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The Situation

In Rehab at Cirque Lodge

for Rx Pills

3/21/2012 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0321-situation-splash-EXThe Situation is undergoing rehab at the famous Cirque Lodge in Utah for prescription meds, TMZ has learned.

Several sources have told us The Situation is at Cirque for other substance abuse problems ... but as of now, we can only confirm prescription meds.

Our sources say The Situation is walking around Cirque, telling people he's gained weight -- and has made specific diet requests from the chef at the facility, hoping to get back into shape for the 6th Season of "Jersey Shore."

And just to make sure he gets his way -- one source tells us, Sitch is making damn sure everyone remembers how wealthy and famous he is.

We're told this is not the first time The Situation has undergone treatment for substance abuse.

1:50 PM PST -- Situation just released a statement ... claiming he has "voluntarily taken steps to get control of a prescription medication problem I had due to exhaustion."

He continues, "I have spent the past several weeks getting treatment for this problem and recuperating from my work and appearance schedule. I appreciate my fans support and love you guys."



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Can they just keep this clown and use him as a poster boy for idiots? After Jersey Shore is done, so is this group of drunken, drug using idiots. Thank God.

892 days ago


Wait, but his REP said he was not in rehab, he was just RESTING?!?!? Sheesh now who the heck am I supposd to believe?!?!?!? Hahahaha, really j/k, I could care less either way!

892 days ago


Count down to when the repo man is taking his car because this idiot goes thru money like poop thru a goose! He'll be broke in 2 years, selling coke on the side of the freeway like De Barge!

892 days ago


Is this the one that going the fat girl, whats her name....... scookie preggers?

892 days ago

Jean in MN    

All these 'stars' are going to rehab 'clubs'. They really need to come to MN and go to Hazelden and get REAL treatment!

892 days ago

Steve Austin    

Wow, this guy is a bionic douche bag. It'll be fun watching him circle the drain.

892 days ago


Just because you are uneducated and ugly doesn't mean you need rehab. He is nothing but an attention whore.

892 days ago


I believe there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between what various web sites and TV industry publications claimed he had the potential to make, and, wait for it - what he actually made, after of course he pays his agent 10%, if he has a manager 10%, Federal and State taxes (a killer for many reality show people, I can't call them stars)...and as I understand it, only a SMALL SMALL percentage materialized. Endorsing a protein filled vodka??? Seriously??? So, Mr. Rich Man - it's probably all in your head.

892 days ago


From what I can tell that rehab regularly takes in richer and more famous clients than him. In a few years he'll have blown all his money and will only be in the news as a "remember him?" candidate.

892 days ago


geesh, more with the exhaustion excuse. Maybe if they weren't partying until they dropped then they could get some sleep.

892 days ago

Oliver Twist    

I could tell in Season 1 this guy had a huge coke problem.
The season they filmed in Miami, there is footage of him from the show doing a 'bump' off some chicks arm...

I called this along time ago, but common guy just admit it, your a coke head. He always sounds nasily on the show at the clubs and he is constantly pulling on his nostrils..

Well see how he recovers from this, but in the end who really gives a flying F*ck about him.

892 days ago


just proves what a weak little btch it is the sitch rhymes with snitch and btch.your a weak old man move on or die.either or I dont care

892 days ago


MTV is filming him knowing this? MTV should be forced to shut Jersey Shore down if they are buying alcohol for the house and encouraging the substance abuse. They should all be investigated by authorities and charged.

892 days ago

Throwback kid    

I think it is time for the Situation to go away, and while you are at it lets get rid of the whole loser cast of Jersey Shore! It's time these filthy dirt bags get real jobs and stop getting paid to get drunk every night. Vinnie is just a poser who was probably a virgin brfore MTV. Sammi and Ron are two of the most uninteresting people ever on TV. Jwoow has the charm and class of a truck driver "We get it Jwoww, you think you're tough!" Pauley D is 32 years old and does pranks that a 15 year old thinks are lame. The Meatballs are two skanky dirtballs that make you want to throw up! I really think it is time for all these untalented Jersey Shore losers to go away

892 days ago


How many of the others on that show are "using"???

892 days ago
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