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Deion Sanders to Pilar

You Can't Sue Me ...

You ARE a "Gold Diggin' H*e"

3/21/2012 9:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The truth hurts ... at least according to Deion Sanders -- who insists his daughter wasn't lying when she called Pilar a "gold diggin' h*e" on the Internet ... so Pilar has no right to sue for defamation.

TMZ broke the story ... Deion's estranged wife filed a $200 million lawsuit last month against Deion and his daughter Deiondra -- after Deiondra went on a Twitter rant, in which she trashed Pilar as a "gold diggin' h*e" ... and publicly accused her of cheating on Deion.

Pilar sued for defamation, plus a laundry list of other things like fraud, slander, libel, civil conspiracy and emotional distress -- claiming Deiondra and Deion have been out for her for years ... and the Twitter outburst was just the latest example.

But now, Deion's firing back ... filing a response to the lawsuit -- insisting Pilar has no grounds to sue for defamation ... because Deiondra wasn't lying when she called Pilar a "gold diggin' h*e."

In fact, Deion insists, his daughter's Twitter insult is TRUE -- claiming, “Any statements made by any defendants were true, did not create a false impression ... and were not malicious.” The last part is less believable.

Deion also claims the "h*e" insult didn't actually hurt Pilar's reputation -- especially not to the tune of $200 million.

Deion wants Pilar's lawsuit dismissed. Pilar’s lawyer Larry Friedman tells TMZ, "We will leave it up to the good citizens who will sit on the jury to decide whether the constant and still on-going remarks made by Mr. Sanders and his agents and employees are appropriate."

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No Avatar


This is what happens when you marry an american woman! Men be warned if you have money!!!!!

908 days ago


This entire situation here is so sad. At the beginning and the end of the day she is STILL his children's mother. And what happened to those marriage vows that were taken before GOD that included...for RICHER and poorer, in sickness and health...people we have to do better. You want to be respected...give a lil!

908 days ago


and in today's episode of 'settlement(extortion) by media pressure. All this is is an attempt to tarnish his image and lose money.

It was ok when she did it to the last one.....How you got him is how you lost him

908 days ago

Zach Swan    

Pilar, everyone knew you were nothing but a gold-digging wh0re long before little miss Deiondra lost her sh|t. And since that reputation preceded the outburst no damage can have been done. Plus truth is an absolute defence. Now go crawl under a rock and live out your days in silence.

908 days ago


A gold digging WHAT???? Was there a spelling problem? Is he paying for this girl's education? He must not be paying enough!

908 days ago


PLEASE stop spelling it hoE!! There is no E! That's the spelling for a garden tool.

908 days ago


Feel for the kids and all involved. Public humiliation has to be tough but shoot Pilar better go the gold. The only people making out are those cut throat attorneys.

908 days ago


How shallow & pathetic some of you are. Deon was a control freak. He would have thrown Pilars ass out long before now if he thought she was giving up the panties

908 days ago


Okay Deon... where is the part where you take the HIGH ROAD???

You said... "there are children involved"! Then you do this? Aren't you about to be involved in a program involving kids?


BOTH OF YOU should just SHUT UP!!!

907 days ago

Chuck D of Valpo    

Deion, you backed the wrong pony in this horse race. No matter how you cut it, it is going to cost you.

907 days ago


By filing this lawsuit, Pilar is, ironically, proving herself more and more to be a gold-digging "h*e". She is out of touch with America if she doesn't realize how *tired* people are of frivolous and ridiculous lawsuits that end up costing the taxpayers more. I hope she loses. I hope she has to pay *HIM* $200 million. What a joke.

907 days ago


Calling her a money-grubbing hoe is an OPINION. You can't be sued (or at least lose the case) for your opinion. Time for that **** to go away.

906 days ago


When someone calls you a gold-diggin hoe.. you dont turn around and sue them only to prove they were right.And $200 mil? really... What a lunatic.

906 days ago


Pilar - - ever heard the expression - - if the shoe fits??? Suing a child for $200 MILLION dollars is totally certifiable and makes you look exactly like what she said you are - - a money hungry H*E!

DEION when are you going to file for CUSTODY of your children with this crazy woman??? Their Mother obviously needs some serious mental assistance ... your job is to protect them even if it from their Mother!

873 days ago

just saying    

she is suing him for something his daughter said?

852 days ago
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