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The Situation in Rehab ...

Co-Star Saw It Coming

3/21/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino initially denied his rehab stint -- but plenty of people on the "Jersey Shore" set knew he was headed down this path. Angelina Pivarnick tells us what she saw during tapings -- and we'll tell you how we broke the story that could seriously change MTV's hit show.

Plus, Rihanna knocking boots with Ashton Kutcher? We have photos of a mysterious late night visit. Also, the documentary "Bully" is pegged with an "R" rating ... while "The Hunger Games" violence only gets a PG-13. Horror movie master Eli Roth joins us to explain why that's totally fair.


(0:10) TMZ broke the story -- The Situation is in rehab ... so why is he denying it?
(4:51) Angelina from "Jersey Shore" calls in ... she's surprised it took Sitch this long to get help.
(8:35) Is Rihanna hooking up with Ashton Kutcher?
(12:10) Eli Roth joins us live to explain why "Bully" has a "R" rating due cursing ... but "Hunger Games" only gets a "PG-13" for child violence.
(15:05) Sorry ... there's no Whitney Houston sex tape.
(21:01) We talk to Michael Lohan about Dial-A-Star ... and play Rick's hilarious conversation with Angelina.
(26:01) An inside look at "American Idol" contracts.
(31:10) Two controversial topics -- Tom Hanks and Robert De Niro are both taking heat ... for no real reason.
(37:00) Israel's ridiculous new law -- banning fashion models from being too skinny.
(44:00) MJ's death house on sale ... for nearly $30 mil.


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Do***entaries should get an A rating ... for being awesome.
I love do***entaries.

948 days ago


jersey shore is over

948 days ago


I can only hope that his rehab and her pregnancy bring a halt to this horrible show.

948 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Jason Russell's 'in-the-closet' gayness made him crazy.

948 days ago

Reece Waldron    

In the final episode, when Pauly D and Vinny play a prank where they put everyones stuff outside and the house is outside. He is the only one who freaked out and said he didn't like people touching his stuff - asif he had something to hide? like you said, throughout the season he has acted very paranoid etc, however i myself brushed it off as him trying to play upto the villain type but this makes sense.

948 days ago


I usually don't care for Roquel who works at tmz but she nailed it with rhianna and the booty call

948 days ago


Harvey should know that Bully got a PG rating in Canada.

948 days ago

Throwback kid    

THE SHOW HAS JUMPED THE SHARK! they are all famous now so they can't go to the beach anymore and when they walk on the boardwalk you can see all the security and the fans kept back. When they are working in the T shirt store all the customers have to act like they are just regular sales people and are not famous. Pauley D is 32 and does pranks that a 15 year old wouldn't laugh at. With Snookie's pregnancy and the Sitch in rehab it's time to put this train wreck to bed. Most of them have no education and they all have no talent, they should feel very lucky they were able to make that kind of money, most people see them as nothing more than drunken losers

948 days ago


I believe Tom.

948 days ago


About the Robert DeNero and Tom Hanks thing. You have to admit that if any Republican had anything to do with this, they would be crucified!

948 days ago


For Thursday's show find out how much will the American Idol top 10 be making when they start performing at the Andy Williams Moon River Theater in Branson Missouri. May - July. Seems like a strange place for them to perform instead of an extended tour.

948 days ago



948 days ago


I am so burnt up about Harvey's opinion regarding BMI and Israeli models. Some models are just simply TOO thin. WE ARE PAYING THEM TO BE WALKING CLOTHS HANGER CORPSES.

948 days ago


You need to rename this "TMZ Afternoon T.V.". It's not about being live anymore with the don't call us unless we have extra time and "Mute My Mike" all the time. Guess I'll just have to watch "The Guild" again. Later.

948 days ago


wondering, are you (returning to) answering the questions here or is it a shift to twitter

948 days ago
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