a legal fight -- claiming during a news conference this morning ... he's in the process of selling his and Zsa Zsa's mansion to pay for the 95-year-old's medical bills.


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The guy stood by this old fossil during her worst, decrepit years. He deserves every cent.

945 days ago

buzz kill    

Screw her, has she been there caring for her mother or just waiting to cash in?

945 days ago


Prince gets her to the hospital when she needs to be in one. Apparently he has 24 hour nursing care for her. He hasn't slapped her into a nursing home. I've never heard reports of her filthy and covered in bedsores. Invalid care is expensive and it has to be funded somehow. Daughter crawl back into your hole.

945 days ago


this is such a tragedy, i wonder if her will is not generous to a-hole and thats why he's keeping her alive???

945 days ago


she has had both her legs amputated, she can no longer speak or eat and has a feeding tube, she also had a broken hip and she is loosing her faculties, that is no life - i bet if he got every thing when she passed away, he would have let pass w/ dignity

945 days ago


Hold the phone! I've read the comments below and believe me 1st hand, there are 2nd, 3rd, ect... spouses who married said person with an agenda. Case in point, my dad's wife was able to get 'COMPLETE POWER OF ATTORNEY', one year before he starved himself to death suffering from dementia. During the last year of his life, this greedy little creature went from bank to bank cleaning out his bank accounts as well as hundreds of thousands of stocks and had the audacity to find some shyster of a lawyer to draw up a new will leaving the obvious to her, nothing to we 4 biological children, who he adored. She agreed to a small settlement for each of us and that we never to contact her again. It's been over 9 years since my dad passed, and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about what torture it must have been for him to know what she was doing, he couldn't speak or move his arms or hands to ask for help. This guy 'the Prince' isn't sitting idly by waiting for a few crumbs to live off of, he has made sure he will live in the lifestyle he has been accustomed too. Zsa Zsa's daughter has ever right to step in and should have done it much sooner than this. Get moving!

945 days ago


THOSE OF US WHO REMEMBER ZSAZSA during her golden years would never never have dreamed, even slightly, she would become a total invalid completely dependent upon another for more than her basic needs. This is so tragic for her. If a "living will" is legal(and it is) why can't it be expanded for those who wish to die with dignity, with a simple injection, instead of the horrible torture and embarrassment they are unaware of in their vegetative state. I think ZSAZSA would have welcomed being remembered as the glamorous woman she truly was rather than someone we all are making our personal comments about. It would have been so much kinder and humanitarian if she had been given a choice to die as her former self rather than what she has become. Personally, I would want that for myself rather than what my family felt was best. Perhaps, someday, we will have a legal choice.

945 days ago


THIS IS FOR "VICTORY" Such a powerful story and one which touched my soul, deeply. I am sure your dad is looking down on his family and gathering you with his loving arms wrapped around each of you. Blessings.

945 days ago


I used to dislike Von A-Hole, but it's obvious now he's having financial issues because of Zsa Zsa'a money hungry daughter. A-Hole should sell one of his cars (The Phantom) that would buy some time in the meantime, till he sorts out this huge problem.

945 days ago


This is the first (and probably last) time that I'm on the princes' side. Zsa Zsas' daughter has been out of the picture for YEARS. Why in the world is she now coming around.....?? Well, probably because she knows Zsa Zsa doesn't have much longer and she needs money. Too bad for her, though....the prince is Zsa Zsas' husband. He's the first in line to handle things unless otherwise stated by either Zsa Zsas' wishes or the courts' decision. He might be a jerk, might be an ass, but he IS her husband whether Franny likes it or not!

945 days ago


Isn't the daughter a Hilton, can't she or someone in that Hilton family keep the home going of a dying woman and a concerned stressed husband. I mean these Hiltons go around helping everyone else in these charities, doesn't charity start at home, help your own!! I would split my last paycheck with any of my elderly family members whether they were married to someone I did or did not care for. These Hiltons are just selfish!!

944 days ago


I just saw fat Franny(Francesca) at the Bristol Farms Grocery store on Doheny. She was at the bakery counter and had her mouth full tasting treats and ordering bags of them!!! She is a classless pig! She wears sweat pants and shirts that don't match.

The Prince and Zsa Zsa have been married since 1986 and Zsa Zsa has defied death under the worst cir***stances and got to live in her own home with the best care because of her husband. Franny also allegedly took out a mortgage on Zsa Zsa's house with a fake power of attorney a few years ago and caused major problems-her mother didn't have her prosecuted but should have. Franny is seeing that her mother is not dying and that each day that she lives Zsa Zsa is taking away money from her. Double Z was such a glamourous woman and the sight of Frannystein is an embarrassment, now she wants to take over her estate and medical care I hope you choke on the Bristol Farm cookies you just bought you fat PIG go back under your rock everybody is on to you and your scams, for five years Zsa Zsa has been bed ridden do you think that if she was abused that in this town her staff or doctors wouldn't have ratted the Prince out by now?

942 days ago


I kind of take back what I said about Prince Frederic taking very good care of Zsa Zsa. I read Francesca's petition on line, and now, I don't know who to believe.

Prince Frederic has Zsa Zsa sedated? He took the phone out of her bedroom? He's isolating her from her family and friends? Francesca found bedsores and lesions on Zsa Zsa's body? And he still won't let Francesca come and see her own mother.

If Francesca found lesions and bedsores on Zsa Zsa, why didn't she notify the authorities right away? Isn't that the sign of abusive and neglectful care or something?

I think the court should decide what's in Zsa Zsa's best interests. Even when Zsa Zsa dies, Prince Frederic and Francesca are going to duke it out in court anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if this goes all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

934 days ago


The sad thing is this: Zsa Zsa is falling apart. At 95 years old, she is completely bedridden. She has had a broken hip and an amputated leg. She's been in and out of the hospital for the last two years. She's partially paralyzed and she's in a wheelchair. She has to be tube fed through her stomach. She has had pneumonia (which her sister Eva died of), fluid in her lungs, and she was spitting up blood. She was even in the hospital on the same day that Elizabeth Taylor died.

I don't know how much family and friends she has left. Her mother, her sisters Eva and Magda, and Merv Griffin are all dead. Her husband and her daughter Francesca don't even get along. I've heard that Francesca and Zsa Zsa have been estranged for years.

Zsa Zsa is no longer that feisty glamorous Hollywood party and playgirl that she used to be. She's a now very sick and frail 95-year-old woman. She still needs our prayers and support. We should also pray for both her husband and her daughter as well.

934 days ago
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