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Beyonce's Slim Body

Exactly What Conspiracy

Theorists Ordered

3/21/2012 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

032012_beyonce_stillWho killed JFK? Where's Hoffa buried? Did Beyonce really give birth? Mysteries that may never be solved! Except she totally had that baby -- though she IS oddly thin already. Hmm ...

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i think she 'faked' it .......that's why she 'staged' the whole breast feeding thing at the restaurant....c'mon now, the paps are following your every move and you breast feed your kid?....and yet you are so secretive about other things....i feel it was a very calculative move to 'prove' your pregnancy..........

954 days ago

Pittsburgh Storm    

There is no way in hell this woman had a baby. Someone else carried it for her. COME ON...No way did she give birth. Besides never looking pregnant, the folding stomach (wha??, the heavy security, this magical better than ever body and no giant boobs confirms the theory that she never had a baby. Hands down a liar. It's only been 10 weeks. Your body isn't even near healing at that point. She couldn't have done the physcial work necessary to get into that kind of shape if she gave birth the way they say she did. What a joke.

954 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Beyonce is a big bone woman and she didn't gain lbs while prego. These celeb really think that people are stup!d. No I DON'T believe that she had her baby I believe a surrogate did.

954 days ago


I just don't understand when people get so surprised over women's bodies returning to normal after birthday. I have had 3 children. I started out at 97 pounds, went up to 131 pounds (all three times) and had lost all of that weight within 2 weeks after giving birthday. For some people it's just not that hard to lose.

954 days ago

iowa girl    

I am so sick and tired of people making ignorant comments. If you've had a baby then maybe you could comment but if you haven't you need to shut up! I lost tons of weight right after have my baby because I was excersing, eating right and the most important thing was that I was breast feeding. I have heard that Beyonce is doing that! Breast feeding helps your uterus shrink and helps your body get back to it's pre pregnacy weight in a short amount of time. Please do research before you start commenting. Thank you.

954 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

Good Cover TMZ. But it doesnt take pee to rain on me to kno tht it looks and smells like pee.

954 days ago

I'm A Lawyer    

Wanna see what a real pregnant celeb looks like? Look at Jessica Simpson. Beyonce was pregnant for like 2 months. lol

954 days ago


I agree w/#15..Heidi Klum has had 3 or 4 kids, has modeled right after giving birth, how about Jessica Alba..any woman in the business gets back in shape 1-2 months after giving birth..did Heidi have a surragate, they have money for trainers, chefs, lipo, tummy tucks, any1 remember the story how Usher's ex wife Tamika when to Brazil and almost died trying to get a tummp tuck a few weeks after birthing his youngest child...and it amazes how folk do not know how africian american babies look when they are born, that is how they look, their looks chg like anyother Beyonce has French Creole in her blood line, just stop it..

954 days ago


Okay, So I gave birth Feburary 4 2011. I weighed 205 the day I gave birth. I left the hospital at 196. three weeks after I was 177. Thats practically thirty pounds in one month. HOWEVER, I tried diet to lose the other 40 pounds (yes folks I gained 70lbs ala Jessica Smpson) and it was too difficult because when nursing you cannot cut calories. You need to eat MORE. Anyhow, my body is holding onto those pounds until I'm done nursing. NEXT. my best friend gained the same amount of weight as I did, maybe 60 pounds instead of seventy, and she has lost it all in 3 weeks! Moral of the story...everyone's body reacts differently to the hormonal changes due to pregnancy. I think Beyonce looks fantastic. The only thing is why did she stop nursing so soon. Only three months nursing is not recommended, 1 year is recommended.

954 days ago


Didn't she have a c-section? If so, don't you have to rest for a while before you can do vigorous exercise?

954 days ago


Oh please. That witch didn't have that baby.

954 days ago


I was dubious about Beyounce when I saw her in leather pants days after the birth. Ouch! Too uncomfortable for a real birth Mom. I agree the baby has not the pre plastic surgery nose of Beyoune or Jay Z's nose.

954 days ago


she did not have any baby she either bought one or implanted it in someone elses belly and had a boob job.The truth will soon come out.That baby grew up in a mexican belly period.

954 days ago


You people are ridiculous as all sin! 10 weeks is MORE THAN ENOUGH time to get your body back to pre-baby! Beyonce did not put on any excess weight during her pregnancy, she was all baby. I only put on 13lbs with my baby, & LITERALLY 30 minutes after I delivered, I looked at my stomach, & I was basically back to my pre-baby body! She had no reason to fake a pregnancy, & then adopt. If she was going to adopt, I'm sure she would of announced that! (especially considering how many celebs adopt anyway) TMZ is stupid for even bringing this up. I'm guessing not a single staff member has ever been pregnant and had a baby, because any woman who has knows that not all womens bodies are the same, and some find it easier to lose the baby weight quickly. (Not that 10 weeks is considered quickly! That is more than enough time, like I stated before) You guys need to get real. Let her enjoy being a new mom, & stop making her defend herself, for no good reasoning!

954 days ago


Wow, money can buy anything even a pregnancy! I agree, return baby to mother.

954 days ago
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