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Beyonce's Slim Body

Exactly What Conspiracy

Theorists Ordered

3/21/2012 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

032012_beyonce_stillWho killed JFK? Where's Hoffa buried? Did Beyonce really give birth? Mysteries that may never be solved! Except she totally had that baby -- though she IS oddly thin already. Hmm ...

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texas turd    

even if she did give birth, shes talked about using liquid diets in the past to lose weight. besides, who knows what she has on under her clothes.. she could be wrapped tight with ace bandages to look slimmer.

912 days ago


She clearly wasn't pregnant before the child showed up.

Look at Jessica Simpson versus Beyonce a week before she "had" her kid.. huge difference, no pun intended.

912 days ago


Everything about Be-yawn-ce is fake so why would this baby be any different?

912 days ago


I dropped below my pre pregnancy weight soon after having my baby. This doesn't surprise me at all that she has lost weight fast. When pregnant your body has a way of making sure you don't eat unhealthfully by making you have strong adversions to things you never needed to eat anyway. We usually eat better and take vitamins and drink plenty of water while healthy, if carried over to post all leads to weight loss fast. Leave Beyonce alone fools.

912 days ago

two cents    

I don't know. I usually laugh at conspiracy theories but those breasts have never held milk. And then there was the clip of the folding stomach during an interview a while back. And why forbid cell phones and clear out an entire floor of a hospital? Sounds sort of fishy. But why lie? Just admit you hired a surrogate. Pfft, crazy celebs.

912 days ago


That's how African American babies look. We are lighter in color and our hair is typically of a different texture when born. Within six months this baby will look much darker = even prettier. I can see already that the baby has JayZ's lips and will probably have Beyonce's hips.....which will equate to a heartbreaking hip-hop heiress who will own you

912 days ago


The day i believe BEYONCE gave the day my EX-HUSBAND stop smoking crack!!!!

912 days ago


I don't believe she was pregnant and gave birth. She definitely had a surrogate. For one she did not look pregnant anywhere when she was a eek form having a baby. Most women look pregnant in more areas than their belly. Such as their face, nose, hands and feet seem to get swollen looking. More so than not. Also, it's not like Beyonce is a small woman. She looks like she is more prone to being a bigger gal just by her body shape. She has large legs, and isn't a "skinny" girl. Not that she's fat, she's just not small framed. So, I'm sure she has to work out pretty hard to be in the shape she's in. Which then tells me this is BS, because regardless of your wealth your body changes after childbirth, and there is no way that chick got all that baby weight off in that amount of time. And if she's on a liquid diet she certainly isn't breastfeeding that baby, since you need more calories a day when you are doing so. I guess that makes sense, since another woman probably started producing milk after giving birth to Beyonce's baby.

912 days ago

Hannah H.    

TMZ or Harvey L., you know more about conspiracies...
I don't ask but tell us where's MJ.

912 days ago


FACT: Beyonce did not give birth.

FACT: The liar will never admit it.

912 days ago


I gained only 5 pounds more than what I started with after giving birth to 3 kids. Beyonce is no pig and she has the money for a personal trainer. She gave birth because that baby has both parents in her, although, I hope she takes after mom. Dads looks like a guy. Find something else to complain about.

912 days ago


When Hiedi Klum does it (and walk in the VS Show two weeks after giving birth) or any other VS model it's so AMAZING but when its Beyonce, she faked it?

912 days ago


she HAD THE BABY... so SHUT UP please!

912 days ago


my babymom losing baby weights and it take time to do it, how the hell she be losing these damn weights fast,what her secert, oh wait i forgot that not her baby weights, that just her natural crap down the lind i think she kidnap that baby, that kid don't even look alike even a blind man could see the difference

912 days ago


TMZ is such morons, she NEVER gave birth! She had a surrogate. Let me get this straight "B" tells you she did give birth and harvey believes her just on her word,but MJ tells you his kids are biologically his and harvey spews BS that they aren't! What gives harvey? Oh wait you ONLY believe who you want! Well harvey you are WRONG! "B" did NOT give birth,and MJs kids ARE biologically his, there is proof(including dna test) which proves it! Reasearch it!

912 days ago
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