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The Situation

Hit Rock Bottom

While Taping 'Jersey Shore'

3/21/2012 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple sources close to The Situation tell TMZ ... the MTV star's hard-partying ways were worse than ever during the taping of the most recent season of "Jersey Shore" ... and the signs were obvious during the episode when the gang went camping.

TMZ broke the story ... Sitch recently checked into rehab for substance abuse after realizing his recreational habits had spun out of control.

Now, sources close to Sitch tell us ... the reality star had been showing signs of substance abuse for a while ... but "he was getting worse" as the season went on.

We're told ... several people noticed he was "acting paranoid" on the set ... and the unusual behavior was evident in certain Season 5 episodes that recently aired on MTV. During the ep when the gang goes camping, Sitch can be seen acting jittery, sweating profusely and just plain acting bizarre.

Sources say ... cast and crew members on "Jersey Shore" are happy he's getting help ... and hope that he will be healthy enough to join them for the recently announced Season 6.


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WAH, WAH, WAH!! They made their money being drugged and drunken idiots. Quit complaining. They're not that interesting unless they are wasted.

944 days ago



944 days ago


with that receeding hairline and just plain ugly ass face, I'd estimate his real age to be 65...cocaine is a helluva drug

944 days ago


Season 6? Seriously? Season 5 was boring as hell other than Pauly & Vinny bromance.....

944 days ago


His example will show you what "too much partying" can do to you , your life and your
MTV is planning a Season 6, although for the life of me I dont know why. This show is
a disgrace showing young people at their worse.

Maybe the guy can be written in the next season with a story line of what happened
to him being a total "low life" substance abuser. Young people who watch the show
need to know its not cool to party like an animal and not have it effect your very core
of a human being.

944 days ago


If he wants to maintain any sort of sobriety going back and filing that dumb show will be the last thing he should do. No one else will care that he is trying to stay sober. I think this at Snookie getting pregnant are the best things that could of happened. It shows people who idolize them that actions to have consequences. And life isn't always about a good time.

I miss the Golden Girls.

944 days ago


Read a book instead of watching this insanity, you'll enjoy life more.

944 days ago


This dumb as a rock juice head got a roid rage. I am not "happy he's getting help". I would be happy when this idiot and his other Jersey fellows would die.

944 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

First - No normal man would waste so much time trying to break up a relationship if he wasn't a complete douche-bag.

B - The entire season I could tell he was on something. He's always been a **** but he was just to paranoid and sweaty.

3 - I think he's gay. Nothing wrong with being gay. He just needs to own up to it.

944 days ago


So the Situation is seeking rehabilitation?


944 days ago


As much as I don't like the role he plays on Jersey Shore I hope he gets the help he needs.

944 days ago


Do the world a favor and OD bitch !!! You Snooki and all the other whores on Jesery Shore are disgusting nasty sub human fame hungry money hungry s***s. Just die already no one will miss you except maybe the sluts you hook up with on the show. ****ING S***BAGS

944 days ago

Rick James    

weed is a hell of a drug

944 days ago


REALLY!!! A Jersey Shore cast member with a "SUBSTANCE ABUSE" PROBLEM!!! I would have NEVER imagined that "sort of thing" COULD POSSIBLY HAPPEN!!! They're such a "CIVILIZED", "WELL BEHAVED" group of young adults!!! Wonderful "ROLE MODELS" to "EMULATE"!!! Dysfunctional lifestyles are SO CHIC!!!

944 days ago


Anyone actually care about this d-bag? I've never ever watched a full episode of Jersey Shore...the 5 minutes that I watched it total was from the previews for episodes...that was more than enough reason for me to not watch it. I remember watching the Donald Thrump Comedy Central Roast...the Few minutes he was trying to crack jokes was pathetic, & embarrassing! I don't consider this guy a celebrity, & he isn't worth wasting space for on this website.

944 days ago
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